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Nouvelles traductions

Nous avons fait quelques modifications au niveau des traductions pour plus de simplicité :

Bouton Poussoir +/- Bouton Poussoir +

Bouton Poussoir (double) +/-   Bouton Poussoir +/-

Bouton Poussoir (double) On/Off Bouton Poussoir On/Off

Bouton Poussoir monostableBP monostable

Controleur de porteContrôleur Vidéo

PorteContrôleur de portail

Loxone Config

Fixed Bugs:

  • Alarm can not be used if disable-input is set (ID: 50724417)
  • fixed crash after deleting mediaserver (ID: 50840198)
  • deletion of Music Server Zones fixed (ID: 50220477)
  • cut/paste with multiple Music Server Zones (ID: 50442692)
  • crash when configuring MediaClient (ID: 50617157)
  • error-mails for musicserver (ID: 50680726)
  • Fire Alarm Min Version fixed

Loxone Config

New Features:

  • Deleting a Air Device from the Config Files sets the device to Learn Mode (ID: 38422513)
  • Support HTTPS at Virtual Outputs (ID: 7080; 41777078)
  • Connection dialog: "Clear history" option added (ID: 36721592, 43062906)
  • Connection dialog: If no connection is possible the Ip Adress from the open document will automatically be tried next (ID: 42267986)
  • Connection dialog: login data can be deleted (Delete the "remember Password" checkbox) (ID: 43062906)
  • RS485 Sensors can send/receive up to 512 characters (256 before) (ID: 40146913)
  • replacing 1Wire, DMX, Extensions, EnOcean sensors/aktors directly is possible now (ID: 41765904)
  • Own dialog for peripherals search added (ID: 42605848)
  • category symbol for "time" added (ID: 42948398)
  • New meter types for the Loxone Meter Reader IR Air (ID: 44195555)
  • New Modbus Templates added (ID: 47427413)
  • Link Errors integrated into the System Mailer (ID: 40012246)
New Templates:
  • Pluggit Avent 310 ventilation template added (ID: 42270124)
  • Kostal inverters added (ID: 43737988)
  • Eastron SDM630 Modbus template added (ID: 39798393)
  • D&W Templates for RS232 added (ID: 45265712)
Fixed Bugs:
Miniserver Update:
  • If Update File already exists on the Miniserver it won't be sent again (ID: 8749)
  • consumption conter values move from "today" to "yesterday" after an Miniserver update (ID: 37903919)
  • Without choosing the Backup Option when doing an Update the Folder will be created anyway (ID: 40877156)
  • Summarize alle Client/Gateway documents to one big document
  • Room/kategory from Clients are set to "don't use" (ID: 7758)
  • In the Client files no user are added to the user groups (ID: 38251399)
  • Insert new room/kategory in Client document (ID: 7757)
  • Can't load out of a gateway document if it has not the same Config Version (ID: 39789915)
  • The page stays if a miniserver is deleted in the document (ID: 39901934)
  • If already a gateway in the document exists and a new client is added a second Gateway is added automatically in the periphery (ID: 40889352)
  • Changes in building a Client/Gateway File (ID: 39794488)
  • No new page added when new Client added (ID: 40251926)
  • Liveview does not start automatically after a Miniserver reboot at the Clients pages (ID: 41158168)
  • memory flags does not work always at Clients (ID: 41173111)
  • Working with outputs on different Miniservers (ID: 41148581)
  • Client does not always accept program of the Gateway (ID: 41633019)
  • After connecting to the client not connection to the Gateway is possible anymore (ID: 41821257)
  • Gateway statusupdates are very slow (ID: 40237794)
  • Liveview starts only if any object on open page is clicked (ID: 42269213)
  • Gateway sets times of all clients in a network (ID: 44872663)
  • Virtual inputs which are added in a Client Document don't work in the Gateway document (ID: 42631252)
  • Liveview values don't show up at Client pages (ID: 45717404)
  • Miniserver Reboot when saving to a big Client/Gateway (ID: 44983513)
Energymonitor (before Fronius/production counter):
  • inaccuracy at yield calculation repaired (ID: 40162537)
  • After a year change the total consumption is set to 0 (ID: 40531371)
  • With block inputs the total consumption can't work with point numbers (ID: 43381541)
  • Statistics automatically switches to "every change" every time the file is saved and opened again (ID: 45582074)
  • Energymanager tuns on as soon as the smallest consumption can be activated (ID: 44197382)
  • description of the energymanager changed(ID: 41910793)
  • Timer at the energy manager won't be set to 0 if a new values is coming (ID: 42415833)
Media controller:
  • If a mode is choosen directly by the input AIm is set to a wrong value (ID: 39946074)
  • command list at the media controller can not be scrolled with the mousewheel (ID: 38375363)
  • characters at a mode can't be deleted with the "Entf" button (ID: 42433296)
Intelligent room controller:
  • improved control behavior (ID: 41772485)
  • Sometimes room controller are not shown in the Smart Home App (ID: 42859108)
  • second cooling circuit added (Outputs AQc2 and Qc2) (ID: 40721167)
Burglar alarm:
  • After a Miniserver restart the burglar alarm can't be deactivated anymore (ID: 8079)
  • waiting time after start blocks alarm reactivation (ID: 39535447)
  • DisMv added (ID: 8127)
  • remanence is not set when inserting a new burglar alarm object (ID: 41396656)
Sauna controller:
  • Sauna controller with evaporator also possible without PWM (ID: 8239)
  • Improvint control behavior of the sauna controller (ID: 36902592)
Timer / schedule:
  • Times can only be edited with the mouse on the right side (ID: 37908160)
  • Times are put together to soon (ID: 37979708)
  • a new time directly after another time is not possible at a digital timer (ID: 39918339)
  • description of AQmt edited (ID: 41150023)
  • Times without time between possible (Bsp.: 00:01-00:01 Uhr ) (ID: 43162469)
  • Changes at comparison operator are deleting the value (ID: 40253357)
  • Input values can't be forwarded to the output (ID: 41775021)
  • Not all string comparison operators work properly (ID: 42277380)
blinds / automatic blinds:
  • Work of slats position (AIl) and blinds position (AIp) improved (ID: 38144224, 38144224, 3859, 38144224)
  • Motor lock will be ignored unter speciall circumstances (ID: 39543657)
  • If automatic is started by the visualisation it can't be deactivated anymore (ID: 45162011)
Lighting controller:
  • No Fading when activating a Szene by the "MV" input (ID: 41491322)
  • Alarm light stays on after the alarm sometimes (ID: 8066)
  • Parameter W does not work correctly sometimes when parameter "Min"is bigger than "0" (ID: 45259138)
Music Server Zone:
  • Webservices changed (ID: 36707278, 44305762)
  • Adding a Logger to a memory flag is not shown in the peripherie (ID: 38501083)
  • When deleting a Logger the config crashes sometimes (ID: 40150686)
  • Logger at TQ of a access controller inserts empty entrys after access was granted (ID: 8892)
Memory flag:
  • More than one memory flags will be inserted even though only one is selected (ID: 43046672)
  • memory flag references get lost after deleting and inserting a memory flag again (ID: 36376504)
  • A unit will be inserted automatically at the memory flag (ID: 41199114)
  • No symbol for the memory flag is shown in the toolbar (ID: 44082876)
  • Memory flag jumps to the page with the output reference (ID: 45125633)
Central Object:
  • Values are not forwarded if they already exist at the program start (ID: 42857644)
  • blinds can be synchronised by a long time click on the input (ID: 39429389)
  • central object shows itself in the detailed view. (ID 8926)
Ir Control Air:
  • After deleting a remote control the buttons stay in the peripherie (ID: 38360939)
  • A Remote control with "+" in the name can be added but can not be used correctly (ID: 38360571)
  • Learn Mode can not be stopped if changes in the Config File are done (ID: 38372409)
Multi Extension Air:
  • Digital Outputs are not shown correctly in the visualisation (ID: 40124398)
  • If polling cycle is set to (0) at 1 Wire devices the whole bus does not send values anymore (ID: 40409728)
  • More than 3 iButtons on one Multi Extension Air don't work correctly (ID: 38916219)
  • After deleting a Multi Extension Air out of the Config file it can not be used anymore until the Config is restarted (ID: 38229208)
  • display error on the Multi Extension Air at the properties of the acces object (ID: 38228964)
  • Nilan Function Code 16 does not work (ID: 40659764)
  • modbus sensor polling timer overflow bug (ID: 40515523)
Modbus TCP:
  • Read Coil/Input Status does not work (ID: 37249145)
  • cyclic sending of Modbus TCP outputs not possible (ID: 42265031)
  • Digital Modbus TCP Inputs are not shown correctly in the visualisation (ID: 45468835)
Meter Reader IR Air:
  • polling timer can not be edited by user (ID: 36483231)
  • If no connection possible a output is set
  • selection of different meter types possible
  • Sensors are not shown correctly in visualisation sometimes (ID: 39517964)
  • EIS actors are not shown correctly in visualisation (ID: 40132351)
  • EIB Sensors don't update the values anymore after some time (ID: 39909909)
  • EIB Learn button does not open EIB monitor (ID: 38699798)
  • Webinterface does not show heating times in the overview (ID: 44076808)
  • For the color "Green" the wrong value is shown in the property window (ID: 39404729)
  • Different Strings are not shown in the Webinterface and in the Apps (ID: 39544938)
  • Start time at tasks can only be edited one time (ID: 38325972)
  • Units of the Weatherdata are not changed in the Webinterface if edited in the Config File (ID: 40514026)
  • Zoom Options in Webinterface edited (ID: 44325781)
description updates
  • description at door controller edited (ID: 38324981; 38233124)
  • description at room/kategory edited (ID: 44088367)
  • description at mailer edited (ID: 8845)
  • description at extern IP Adress edited (ID: 41898255)


