LED States

A list of all possible LED states for our devices 

More about the LED Status lights on your Loxone Miniserver

Identify Device Status

For the Miniserver and extensions, LED states correspond to defined operational states. Therefore, it is easy to determine the state your device is in and find out if any errors have occurred while updating or upgrading a program.

Below you can find several lists of all possible LED states and their associated status.

LED states for the Miniserver

Meaning Solution
Red Miniserver booting   
Flashing yellow Miniserver PLC is paused  Please check SD card (in browser via 'http://MiniserverIP/dev/sys/sdtest').
    SD test OK - please contact our support.
    SD test not OK - please replace SD card. Request Replacement Card.
Flashing green Miniserver is ready   
Flashing red Miniserver is updating   
Flashing yellow/green  Miniserver booting phase 2  
Flashing red/yellow Miniserver is performing an update on extensions, for example while booting when SD card is empty  
Flashing red/red/yellow Miniserver PLC document error Check SD card is formatted with latest version of Loxone Config and possibly restore factory settings.
Flashing red/green/yellow Miniserver has been identified   

LED states for the Extension

Status Meaning Solution
Red Extension booting  
Flashing yellow Extension trying to connect to Miniserver Please check the wiring of the Loxone link (blue connector) between the Miniserver and Extension.
Flashing green Extension is ready  
Flashing red Extension is updating   
Flashing yellow/green Extension update received  
Flashing red/yellow Extension update error  
Flashing red/green/yellow Extension is identified  

LED states for the Dimmer extension

Status Meaning
Red LED briefly flashes red 230V connected to the dimming channels
Flashing green Dimmer extension is ready
Left LED red The measurement of the frequency of the dimming channels is being performed