15 New Year’s Resolutions For Your 2015 Smart Home

Lucinda Wood
19th January 2015 in Case Studies

With the year in full swing, there is no better time to reflect upon your New Year’s Resolutions for your 2015 smart home project. The same can be said for your home to improve your own health as well as your family’s. Loxone provides numerous features which will make your life easier whether at home or while traveling. Lets take a look at the home improvements you can make with Loxone!

Resolution #1 Contract Free Smart Home Automation!

With a goal to provide any home or business with affordable complete home automation, Loxone provides contract free smart home systems with free software system upgrades! In addition, Loxone offers free project planning in addition to free app and configuration software. The features are nearly unlimited including fully automated: Indoor/Outdoor custom LED RGBW lighting, HVAC, door access, home security, home entertainment (A/V), video surveillance, water detection, garage, pool, sauna, irrigation and radiant heating control! There are no limits to your 2015 smart home!

With instant communication between all devices using the Miniserver, nearly all smart home features are capable. Lets learn some about certain benefits you will have to provide a great year:

Resolution #2 Add Entertainment & Further Comfort

As technology improves for television and home entertainment centers, Loxone has recently added new products which will make enjoying your audio/video entertainment faster and easier! For instance, with the new Loxone IR Control Air, you can control ANY Infrared device using ANY Infrared remote control! This could range from any advanced remote control to the older tv remote controls of the 1990’s!

Audio Video

In addition, Loxone offers complete Multi-Room audio/video capabilities and specific room scenes which automates lighting, shading, A/V and HVAC altogether! With Loxone, a resolution doesn’t always have to be stressful!

Resolution #3 Enhanced Security When Sleeping

When it is time for bed, Loxone will go into ‘overnight’ mode to ensure protection from any intruders or natural disasters in your home. For instance, Loxone uses presence detection in combination with lighting control to scare away anyone from breaking into your home. An optional panic button can be added to your bedside to provide even further assistance such as an immediate call to the police. With Loxone, the options are unlimited!

Resolution #4: Save Money and Energy For Your Home

Loxone offers many solutions to saving you additional money over other competitors. For example, when leaving for work Loxone will adjust the temperature of your home to save your heating or cooling bill. In addition, Loxone will communicate with your power hungry home appliances such as your washing machine, dryer and dishwasher to save you additional money.

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Resolution #5 Maintaining Good Sleep Health

In addition to overnight security, Loxone also ensures that you will be well rested each night for good health. For instance, if you need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, Loxone will dim overhead lighting to not disrupt your sleep schedule.


Resolution #6 Add Home Automation to Ease Your Schedule

These days it seems nearly impossible to complete every task in your home. Tasks such as remembering to change your air filter, adjusting lighting for security reasons, and even remembering to close and secure your garage door. Thankfully, Loxone has the solution with home automation and time-scheduled events! With these two features, the tasks previously mentioned and many more can be completed. Using the Miniserver as a direct means of communication between Loxone devices, nearly any task can be automated making your life easier and more comfortable!

Resolution #7 Smart Heating and Cooling For Your Home

Heating, cooling, and ventilation needs have been needed more than ever with rising energy bills and unpredictable weather. Using Loxone, your home can be multi-zoned for everyone to be accommodated in every room of the home. In addition, each room is fully automated with time-scheduled capabilities. For example, your bathroom will be at a cozy 74°F for your morning shower while your bedroom is at a cooler 67°F when going to bed.

bathroom Lighting

Resolution #8 Improve Your Home Yard and Pool Area

In additon to indoor conditions, Loxone also ensures that your pool and irrigation system runs properly for the best environment for you, your family, and your garden! Automate times for specific areas of your yard to be watered, enhance the use of your pool equipment to expand the lifespan of each part, and add protection to all outdoor areas.

Resolution #9 Use Natural Sunlight To Benefit Your Home

Using natural daylight to enhance your smart home features, Loxone can determine the exact conditions needed to benefit your heating, cooling, lighting, irrigation and shading needs to save you and your family time and money. For instance, using temperature sensors and the miniserver, Loxone will automate your shades to the correct height to sync with the angle of the sun! Staying green and saving money: a win-win siuation.

APP - Shading

Resolution #10 Improve Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation

Using presence detection, HVAC dampers and more, Loxone can improve the air quality of each room in your home. Using the statistics feature in the Loxone App, your smart home system will also improve ventilation control through analyzing past historical data of your system.

Resolution #11 Improve Your Children’s and Pet’s Safety

Using a variety of affordable devices, you can stay rest assured that your children and pets are safe through the use of presence detection, video surveillance, sensors and alarm notifications. You can monitor all areas of your phone using your smart phone or tablet.

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Resolution #12 Keep Check of Your Smart Home When Away

Loxone allows you to check in on the status of your home from anywhere in the world! Using the Loxone app, you can control, change settings, and check in on all features.  One can even answer their door from anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

Resolution #13 Add Lighting Scenes For Your Perfect Conditions

Communicating using the Miniserver, Loxone can automate your indoor and outdoor lighting scenes for any occasion! You can even add lighting in your pool and customize the lighting color with LED RGBW technology!

Resolution #14 Answer Your Front Door From Anywhere In The World

As previously mentioned, with Loxone you can monitor who is at your front door from any location. In addition to this, you can also answer your door and let guests in remotely using the Loxone Intercom. Combine this with home security and you can be rest assured your smart home is protected!

Resolution #15 Detect Energy Savings and Save For The Future

Using the Loxone Statistics feature in the app, the miniserver will collect and save your smart home data to improve energy usage for the future!

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