Presence simulation

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Presence simulation

The presence simulation feature enables you to give the impression of being home when you are not. The following function blocks in Loxone Config support presence simulation:

  • Double Push Button On/Off
  • Double Push Button +/-
  • Analogue Inputs
  • Automatic Blinds
  • Digital Inputs
  • Dimmer
  • EIB Dimmer
  • EIB Inputs
  • EIB Blinds
  • EIB Push Button
  • Hotel Lighting Control
  • Blinds
  • Multifunction Switch
  • Lighting Controller
  • Radio Buttons
  • RGB Lighting Scenes
  • Push Button
  • Garage/Gate
  • Stairwell Light Switch
  • Virtual Inputs


In the properties section of any of these function blocks you will find a check box to tick if you wish to use that function block as part of your presence simulation.
Recording takes at least 7 days and this time is reset by activities such as saving to the Miniserver or updating.


Presence simulation is automatically set as an operating mode, and can be activated by selecting it as with any other operating mode.

As with other operating modes, 'Presence Simulation' can be used in your configuration.

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Once activated, the recorded behaviour of your home is replayed.