The Fronius function block facilitates communication of data from a Fronius inverter using the Ethernet interface

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By using this block the information from the Fronius inverter can used very easily. This block can be displayed on the user interface as well and statistics for the block can also be seen on the user interface.

This function block will work with Ethernet-capable Fronius inverters.
Exception: Datalogger Web with firmware version v2.0.4-1, and Circuit Board version 1.4A is not currently supported.

In order to receive the data from your inverter, you must enter the IP address of the inverter, and the device number in the properties window of the Fronius function block.




Pv Analogue input Current consumption in kW 
Ev Analogue input Energy consumed since the last measurement in kWh (is added)
R Reset

Resets all the counter values to 0


AQP Recently produced energy (kW)
AQP1 Energy produced today (kWh)
AQP2 Energy produced this month (kWh)
AQP3 Energy produced this year (kWh)
AQP4 Total energy produced (kWh)
AQC Current consumption (kW)
AQc1 Consumption today (kWh)
AQc2 Consumption this month (kWh)
AQc3 Consumption this year (kWh)
AQc4 Total consumption (kWh)
AQi1 Income today (kWh)
AQi2 Income this month (kWh)
AQi3 Income this year (kWh)
AQi4 Total yield (kWh)
S Status code inverter
E Error code inverter


Prd Feed price Price per unit for exporting electricity to the grid
Prc Cost price Price per unit for importing electricity from the grid
CO2 Conversion factor Carbon offset calculation (Kg CO2/kWh)

User interface

Here is an example of what the Fronius block looks like on the apps.