EnOcean Proportional Actuator Setup

Here we detail the step by step procedure for pairing your EnOcean Proportional Actuators with Loxone

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Learning in a wireless actuator

First off connect to your Miniserver and make sure your program is identical. Then activate the EnOcean Monitor in Loxone Config:

It is very important to screw the EnOcean actuator on to a valve before pressing the learn button! Failure to do so will result in the pin inside being pushed off.

Identify the actuator

In the monitor, click on 'Learn'.

Now with the batteries in the EnOcean Proportional Actuator press the small black learn button. The actuator will beep once briefly then do a long beep. 

The LED will now flash as the motor drives until it has found the fully closed position of the valve. When this calibration is done the LED stops flashing and the actuator will beep twice. 

You should see the actuator signal in the EnOcean monitor in Loxone Config now. You can repeat this process several times to confirm the signal. However the signal is only sent at the start so if you press the button again when the LED is flashing it won't send the signal!

Click on the actuator signal in the monitor, type a name into the box and select the type "Valve actuator (proportional)".

Check the serial number

You can now find the EnOcean Proportional Actuator listed in the periphery window underneath the EnOcean Extension. Click on it and look at the properties to observe that the serial number is now stored but the channel is not yet learned.

Make program identical

Then save the configuration in the Miniserver:

Learn in the channel

Select the EnOcean Proportional Actuator and then click on the 'Learn Device' button in the Context bar.

After clicking 'OK', then press the black learn button on the EnOcean Proportional Actuator.

The actuator will beep three times immediately, then it will start to calibrate (LED will flash, motor will move) until it has found the fully closed position and will then beep twice and the LED will stop flashing.

Observe that the channel has now been set, this happens when the 'Learn Device' button in Loxone is clicked and you select OK in the pop up message.

Finally now save the program in the Miniserver again.

Testing the pairing

The actuator only sends a request every 10 minutes in order to extend the battery life. To test the pairing drag the temperature input on to a page and save this in the Miniserver and then activate Liveview and the EnOcean monitor. After 10 minutes you will get a temperature reading and see a signal in the monitor.