Security addons
  • Added Brute Force attack protection: an attacker would not be able to run a full brute force attack in a timely manner as the miniserver locks out the attackers (ip's) for a period of time. The time until a next password can be tried raises on each failed attempt. An authorized user would not be affected by the timeout and can access the miniserver. We strongly recommend to always choose a safe password for your miniserver and all your online identities. 
  • Better protection against Social Engineering attacs (clicking groomed links
  • Better protectain against "Denial of Service"
  • Better protectain against spying passwords
  • Find more about security improvements and fixes in our Loxone Miniserver security audit follow up >
Other fixed Bugs:
  • If scanning time at the heating mixer is smaller then the run Time the mixer does not stop anytime (ID: 37683184)
  • sending cycle at "Temperature- and humadity Sensor Air" can be edited by the user (ID: 35845846)
  • user are shown 2 times in te user group "All" (ID: 38357762)
  • receiving strength in the Device status is wrong sometimes (ID: 38682967)
  • Export of statistics exports more than just the chosen statistics (ID: 37905630)
  • negativ Values at the object "Min Max duration" are not working correctly(ID: 39401490)
  • Webservice "dev/sps/getstatsdate" does not work after saving into the Miniserver (ID: 37251181)
  • Analog Inputs show "°C" in the Livew instead of "V" (ID: 38265617)
  • Wrong URL if changed from Intercom to other Camera at the door controller (ID: 37361566)
  • Cabinet which is chosen at the Miniserver is not directly shown at the Extension as a Option (ID: 38344269)
  • Copying of Category/Room does not work (ID: 38233086)
  • Validation at Smart Socket Air will not be saved if a document is saved (ID: 38224951)
  • Cyclic sending at Virtual Outputs does not work (ID: 36605553)
  • "days since 2009" will be changed at a year change at 1 o'clock (ID: 39180209)
  • If outputs are negated at a EIB push button he can not be used in the visualisation anymore (ID: 38683806)
  • system message Mailer sends empty messages (ID: 38602727)
  • Operating mode Outputs can be copied (ID: 39404873)
  • If a room/category is deleted "Cancel" is clicked the room/kategory are not added again (ID: 38115369)
  • If choosing the AirBase at a Miniserver GO the page chosen at the moment is still selected (ID: 38134393)
  • Names edited if a new temperature sensor is inserted (ID: 39739156)
  • If a value at a analog output is changed after saving into the Miniserver it is not changed at the Miniserver (ID: 8026)
  • It is possible to typ whatever you want into the serial number field (ID: 8912)
  • Config crashes when a MusicServer will be deleted from the document (ID: 39920968)
  • Edited description if the Config needs a Update (ID: 37077354)
  • name for category/room can not be changed (ID: 39774937)
  • Admin user without password can be saved to the Miniserver (ID: 37794782)
  • Problems occur at Virtual HTTP Inputs when reading point numbers (ID: 40632457)
  • The Samsung Power command is edited at the remote control template (ID: 40417925)
  • Different Names for RGBW Dimmer DMX (ID: 8950)
  • Inserting more than 1 1Wire sensor at the same time does not work (ID: 38341463)
  • Config crashes sometimes when clicking on the Miniserver page (ID: 38341463)
  • Changes in the document name are not saved correctly (ID: 41397154)
  • Virtual input standard values edited (ID: 41910963)
  • Loading remanence files sets the Relais outputs On/OFF for a short time (ID: 38223369)
  • Converting MiniserverGO documents to Miniserver Documents does not work correctly (ID: 41770218)
  • Central object can not turn "push button+/-" object ON/OFF (ID: 41661017)
  • Dimmer object: Parameter W has no function (ID: 42000988)
  • Switch off delay does not work anymore if time is added while the counter is already running (ID: 42280338)
  • Analog memory with set remanence gives a value to the output if file is saved to the Miniserver (ID: 8435)
  • Umlauts in document names are not saved correctly (ID: 42497607)
  • If you want to insert objects via. F5 the first "Button down" click does not do anything (ID: 41392005)
  • In the device status no Type is shown for some objects (ID: 42496455)
  • Trigger at the mutlfifunction switch can't be turned of after Input "O" was set (ID: 37984785)
  • 1Wire Monitor Data edited (ID: 42617601)
  • 2 central objects which work with the same objects block each other (ID: 42459377)
  • In the connection dialog the first 2 entrys can be chosen with the "Button down" (ID: 41628667)
  • Infrared Remote Controls which are exportet don't save the "Toggle" (ID: 42030448)
  • DMX rounds wrong (ID: 42023327)
  • The Virtual state does not show correct Values in the Liveview if point numbers are user (ID: 42280365)
  • Increased timeout for Doorcontroller pictures (ID: 41269550)
  • Standardparameter at Dimmer object raised (ID: 43256961)
  • radiobuttons Parameter "Max" works displaced by one number (ID: 43379935)
  • Convert of wordwrap in notes don't work correctly (ID: 44088308)
  • If Objects are deleted/inserted the position in the programming window changes (ID: 42458793)
  • Names of RGBW/RGB dimmer is shown 2 times if inserted automatically (ID: 44303146)
  • Chosing Output references can lead to Config crashes sometimes (ID: 44544600)
  • Name changes at peripherie objects inserts some characters 2 times (ID: 45319566)
  • double high comma in a description leads to problems in the visualisation of the App (ID: 44333281)
  • Remanence is not saved if "Continuous ON" is set at the multifunction switch (ID: 44191713)
  • Preset-Name gets lost when loading from Miniserver (ID: 44767758)
  • Weather status update fixed (ID: 45253869)
  • crash in property window after deletion fixed (ID: 45958511)
  • page positions saved (ID: 42525897)
  • Fixed automatic installation of new version (ID: 44975063)
  • Fixed Radio-Objects Parameter Ma in visualisation (ID: 45488201)
  • energy manager midnight reset fixed (ID: 45840754)
  • Info for maximum Logo size edited (ID: 45845741)
  • fixed layout of lightcontroller on startpage (ID: 45281678)
  • fixed replace list for 1-wire devices (ID: 46087176)
  • Template handling enhanced (ID: 43618735)
