Your 2015 Smart Home: Loxone Efficient Lighting

Lucinda Wood
23rd January 2015 in Know How

Lighting is an essential need for every home. The way it is controlled and managed is just as important. Traditional lighting controls used in many homes today cause unneeded stress and confusion. For example, many people have three or more light switches in their living room to only control ceiling lights. This does not even take into effect lamps and other additional lighting. Luckily, to every problem there is a solution, and Loxone is the best for lighting control! How does Loxone take on this feat? Lets find out as we cover your 2015 smart home lighting needs!!!


Expand Your Lighting Options With Loxone

With Loxone, you have a variety of different ways to manage your smart home lighting. In addition to simple off and on control, Loxone also offers dimming, automation and customized lighting scenes. Lets look through each feature and the benefits to make the jump to 2015 smart home technology:

Comfort: Turns on the right lights in the right moment.
Price: Turns off your lights if you do not need them.
Convenience: Gives you the ability to change preset scenes on your own.

Automated Lighting Using Presence Detection

Using presence detection, your home lighting will automatically turn off and on depending if the room or area is being used. Unlike the motion sensor, Loxone’s presence detector can determine if someone is in the room even if there is little to no movement. In addition, Loxone can manage outdoor and garage lighting through timed-scheduling to enhance home security.

Presence detection offers numerous benefits for you and your home.  Along with lighting, presence detectors can also be used for security, audio/video, shading and even sauna and radiant heating control!


Need Specific Lighting? Use The Push button!

The push button is a standard component in every Loxone Smart Home. For each room, a push button is installed close to the room entryway. This allows for quick control of lighting scenes and turning on and off your lights customized to your needs.

As Loxone makes your daily life easier, there is a standard feature for each push button controlling your home lights.


Single-Click: Switch in between your customized lighting scenes.
Double-Click: Turns your whole room off, including lights, music, HVAC,…
Triple-Click: Turns your whole house off, including lights, music, HVAC,…

One Button, Many Options!

The push button offers much more than simple on/off control. For each room, you can also control an unlimited amount of lighting scenes! For instance, using your kitchen push button, you would could have four separate scenes using only one button: Cooking, dinner, overnight, and social.


Unlike other systems, Loxone allows you to edit or add a scene very quickly and easily. You can even configure your lighting scenes using the Loxone Smart App!


The push button option is the easiest way to manage your home or business needs! So where does automation come into play? Lets find out!

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