Configurations Software 2.1 Beta 2 is here!

Lucinda Wood
21st June 2011 in Technology

Just a few minutes ago, an updated version of our Beta for the new Configuration Software was made available for Download. The new version includes corrections to errors detected during the initial Beta testing phase. We’ve added new objects (a Radio Key) and other minor features. Foremost, we’ve worked hard to smoothly integrate our new extensions. For more info, see Changelog.


clip_image001[5]Configuration Software 2.1 Beta 2
clip_image001As always, we strongly recommend against actual implementation of the Beta version. Error free functionality cannot be guaranteed.

We appreciate your feedback

Thanks for all the feedback on the first Beta test version. Let’s do it again. We look forward to hearing from you.

You can use the new Forum for feedback (we’ve set up a dedicated area) or send us a error report with your feedback at [email protected].