  • enlarged text input in state dialog (ID: 37597171)
  • Fixed mode activation with calendar entry (ID: 45742456)
  • Music Server Zone edited
  • no access to webinterface after some time (tcp-error) (ID: 44981151)
  • improved configuration dialogue UI (ID: 49798632)
  • Backup: Files are retried when failed (ID: 49771773)
  • Fixed SSL Mail retries (ID: 49771773)
  • TCP Task stall due to race condition (ID: 49854315)
  • Replacing AirDevice from AirMonitor (ID: 49045877)
  • show deprecation notice popup when opening the admin interface
  • better handling when connecting from Config with invalid user (ID: 49671500)
  • switched order of street and town in resulting string from configuration dialogue (ID: 50005143)
  • network infos when DCHP is used (ID: 49855509)
  • connection handling when switching Miniservers (ID: 49855860)
  • corrected label sizes in connection dialog (ID: 49802613, 49801830)
  • VirtualOUT HTTP can now override Content-Type field (ID: 49492928)
  • /dev/sps/event websocket fixed (ID: 49036810)
  • energymanager battery bug fixed (ID: 49754873)
  • SD-Format: Use local image if possible (ID: 48937376)
  • Digital UDP inputs stay "ON" after the first command received (ID: 46746496)
  • Alarm clock ignores DisP input (ID: 44779911)
  • Major bugs concerning alarm clock fixed (ID: 47589298)
  • Connecting lines sometimes show up obliquely (ID: 45982843)
  • Gate controller hides parameters, inputs and outputs if not needed for a special usecase (ID: 44079178)
  • Toilet controller rebuilt (ID: 44301541)
  • If the Device status is opened in any other language than German a error window shows up (ID:
  • 46701628)
  • Overdue time won't be sent for Hour counter, if no maintenance is used (ID: 46493239)
  • Meter Reader IR Air is not shown in the periphery (ID: 46715224)
  • If connection to Miniserver with the Config failed a link is shown to help find out the problem (ID: 39551704)
  • Central object shows a category/room but can't be edited (ID: 47322402)
  • Blinds do not work properly if "0" is inputted to AIp (ID: 43819902)
  • HTTP outputs work very slow (ID: 46711104)
  • RGB light scene can not be saved from a smart phone (ID: 43415644)
  • Objects are not sent to apps/web interface if category/room is set to "not used" (ID: 44778815)
  • Door controller can't connect to a camera if intercom checkbox is not set (ID: 47073355)
  • Sorting of backups edited (ID: 41196746)
  • If Consumption counter is used the Loxone Classic App shows "Waiting for Updates" continuously[nbsp (ID: 45575564)
  • Program is identical when activating simulation and shows liveview values (ID: 47584804)
  • Intelligent room controller, Heating Block US, IRC, Heating Block US, heating curve and heating mixer send system messages if problem occurs (ID: 46850779)
  • EnOcean Valve: added battery weak input to failure mail (ID: 45953130)
  • Sauna stops working when Tn or Td is 0 (ID: 47593192)
  • Fixed missing Asian time zones (ID: 45467947)
  • Having more than one Access controller causes them not to work properly (ID: 47690870)
  • % display in Loxone Config deleted
  • "Status Only" checkbox edited (ID: 47804045)
  • EnOcean contact with battery monitor edited (ID: 47722431)
  • Red Symbol on top of objects used together with the Central object is not used anymore (ID: 47723036)
  • Multifunction switch does not work if Parameter TH is used (ID: 44412613)
  • If IP address is changed, the previous user & password remains (ID: 46831952)
  • Local address does not work if checkbox for external address is set (ID: 46720648)
  • Improved usability of connect dialog (ID: 46720648)
  • Memory flag references get lost if the reference was on a client and the origin reference on a gateway (ID: 46690289)
  • Fixed GW memory conversion
  • Fixed GW constant conversion (ID: 47913164)
  • Fixed diagonal parameter connections (ID: 47496381)
  • Fixed Reboot when alarmclock without entries is used (ID: 47912543)
  • Fixed problem when connecting to a different Miniserver (ID: 47598969, 47708665)
  • custom heating/ cooling period on intelligent room controller does not work (ID: 47688242)
  • Fixed exporting stats with special characters (ID: 48027028)
  • Extended detection of crash files (ID: 39905412)
  • Fixed GW program type numbering (ID: 48031673)
  • Fixed special character in doorcontroller (ID: 47202121)
  • Meltem M-WRG-S Template Added (ID: 48026088)
  • improved query for geo coordinates (ID: 48174148)
  • blue color for external memories (ID: 48124063)
  • collapsing entries in status dialog (ID: 48172319)
  • updated device search message (ID: 48197015)
  • fixed shown status for digital inputs (ID: 47246104)
  • fixed automatic mode for automatic-blinds (ID: 46497779)
  • sauna with vaporizer fixed phase 1 (ID: 47916362 )
  • Fixed Gatewayfile conversion with interconnected memories (ID: 48171776)
  • Missing events for hourcounter fixed (ID: 48184076)
  • air device analog output is not sent any more if it is not connected in config (ID: 47922126)
  • fixed central object from version 6.3 to 6.4 (ID: 48172036)
  • Load custom temperatures fixed (ID: 47440329)
  • added timing parameters to modbus extension (ID: 45474020)
  • Drexel und Weiss Template edited (ID: 48039887)
  • new icon for Miniserver-search (ID: 48451906)
  • validating value range on random generator (ID: 48811972)
  • Client connection problem fixed (ID: 47950111)
  • Event memory leak fixed again (ID: 45269654)
  • export gateway document fixed (ID: 48562484)
  • Fixed crash when deleting miniserver (ID: 48661042)
  • Sauna fixed (Tn and Td 0) (ID: 47593192)
  • Fixed Visualisation for DMX Search (ID: 47698749)
  • Westaflex WAC 350&351 Template added (ID: 48184541)
  • first time gateway creation fixed (ID: 48033284
  • update alarmclock when manually changing the Miniserver date (ID: 47589298)
  • Prepared Data Dump on MeterInt (ID: 49396749)
  • Files sizes not updating (ID: 46196557)
  • Logging/Tracking Option displayed twice fixed (ID: 48579893)
  • add all extensions on initial Miniserver configuration (ID: 48442029)
  • new Pico-C functions added (ID: 49519278)
  • wrong page reference when copying page (ID: 45127577)
  • added separator between general and specific scene options (ID: 49326428)
  • fixed battery device frequency change (ID: 49056133)


