Loxone Config 3.1 Beta & App Updates now available!

Lucinda Wood
21st December 2011 in Technology

Just in time for the holidays, the first beta version of our 3.1 Configuration Software release is ready. Version 3.1 contains many new features and improvements for your Loxone system.

Our apps for iPhone and Android have likewise been updated so you can try out the newest features and enjoy the improvements to the visualization!

Loxone Config (Beta) iPhone app Android (Beta) app
Now includes the first version of our intelligent room controller, native IR support and much more. Download > Added support for IP-Cameras, weather service, as well as many other new block functions. Download > Includes support for the weather service and many new block functions. Download available shortly

We look forward to your feedback

We appreciate all comments. It is your feedback that helps us to create a solution that meets your own needs.

We look forward to hear your feedback. Please post your feedback on the forum in the Loxone Beta section or send an email to [email protected]!

The Highlights

Intelligent Room controller (Beta)

Intelligent room control allows a fully automatic heating and cooling of your rooms. The unique feature: Our room controller learns based on statistics and knows exactly when to start heating or cooling a room to achieve the desired temperature at the desired time!

You can test the first cut of this intelligent room control in our configuration software. The integration of the dedicated graphics for this function block into our apps and the web interface is scheduled for final release.

intelligente raumregelung

Camera integration (Beta)

Probably the most requested feature over the last year and now it is available for testing. The Beta version has a new function block – door intercom, which includes the display of IP camera images.

Note: Displaying camera images is supported only in the current iPhone app. Implementation for Android and iPad apps will follow.

English Help

We have worked hard to translate our extensive help files into many languages and are proud to announce that the first version of the English help is now available in this Beta version.

Native IR support

With the soon-to-be-released Loxone IR extension and the new configuration software your Miniserver be able to send and receive IR commands. Soon, you’ll not only be able to control numerous multimedia devices, air condition units and much more, but you’ll be able to control your home with any IR remote as well! So when you pause the DVD to get more popcorn the lights will automatically come back on.

Weather service

The Loxone weather service allows you to subscribe to professional weather data for your Miniserver and use it for programing. In our iPhone app the weather can now  also be visualized via a dedicated block function.

The weather service currently only available for Austria and Germany, but support for other countries will soon follow.


You can find a list of all the new features and improvements here >