Flipflop (SR)

A flipflop with a toggle input and where set is dominant.


After a rising edge at input set S, the output Q is activated. The state remains stored until S is no longer active and input reset R is triggered. The input S is dominant - so that if only S is off and R on is the output Q is disabled.

There is also a trigger input Tr. This allows the output Q to be switched on and off with a rising edge input. For this input to work both S and R need to be off.

The block can be set to be retentive, this is done by clicking on the battery symbol tl_files/loxone/documentation/EN-UK/function_blocks/Untitled.png to set the red NOT dot on the block (input is by default inactive). 


 Inputs  S Set input  
   Tr Trigger  
   R Reset input  0/Off
 Outputs  Q  
 Parameters  tl_files/loxone/documentation/EN-UK/function_blocks/lighting_controller/Untitled.png Remanence   0/Off