Known Issues: (?)

Backups on Client/Gateways lead to Miniserver reboots

Under special circumstances the Client Backups can't be used for bringing the Client Miniserver back to an old version. It leads to Miniserver Reboot. It works perfectly on the Gateway Miniserver

Important: Update of version 4.2 and lower

Due to a size limitation in these versions, an update from 4.2 to 6.2 is only possible by first upgrading to version 5.1 or 5.0.

Loxone Config


Fixed Issues:

  • Insert Temperature and Humidity Sensor Air (ID: 45367482)
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor Air does not send data for the first 24 hours (ID: 45260673)
  • heating mixer stops working after 24 hours without changing any outputs  (ID: 44410514)
  • Inserting memory flag references jumps back to the origin reference (ID: 45125633)
  • Multiple Memory Object placements when selecting only one (ID: 43046672)
  • Multifunction switch does not save remanence if set to "contious on" by a long signal on the "Tr" Input (ID: 44191713)
  • Inputs disappear after logger entries are deleted (ID: 44869151)
  • Automatic Input AS stays "On" if you Activate Automation via the Web Interface (ID: 45162011)

Known Issues: (?)

Digital Inputs send a positive edge when saving to the Miniserver

When a Digital Input from the Miniserver is "ON" and the Config File is saved to this Miniserver he recognices a positive edge which is used in the logic

Permanently on can't be turned off at multifunction switch

If a trigger input on a multifunction switch is "ON" for more than Parameter "TT" the Ouput "Q" stays on permanently but can not be turned off until time TH has finished.

Important: Update of version 4.2 and lower

Due to a size limitation in these versions, an update from 4.2 to 6.2 is only possible by first upgrading to version 5.1 or 5.0.

Loxone Config


Resolved Known Issues:

  • Unlabelled box in room category and dialogue
  • Alarm parameter "ca: Automatic alarm acknowledgment"
  • Modbus Loxone 1-Phase Energy Meter - Data type sensor with "Power"
  • Several markers are inserted although only one is selected

Other bug fixes:

  • Extensions & peripherals:
  • Frequency change in battery devices
  • Program objects:
  • Energy Manager waits with activation highest entry
  • Save Intercom image increase timeout
  • Modbus TCP change

Loxone Config:

  • Client Gateway structure is not possible
  • Web Interface:
  • Zoom Problem Web Interface


Loxone Config

New functionality:

  • Templates for Loxone Electricity Meter (1 & 3 phase)
  • Energy Manager revised (
  • Production Counter (formerly Fronius) to object inputs expanded (to connect to other inverters)

Resolved Known Issues:

  • Error Mailer: emails are without content
  • Door Control & Loxone Intercom: Error video URL
  • Web / Apps translations
  • Web Interface: light control and dimmer outputs (0-10V)
  • Extensions & peripherals:
  • Air Base Extension: frequent link error
  • Air Base Extension: missing battery status for Air Equipment
  • Modbus Extension: Modbus digital actuators function codes 6 and 16
  • Modbus extension: sensors send no more values ​​(occurs sporadically after a few weeks of operation)
  • Modbus Extension: values ​​of other registers are in the sensors (Troubleshooting the Transaction IDs)
  • Multi Extension Air: Error multiple iButton and 1-Wire Search
  • RS-485 in Kostal - Operating mode: becomes increasingly slower

Program objects:

  • Analog memory: Pulse of Tr is the value of AQ AI even further if this has not changed
  • Alert: "Waiting time after start" added back & alarm can be deactivated again at this time.
  • Selection button: Remanenzproblem
  • Correct behavior of AIP and AIl: (Automatic) Blind
  • Authorization: Multi Extension 1-Wire will not work correctly.
  • EIB: Digital sensors freeze sometimes a
  • Heating Mixer: When restarting the safety operation is not included in the calculation of the mixing opening
  • Intelligent room controller: improvement in the heating / cooling
  • Comfort switch: continuous light input O can be disabled with Tr again
  • Constants: Will now treated in the first PLC cycle
  • Modbus TCP: Incorrect values ​​for Read / coil status
  • Production counters: Error reset input when used with object inputs
  • Production counters: calculation errors when the day changes
  • Central block: 3-click (everything from house) does not work when 2 central objects are configured for a block
  • Mini Server operating system:
  • Fixed bug ARP (can lead to failures in the network communications)
  • Default.Loxone and DefaultGo.Loxone Fixed bug with standard operating modes (switches modes to show)
  • Crash in conjunction with many ping events and time synchronization

Web Interface:

  • Web / App: Webpage Icon misrepresentation

Loxone Config:

  • Crash Status block - Dialogue
  • Crash when learning IR remote controls
  • Crash when deleting flags
  • Crash when changing loggers
  • An error occurred while copying pages
  • Failed to delete a flag with logger
  • Failed to delete a Multi Extension Air
  • Convert a Mini Server in a mini server GO document (and vice versa)
  • Arrow keys in the connection dialog can now turn off all items

Security addons:

(1) This attacks only work when someone is able to send specially crafted links or convince someone to visit a fraudulent site with such links and the user is currently using the admin interface or webservice commands from his browser window

Loxone Config

Product support:

  • IR Control Air
  • Remote Air
  • Smoke Detector Air

New function blocks / enhancements:

  • Gate controller enhanced (new mode works as trigger for existing garage door controllers)
  • Mailer support for TLS encryption
  • Several new and modified templates for serial protocols and network (JustHDMI etc)
  • Remanence handling in boot phase reworked
  • Configuration file structure reworked
  • Basic internal firewall implemented
  • 1-Wire sensors of same family can have different refresh rates
  • Intelligent room controller now has DisMv input
  • Music server zone now has DisMv input and parameter TH
  • Door controller with Loxone Intercom and Cloud DNS configuration enhancement
  • Push button and Push button (On/Off) can have custom units (only with new Loxone Smart Home app)
  • Various fixes with Modbus RTU and TCP
  • RS485 Extension collisions fixed
  • Automatic blinds block has new inputs for positioning blinds
  • Adjusted time zones for countries without daylight saving time (DST)

Major bug fixes:

  • Lighting controller behaviour of DisMv and Mv and Parameter MT (now matches 4.x release versions)
  • Miniserver hangs at boot
  • User defineable visualisation of outputs
  • Multiple Intercom support in Door controller block
  • Several Loxone Config crashes fixed
  • Several unintentional Miniserver reboots fixed
  • Loxone Config behaviour changed when adding memory flags fixed
  • Password verification when no password defined fixed
  • Miniserver search unreliable in apps fixed
  • Freeze of UDP inputs fixed
  • Miniserver reboots with some company logos fixed
  • Non admin users rights fixed
  • Oddities with FTP server fixed


Loxone Config


  • Fix for 7969: Crash of Loxone Config when switching between °C and °F in the program properties.
  • Fix for 7986: When DisM is active on the Lighting controller and the MT parameter = 0, a falling edge on Mv would turn off the lighting controller outputs regardless of whether a scene was selected or the scene was triggered by a motion sensor.
  • Fix for 7998: Adapted Loxone Intercom standard URL for Apps.
  • Fix for 7628 and 7993: Web Interface statistics for the day do not load.

Note: When updating from to only the Miniserver is updated. Any extensions will remain on


Known Issues: (?)

