The 4 biggest ‘Energy Sins’ & what Loxone can do to help

Philipp Schuster
7th December 2012 in Know How

Whether it’s because we’ve read the Bible or just because we watch a lot of Brad Pitt films, most of us know about the seven deadly sins, don’t we? There’s lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. And while, unfortunately, there’s not much we here at Loxone can do to combat those if they spring up in your home, there’s plenty we can do to battle what we call ‘Energy Sins’. Here are four of the most common examples of what we’re talking about and how the Loxone Miniserver can banish them forever:

1) Leaving lights on unnecessarily


Sometimes a cloakroom/garage/attic/basement light can be left on for hours or days before anyone realises. These lights can be left on for much longer or burn much brighter than is strictly needed. The Loxone Miniserver offers ways to combat this, including:
  • An ‘All Lights Off’ button that you press before going to sleep or when leaving the house which turns every light in the house off at once, saving you having to walk around the whole house, flicking off individual switches. If for instance, you’d like to keep a night light on in the nursery though, then you can simply configure the Loxone Miniserver to keep that particular one on. Perfect!
  • Using motion control and light sensors you can make your rooms’ lighting perfect.  For example, when you get up in the night to use the bathroom, you can set the light to come on at a reduced brightness, thereby saving energy and not blinding you when you’re bleary-eyed at 3am.
  • Light Alert. The Miniserver can alert you via your smartphone or other device if, for example, the light in the attic has been left on for longer than an hour. Whatever your lighting needs are, the Loxone Miniserver offers the solution to manage them efficiently and cost-effectively.

2) Paying to heat air that’s escaping out of a window

Ventilation can be extremely important – especially in bathrooms. It not only provides fresh air, but also prevents mold. But leaving a window open unnecessarily (especially if a heater is running) is definitely an Energy Sin. With the Miniserver, you never need worry about that waste of energy again…
  • Window contacts register the opening of the window and pass this information onto the Miniserver, which instantly disables the heater in the room.
  • It’s easy to forget that you’re airing a room and leave the window open for longer than you need to. To save the room getting too cold you can set up alerts to remind yourself about the window. You can configure a set light to flash or call or email to alert you when the temperature in the room drops to a certain point.
  • You can also have humidity sensors set up. When the humidity reaches a certain level you can have a voice alert on your phone set up to let you know.

3) Standby mode (the secret sin)

Having your electrical appliances constantly on standby is a fantastic way to waste money. We all do it, though. Why? Well, most of us just don’t think about it or may think it’s too small a wastage to worry about (which it definitely isn’t…). Plus – what a hassle, eh? Who wants to spend the last ten minutes of the day going around switching everything off just to switch them all back on again tomorrow?! Let the Loxone Miniserver do it for you. These features will help no end:
  • A handy ‘All Off’ button
  • A ‘Goodnight’ function that turns all designated sockets off where the electrical equipment is connected, but leaves the fridge on.
  • Set the ‘All Off’ function automatically. Define the period, e.g 12am-6am and 8am- 5.30pm (when perhaps your electrical devices aren’t required). The Miniserver ensures that no unnecessary appliances, such as TVs, Stereos, etc. are on during the day wasting power.

4) Inefficient heating

In many households, the harsh reality is that their heating simply isn’t efficient. Overheating or temperature fluctuations that either unnecessarily consume energy or require additional energy to re-heat, waste so much money. So bin this sin and save on heating costs with Loxone’s Intelligent room control. It enables you to heat only where needed and only as much as is actually necessary with pinpoint accuracy and high efficiency – even in really old buildings!

Read more in our blog post about The Heating Home to see just how much is possible.

Do you know of any other Energy Sins that can be overcome easily with clever use of the Loxone Miniserver? Let us know!