  • Intelligent room controller behavior in active service mode (input As): If the service mode 1 is activated, the heating and cooling outputs can be active if the actual temperature AI deviates from the set temperature (T or by schedule).
  • Miniserver freezes during the boot process: In very rare cases the Miniserver doesn not start and both LEDs go orange. Solution until fixed: Format the SD card. 
  • Custom outputs on the user interface: Outputs don't display custom text or symbols on the user interface. 
  • Door controller: If multiple door controller function blocks are used one UDP command from the Loxone Intercom will switch all the block outputs. 
  • Loxone Config crashes: In some cases crashes can occur if pages are copied multiple times, and virtual inputs/outputs are deleted.
  • Adding memory flags from periphery: The program will always jump to the place where the memory flag is created. Solution until fixed: Create the memory flag where you wish to have the input reference, then move the memory flag.
  • Lighting controller Dis input: If Dis is active it stops Mv working (this should be DisM function).
  • Search function with all versions of apps: Doesn't reliably find all the Miniservers on the network. The connection works if you enter the IP address manually. Solution until fixed: Restart the app to find the Miniserver.
  • Error "Passwords not identical" if no password entered: If a single user has no password defined this error will popup. The fix is to make sure that all users have a password entered even a "dummy" password.
  • UDP ports close after a "Save to Miniserver": This error occurs if virtual UDP outputs exist on ports that do not have a virtual UDP input, and this is saved in the Miniserver. After a reboot all UDP ports function again. This bug also affects Gateway and Client communication.
Loxone Config
  • New: Support for Miniserver Go.
  • New: MinMax duration: This function block returns the max and min value of an analog input on the output AQmin and AQmax until a reset is triggered. Usage example obtaining max/min temperature for a given day.
  • New: MinMax: The existing function block now has a reset input.  Only connected inputs will be considered in the evaluation.
  • New: Improved search in the Periphery and in the Configuration.
  • New: Virtual HTTP inputs to query contents on web servers.  For example systems that provide a website or an XML document.  With two new commands that can search/skip strings you are now able to navigate larger documents.
  • New: Statistics can be sent as email with the Loxone Cloud Mailer.
  • New: Template for P1000R.
  • New: Parameter Presets: This function is available for all function blocks. With parameter presets you can create a template for your parameters and reuse them in your configuration. For example when grouping similar shading blocks. The maximum character count is 13.
  • New: Operating temperature threshold for Extension, Dimmer, Relay Extension and Multi Extension Air. If the maximum operating temperature is reached inside the Extension relays will automatically turn off.  Once the temperature is below the threshold the relay will turn on automatically.  An error message is logged and a error message will be sent.
  • Update: Over temperature for Smart Socket and Multi Extension Air.
  • Update: Utility meter (previously known as Electricity meter): The unit of measure is now configurable.
  • Update: Fronius: The input for the counter (Ev) can be an absolute value or a delta value. Configure with parameter A.
  • Update: Average: Function Block for the evaluation of the average of up to 4 analogue values.
  • Update: Use the Loxone Music Server zone in the Media controller block.
  • Update: Music server zone with new input “Mv” for presence sensors.
  • Update: Function blocks that are connected to a Central block display this with a red exclamation mark in the corner of the block.
  • Fix: 5984: Emailing statistics using Loxone Cloud Mailer not possible.
  • Fix: 6720: Room/category symbols lose assignments when created symbols are deleted.
  • Fix: 6716: Remanence function of the Sequencer function block without function.
  • Fix: 6730: Remanence function for Lighting controller fails in rare cases.
  • Fix: 6695: Incorrect dimmer behavior when red color is used on multiple DMX actuators on a single DMX Extension.
  • Fix: 6491: Statistic of digital inputs.
  • Fix: 6636/6829: Loss of statistics at change of the month.
  • Fix: 7012: Simultaneous use of Caller and Loxone Cloud Mailer causing undelivered emails.
  • Fix: 7266: Caller input function in conjunction with Loxone Cloud DNS.
  • Update from version 4.3 and earlier: Due to a size limitation in these versions, an update from 4.3 to 6.0 is only possible by first upgrading to version 5.1 or 5.0.


Changes to version numbers of the Miniserver, Extensions and Peripheral Devices:
From version 6.0 onwards, only the extensions and periphery components that require an update, will receive one. With the Device Status all periphery versions can be seen. Green version numbers detail that the device is on the current standard.  Red version numbers  indicate that an out of date firmware base is in use.  It may take several hours to update all Air devices.  The update happens in the background with no impact to the operation of Air devices when updating. The version number consists of a “major” and “minor” version number, the last two digits corresponding to the build date.

Amended learning-in procedure for Air devices:
Learning in of Air devices is set to factory default settings: 

  • Turn on the Air device and start the search.
  • Air devices are automatically detected and listed.
  • With the Create Device button the Air device is learned into the configuration.

Re-learning Air units already in use:
Smart Socket Air:

  • Turn on Air Monitors and start search.
  • Unplug for around 5 seconds.
  • Plug it in again.
  • Press and hold the button on the front for 5 seconds.
  • Smart Socket will be listed in the lern monitor.
  • With the Create Device button or Replace Device button you can add the Smart Socket Air into the configuration.

Multi Extension Air:

  • Turn on the Air Monitor and start search.
  • Push Learn button on the Multi Extension Air.
  • Multi Extension Air will be listed in the learn monitor.
  • With the Create Device button or Replace Device button you can add the Multi Extension Air into your configuration.

As the RGBW Air does not have a Learn button the following steps have to be made to learn device into the configuration:

  • The RGBW Air Dimmer must be plugged into a 24V power source for at least 2 minutes before the the respective Air Base Extension with which the Dimmer is to paired with is turned on.
  • Turn on Air Base Extension (after 2 minutes).
  • Turn on Air Monitor and start search.
  • RGBW Air Dimmer will be listed in the learn monitor.
  • With the Create Device button or Replace Device button you can add the RGBW Dimmer Air into your configuration.

Changes to the automatic blinds:
The behavior of the inputs AS and AR were inconsistent up until version The following rules apply: AS to be used as a continuous signal input (activated by Qs on the Intelligent room controller block in cooling mode for example). So with AS = 1, the automatic blind is ready, but only starts shading when in the correct period (angle of window and tolerance set by paramters D and DT). During this time, AS must still be 1. If the automatic shading is interrupted (e.g. by manual drive) automatic shading will only start again if AR is pulsed AND AS = 1. The inputs AI and AIp can be used for direct control of the blind and slat position.

Change when setting the passwords for a user:
The password and repeat password fields for both password and user interface password must be filled out for every user, otherwise an error message will be displayed.

Expansion of UDP monitor:
If the UDP monitor is active, then all the UDP packets that are addressed directly to the Miniserver are automatically displayed even if no UDP port has been created. When a command is learned in the the associated UDP input is applied. 

Updated Garage / Gate:
With the new inputs Do and Dc can connect stop switches that are on the door or garage motor. These are used for better display of the gate status in the user interface.

Energy Manager:
This module can be used to distribute generated power (photovoltaic, etc.) to consumers and a battery according to a priority list.
Basic requirements: AIp input (energy production) and AIc (energy consumption) are absolutely necessary for proper function of the block. In the edit window of the block the properties of the devices that are connected to the outputs Q1 to Q12 can be configured.
With the trigger inputs Tr1 to Tr12 and AIt a connected device can be started directly.
AI1 to AI12 and AI are feedback inputs that do not have to be connected. However the calcuations are more accurate when they are used.
If a production surplus occurs (AIp is greater than AIc) then this excess energy can be stored in the battery (AQr output). AI is the feedback input for the actual charge capacity of the battery. Using this input improves the behaviour of the function block.
The production period of the excess input (only during daylight) box in the edit window must be ticked if the electricity production depends on the sun. This is required as the performance of the devices is limited to when it is day time. 

Modbus Server:
The Modbus server supports Modbus TCP protocol and acts as a master. The Slave (Modbus TCP enabled device) is scanned cyclically. The configuration of the Query tab of the individual slaves is similar to the Modbus Extension. The number of sensors is not limited in the Modbus Server, depending on query cycles and response time of the client, however, the updated values ​​can be delayed for large configurations.

Display of program size in the info box:
Loxone Config estimates the program size based on the approximate capacity of the memory. In Loxone Config when connected to a Miniserver the actual memory usage is displayed. This can result in higher percentages than shown in previous Loxone Config versions as this only showed the program size not the full memory usage.


Loxone Config 5.1


  • New: Media controller function block
  • New: Support for the Air Base Extension
  • New: Support for the Smart Socket Air
  • Fix: Access controller function block - after an update user group assignments can partly disappear
  • Fix: Sometimes flags and the IRC can lose their category and room and are set to 'do not use' after an update
  • Fix: Missing icons
  • Fix: Category and room can be set to "Do not use" after an update on the Intelligent room controller, Timer/Scheduler and memory flags.
  • General: Function CTRL + D (parameter values ​​as the default save)
  • Burglar alarm: Bug fixed that causes an alarm on restart
  • Burglar alarm: The defaults for alarms have been adjusted
  • Automatic blind: Correct calculation of the dead time in the shading mode
  • Automatic blind: The remanence problem has been resolved
  • Loxone Cloud Mailer: Email delivery has been improved
  • Loxone Cloud Mailer: Email quota error message is fixed
  • Network: DHCP address assignment improved
  • Switch off delay: Negation not working has been fixed
  • Fronius: API version 0 is supported
  • Fronius: Difference and absolute value input, accumulated statistics
  • Fronius: Improved communication
  • Gateway / concentrator: Fixes errors on the Gateway update (without concentrator)
  • Hotel lighting controller: Corrects error when saving scenes
  • Improved start-up mode
  • Intelligent room controller: Improved temperature timer
  • Modbus: Corrected function code 2 + 5
  • Modbus: Additional adjustment (byte order, combination of register values)
  • Monoflop: Fixed that parameter T has no effect
  • PicoC: Improved stability and occasional errors in httpget queries with the server's response to a header with no "Content-Length" specified has been fixed.
  • Ping object: Multi-tasking
  • Ping object: Fix the error messages offline when restarting
  • Ping object: Improved stability
  • Sauna controller: Fixes errors when changing the mode
  • Sauna controller: Corrected Disable input
  • Sauna controller: Fixed the bug that the water input does not turn off the evaporator
  • Sauna controller with evaporator: Locking Q3 operating
  • Manage SD Card: New function block to manage the SD card contents
  • Statistics: Fixes a bug that results in incorrect values ​​when saving in the Miniserver
  • Threshold block: Corrected behaviour so that it is the same as with version 4.3
  • User interface: Improved switch input animation
  • User interface: Improved access restrictions for user groups
  • User interface: Can login again with Safari browser
  • Webpage block: Fixed JavaScript error in iFrame
  • 1-Wire Extension: Improved search
  • 1-Wire Extension: Proper disclosure of the query cycles at 1-Wire Extension
  • 1-Wire Extension: Error output is not handled correctly
  • RS485 + RS232: Improved communication


Known Issues: (?)

  • 0005361: Miniserver as an EIB gateway. Problems with the ETS programming can occur if line amplifiers are used.
  • 0005984: Mailing statistics is not possible with a Loxone Cloud Mailer. This feature is under development and will soon be available as a Beta version.
  • 0006491: Statistics of digital inputs are not shown correctly in the user interface. Due to the limitation of one value recorded per minute with statistics on digital inputs the data of short pulses occuring more frequently than once per minute is not displayed. The behaviour will be changed in our Betas so that short pulses show in the statistics.
  • 0006695: Incorrect dimming of red when using several DMX actuators on a DMX Extension. When multiple DMX actuators are used (RGB or RGBW actuators only) the fading of red does not work properly. Temporary solution until a Beta fix: Use a channel spacing of 10 between the actuators, e.g. RGBW Dimmer 1: Channel 1, RGBW Dimmer 2: Channel 11. 
  • 0006716: Remanence on the Sequencer block does not work. The Sequencer block will always have the default value (D parameter) on reboot of the Miniserver.
  • 0006720: Assigned room or category icons will be lost if the icon is deleted. This is only relevant if you use custom room or category icons.
  • 0006730: Remanence on the Lighting controller does not work in rare cases. Very occasionally the last state before a reboot is not saved and the Lighting controller will load a previously saved state.
  • 0006636/6829: Loss of statistics when the month changes. This error only occurs when you have more than 959 files in the statistics folder on the SD card. You can use a FTP client to back up the statistics on your computer.
  • 0006860: No picture from the Door Intercom in the web interface when using Internet Explorer. This only affects customers who use Internet Explorer 6 or higher with the web interface. The error is caused by the behavior of Internet Explorer and can not be solved by us. Solution: Use a different browser, such as Chrome or Firefox. Link to error description by Microsoft: ? scid = kb; [LN]; 834489
  • 0007012: Simultaneous use of Caller Services and Loxone Cloud Mailer. This only applies if you are sending an email with the Loxone Cloud Mailer and making a call at the same time from your Miniserver. The email can sometimes not be sent and sometimes the call will not go through. Solution: Add a delayed pulse so that the email will be sent later.
  • 0007266: Caller callback function problems in conjunction with the Loxone Cloud DNS. This applies only to customers with a subscription to the Caller Service and who use the Loxone Cloud DNS.
  • Through an amendment introduced in June by Microsoft the digital signature on our configuration software is no longer uniquely identified. This means there can be problems with connecting to the Miniserver because of mini anti-virus software that is installed by Microsoft. If you are effected by this problem please install this certificate to fix the error:


Loxone Config 5.0


  • New: Support for the Air Base Extension
  • New: Support for the Smart Socket Air
  • New: Support for the Modbus Extension
  • New: Support for RGBW DMX devices
  • New: Commissioning mode to check the installation wiring
  • New: Device status to display the status of Miniserver, extensions and connected peripheral devices
  • New: Media Client function block which works with our Music Server and the user interface
  • New: Fronius function block (for integration with IP supported Fronius inverters)
  • New: Moving average function block
  • New: Pulse at function block
  • New: Central function block for connecting lighting controllers and blinds together
  • New: Ping function block to send ping commands and display the online status of a network device
  • New: Loxone Cloud DNS
  • New: Loxone Cloud Mailer (a new mailer for sending emails with the Miniserver)
  • New: Loxone Cloud Monitor (sends the monitor information to a server for use in support cases)
  • New: Caller supports more languages ​​(DE, CZ, DE, ES, FR, NL, SW, DA, NO, FI)
  • New: Statistical data can be sent as an email attachment in CSV format
  • New: Users can be assigned to the access controller function block
  • New: System messages can be emailed
  • New: Presence function block to be used in conjunction with Loxone Control for MacBook
  • New: Automatic blind support for Schlotterer blind type
  • New: Separate backup functionality for the Miniserver configuration
  • Dimmer extension: New and improved dimming of LEDs
  • New templates for RS485/RS232 (Telenot)
  • New templates for virtual outputs (Onkyo amplifier, InFocus Projector IN3118HD, iKettle)
  • New templates for Modbus (BTR-MR-T04, Siemens PAC3100, NILAN, Proxon, Saia-Burgess 1 phase energy meter, Exor 3 phase energy meter, Sungrow SG4 KTL)
  • Optimised Loxone Config layout and Context ribbon
  • Improved Intelligent room controller with heat and frost protection
  • Improved Burglar alarm function block
  • Improved Electricity meter and its user interface
  • Increased the Miniserver performance by up to 60% (depending on the system)
  • Extensive stability improvements

Known Issues: (?)

  • Electricity meter: Setting an offset can lead to statistics display problems (scaling) in the user interface.
  • Statistics with missing values ​​in rare cases can cause display problems (scaling) in the user interface.
  • Sauna controller: The water input does not switch off the evaporator.
  • 0003865: Miniserver as an EIB gateway: Not all components can be programmed.
  • 0005361: Miniserver as an EIB gateway: Problems with the ETS programming can occur if line amplifiers are used.
  • Safari browser: It is not possible to enter a username or password in the webinterface.
  • 0005984: Mailing statistics is not possible with a Loxone Cloud Mailer.
  • 0006281: Category and room can be set to "Do not use" after an update on the Intelligent room controller, Timer/Scheduler and memory flags.
  • 0006286: Access controller - After an update user group assignments can partially disappear.
  • 0006277: The threshold switch has different funtionality to previous versions.
  • 0005702: Remenance can only be activated with a constant of value 1 or by negating the parameter. Using a constant that the value is "On" does not work.
  • 0006295: The default value with Push-button (double) +/- does not work.
  • 0006386: Negation of a switch-on and -off delay does not work. Using a NOT block is the temporary workaround.
  • 0006363 & 0006243: The countdown timer of the Intelligent room controller is not displayed correctly in the webinterface.
  • 0006401: Using the button in the user interface for the Dimmer and EIB Dimmer will only choose 100% and not other previously set values like physical switches will when connected to the input.
  • 0006438: The Dis input on the sauna controller and sauna controller with evaporator has no function.
  • 0006450: EIB dimmer increment is always 1 even if more than that is set in the user interface.
  • 0006484: Changing modes on the sauna with evaporator does not work properly.
  • 0006502: The Burglar alarm block will only send text when entered in the "Message when OFF" field in the Logging/Mail/Call/Tracking section of the properties.
  • 0006491: Statistics of the analog input (used as digital) is not shown correctly in the user interface.
  • 0006548: EIB sensors lose correction values ​​after update.
  • 0006588: Choosing between "Heating only" or "Cooling only" in the Intelligent room controller properties has no effect on the user interface.
  • 0005985: System messages mailer only sends an email every hour.
  • 0006270: Miniserver does not accept an IP address assigned by DHCP.


Loxone Config 4.3


This update is a patch for 2 specific issues in Loxone Config 4.2:

  • Web Interface: Fixed connection problems with new versions of Google Chrome
  • Weather Service: Fixes a bug which caused certain Miniservers not to receive weather information

Known Issues: (?)

The Weather Service does not work with some Miniservers

The web interface is unreachable on Google Chrome (V.30)

Increments differ in intelligent room controller

On the web interface, the increments to adjust the target point is 1° but is 0.5° on the app.

Presence simulation does not work properly

In Loxone Config 4.2, the presence simulation does not work. This bug will be fixed with the next software version. We recommend not to use the this function for the time being.

Intelligent room control - error in user operating modes and calendar entries

Custom modes and custom calendar entries are not being recognised by the Intelligent room control at the moment and when in the program cause the Intelligent room conrollers to only heat to economy temperature. Please only use the predefined operating modes and existing calendar entries when using Intelligent room controllers in the program.

The Weather Service does not work with some Miniservers

If the last two digits of your Miniserver's serial number have a HEX value of 95, the Weather Service will not work correctly.

The web interface is unreachable on Google Chrome (V.30)

The web interface is not accessible with Google Chrome version V.30. Please check your version (Google Chrome menu - 'About Google Chrome'). The V.29 version can be downloaded and installed and used instead. Automatic updates should be disabled.

There is a problem exporting statistics as CSV files

When exporting from a date in 2014 only the header (Date, Time, Output, Value) shows in the CSV file. There is no problem exporting the statistics from a start date in 2013. The statistics are still accessible from a web browser as xml files and also show as a graph on Loxone Config.


Loxone Config 4.2

This update of our Configuration Software has been released to address some bugs and stability issues that have occurred in some instances. 

  • Applied stability fixes
  • Added safe guard routines to prevent SD-card errors during interups
  • Changes in dimmer firmware to avoid flickering introduced by power line signals 
  • Improved fast interrupt handling for EIB
Loxone Config 4.1
  • Preparation for the new mobile apps
  • Added support for new secure password encryption (HMAC-SHA1)
  • Added new Pico-C functions (getxmlvalue, getcpuinfo, getheapusage, getmaxheap, getspsstatus, localwebservice)
  • Fix: Preferences for "Statistic Compression" are not being saved correctly
  • Fix: Transparency in the icon editor not working correctly
  • Fix: Blind function block dos not retain previous state of blinds across a reboot / power cut
  • Fix: Analogue watchdog function block not working correctly with none decimals
  • Fix: News from Loxone are not displayed correctly in the web-interface
  • Fix: Potential memory leak when using print-f in Pico-C
  • Fix: Unintentional behaviour for press and hold in the web interface
  • Several other minor improvements and bug fixes


Loxone Config 4.0
  • New: Function block for converting decimal to binary
  • New: Webpage function block has been added to allow you to display other webpages in a window inside the apps
  • New: reworked and multi lingual help files and tool tips
  • New: Presence simulation
  • New: Communication interface to Fidelio (hotel room booking software)
  • Improvement: Dedicated user interface elements for the intelligent room controller
  • Improvement: Sending EIB messages in a cyclic manner
  • Improvement: Added option automatic acknowledge replies to serial protocols
  • Improvement: Added extra control inputs to the intelligent room controller to allow the integration of PIRs to keep a room heated for longer and also a single input to switch to the economy temperature.
  • Improvement: Added extra outputs on the energy counter function block to provide averages and cumulative readings
  • Fix: Removed possibility of inaccurate slat positioning on blinds during shading
  • Fix: Erroneous command recognition on the when learning in IR commands
  • Fix: Added periodic synchronisation with real-time-clock to prevent clock drift on installations without internet access
  • Fix: Removed incorrect messages in web interface when a communication error occurs
  • Several other minor improvements and bug fixes


Loxone Config 3.5a

New Features and Improvements

  • New: Support for door intercom in App (Video + Audio) and web interface (Video)
  • New: User interface Password (PIN protection)
  • New: Support for patch distribution
  • New: No more limit on the number of iButtons that can be used on each 1-Wire Extension
  • New: The RS232/RS485 actuators now also support numerical values
  • New: Status feedback when working with the Miniserver form the config software has been implemented
  • New: Added support for EnOcean blind actuators
  • New: When updating the current state of extensions is checked and taken into account
  • New: “Knight Rider” configuration of status LEDs (using row and position information entered)
  • New: Keyboard shortcut (Tab) to jump to next Drop-Down-Menu in learning dialogs
  • New: The default value for validations is used during the start of the Miniserver
  • New: Logoff button on the user interface.
  • New: New “Context” tab for quick access to the most relevant functions
  • New: “Permanent On” button on the user interface for the comfort switch block
  • New: Auto correction for EnOcean valve actuator is now default
  • New: Periphery components can now be added with F4 key
  • New: Min-Max Limiter function block
  • New: 3-Point Controller function block
  • New: Bi-directional audio support for door intercom (apps only)
  • New: Categories and rooms can now automatically be assigned a symbol
  • New: Liveview and Simulation improved
  • New: Properties window can now be compressed
  • New: Support for Loxone Dimmer
  • New: PicoC can now get access to serial data
  • New: Added web service to query device status (http://<miniserver-ip>/status)
  • New: Parameter for default selection (D) on object push-button double
  • New: Added support for proportional EnOcean valve actuators (SAB01)
  • New: Infrared support (Loxone IR Extension)
  • New: IR controller for complex infrared commands
  • New: Return DTMF channel for Caller Service
  • New: Label objects for easier identification
  • New: Support for EnOcean valve actuators
  • New: Intelligent room control (In this version without user interface components)
  • New: RS232 template for Fronius inverters
  • New: Optional full data backup before updating
  • New: Select custom operating mode for calendar entries
  • New: Auto update feature
  • New: English help
  • Enhanced alarm system
  • Enhanced push-button to include a disable input
  • Enhanced sequencer and selection keys to include analogue input
  • Enhanced staircase light switch and comfort switch to include an ON input
  • Enhanced heat mixer block to include Min and Max input  parameters
  • Enhanced automatic blinds to include roller shutters
  • Improved Miniserver search on network
  • Improved communication with EIB/KNX systems
  • Improved Miniserver performance for large programs
  • Added option to rename the "All OFF" input on the radio button function block
  • Added option to set the unit for values in schedules

Bug Fixes

  • Fix: Display errors on the web interface
  • Fix: Time corrected in statistic files
  • Fix: Error when sending hex /x00 via virtual outputs
  • Fix: Schedules cannot be changed via web interface
  • Fix: Use of comma and decimal point were not changed correctly when changing language
  • Fix: Day light saving and leap year bug
  • Fix: Incorrect weather data displayed on web-interface
  • Fix: Slider on dimmer causes web socket connection problems
  • Fix: Cut pages cannot be pasted into the project again
  • Fix: Pico C values cannot be read
  • Fix: Webservice "setdatetime" is 2 days fast
  • Fix: Webservice disconnect when using timer / schedule
  • Fix: Status symbols are not kept if changed
  • Fix: Holiday is not shown in the periphery tree or the operation mode
  • Fix: Liveview has a delayed response
  • Fix: Status text isn't displaeyd for status function blocks
  • Fix: Software crashes when connecting lines are drawn over notes
  • Fix: Loxone Config crashes when a room symbol is inserted
  • Fix: Double-clicking on the +/- inputs on the lighting control does not turn off the outputs
  • Fix: The Status function block doesn't give any decimal places
  • Fix: Custom "Everything Off" text is not included in the web interface
  • Fix: SD card configuration cannot be loaded from the Minserver
  • Fix: Config Loxon un-stable in Czech due to special characters
  • Fix: When loading from the Miniserver will not accept changes in Timer
  • Fix: Error inserting wireless actuators
  • Fix: Negate output does not work
  • Fix: Incorrect blind position following stop blinds movement
  • Fix: Create your own icons
  • Fix: Input type in operational modes not allowed
  • Fix: When you cut and paste of flags including the associated input, the connection is lost
  • Fix: Connection error when pasting an output with a double click
  • Fix: Object  label in simulation is not visible on dark colored objects
  • Fix: Connection  lost when printing
  • Fix: In virtual state no custom status messages nor icons can be selected
  • Fix: Correct page order when printing
  • Fix: Tracker sends OFF, although no message is defined
  • And many more minor new features, improvements and bug fixes


Loxone Config 3.0


New Features and Improvements:

  • New: Integration of DMX extension
  • New: Integration of the 1-Wire extension
  • New: Integration of extension
  • New: Integration of the RS-232 extension
  • New: Integration of the RS-485 extension
  • New Object: Automatic blinds
  • New Object: Sauna with evaporator
  • New object: Energy meter
  • New Object: Formula
  • New Object: Modulo
  • New object: Integer
  • New Object: Radio Buttons
  • New Object: Min / Max
  • New Object: Long click
  • New: Implementation of a scripting language based on Pico-C
  • New: Custom status messages in the visualization
  • New: Send and receive UDP commands (UDP virtual inputs and outputs)
  • New: Integration of a UDP-monitor
  • New: Logging in XML format (possibility to link to external applications like Excel)
  • New: Virtual output connector for Pioneer AV Receivers
  • New: Implementation of the EIS data type EIS3
  • New: Implementation of the EIB text sensor and EIB text actuator (EIS 14)
  • New: Added remanence to more objects
  • New: Light scenes can now be switched on & off like other blocks
  • New: Ability to add EIB devices directly from the search dialog
  • New: A3 & ledger page sizes for large programming pages
  • New: Pan and zoom on programming pages is no possible using a keyboard shortcut
  • New: Scrolling with mouse wheel and arrow keys in the help files
  • New: Complete revision of the English translation of all buttons and short descriptions
  • New: Ability to manually adjust the time on the admin interface
  • Enhancement: Extended functionality of the lighting controller object
  • Enhancement: Extended functionality of the analogue memory object
  • Enhancement: Extended number of inputs on the add object
  • Enhancement: Added reset input to the switch on/off delay object
  • Enhancement: Extended functionality of the dimmer object
  • Enhancement: Visualisation - Support of the latest WebSocket drafts (6 Firefox, Firefox 7)
  • Enhancement: Visualisation - Numerous improvements to stability and performance
  • Enhancement: Visualisation - Improved status feedback to all objects
  • Enhancement: Visualisation - Complete review of the design and layout
  • Enhancement: Visualisation of the automatic blinds
  • Enhancement: Visualisation of the timer/schedule
  • Enhancement: Visualisation of the burglar alarm
  • Enhancement: Visualisation of the sauna and sauna with evaporator
  • Enhancement: Visualisation of the staircase light
  • Enhancement: Visualisation of the up / down counter
  • Enhancement: MiniServer search enhanced by using uPnP
  • Enhancement: Virtual output buffer size increased
  • Enhancement: Support for more SD card manufacturers
  • Enhancement: URL rewriting when accessing the web server of the mini-server
  • Enhancement: When loading logged data the start time can now be chosen
  • Enhancement: Improved compression of logged data
  • Enhancement: Improved communications protocol for interaction with native Loxone Apps


  • Fix: Double labelling of various components has been removed
  • Fix: Error message "Line 82, Column 90 Missing ',' or '}' in object declaration
  • Fix: Error message "Line 112, Column 10 Missing ',' or '}' in object declaration
  • Fix: In simulation mode the day can now be selected in Wndows XP
  • Fix: Heating mixer now delivers correct status
  • Numerous other fixes and improvements


Known Issues: (?)

Volume control for door control no longer functional

Unfortunately with the new iOS update, the volume control of the door control module no longer works. The volume can be changed via the hardware buttons on the device, though.

Loxone Config
  • Visualization - WebSocket client
  • Visualization - ability to display status of outputs
  • New Object - Heating curve for external temperature dependence
  • New Object - Room controller for single room control with analog and digital control valves
  • New Object - Heating mixer to control one-way and three-way mixers mixers (control of flow temperature)
  • New Object - Sauna controller
  • New Object - Light control with 12 light circuits and scenes, including a learning function
  • New Object - RGB light scene (color light scenes)
  • New Object - Scene (for simple light scenes)
  • WebSocket (status updates in real-time visualization)
  • Improvements in communication with KNX systems
  • New peripheral - Loxone Dimmer
  • Support for Logitech Squeezebox
  • Extension of the clock in analog mode
  • Improved error description when formatting SD cards
  • Fixed a bug when creating logs
  • Resolved compatibility issues with Windows XP
  • Usability improvements
  • New language - Russian (not yet complete)
  • Extension and corrections to Help
  • English translation of Help
  • Czech translation of Help
  • And many more improvements to the stability


Loxone Config
  • Feature: language selection in the configuration software (preview)
  • Feature: new, improved setup (multilingual)
  • Feature: improved user interface
  • Feature: support for Sonos® and CasaTunes®
  • Feature: EIB objects extended
  • Feature: KNX® NET/IP NAT support
  • Feature: symbol management for room and category
  • Feature: mulitple allocation of room and category when marking several inputs and outputs
  • Feature: automatic allocation of room and category for one side's inputs can be set
  • Feature: light scene support (preview)
  • Feature: analogue multiple click
  • Feature: EIB button/switch
  • Feature: mulitple click extended by an analogue output
  • Feature: caller service for making calls via Miniserver (preview)
  • Feature: multiple assignments for inputs are now accepted, the latest change on the input will be taken on at the output
  • Feature: graphic status display of analogue inputs and outputs in simulation and LiveView
  • Feature: click duration adjustable in multiple click

  • Bugfix: update of properties window when changing document
  • Bugfix: connections get lost when copying programme parts from one side to another
  • Bugfix: validating virtual slider
  • Bugfix: correction of several minor bugs
  • Other: localisation in English
  • Other: localisation in Czech
  • Other: localisation in Dutch
  • Other: new style: Windows 7


Loxone Config
  • Feature: user administration
  • Feature: EIB learning mode
  • Feature: EIB blinds function module
  • Feature: support for further EIB data types
  • Feature: integration of an info object for display in the Loxone app and in the web interface
  • Feature: EIB/KNX® learning mode for easiliy adding commands
  • Feature: virtual up/down input
  • Feature: timer supporting analogue values
  • Feature: KNX® net IP support
  • Helpfile extended for function modules
  • Several other improvements and optimisations



We work continuously to correct any known bugs in our products and software. This page details a list of bugs and errors found that affect the performance and usability of the software.

In order for an error to count as a known issue, it must be a reproducible error that affects the operation of the Miniserver or Loxone Config.

Please note: We do not list every minor bug/error within Known Issues!

Product failures which are not known issues include:

  • Failures of services such as Loxone Cloud Services where these are of short duration (<1 day)
  • Minor errors which have no effect on the functionality of the software. These include, for example, minor display errors.


If you have discovered an error which you feel ought to be included in the Known Issues list, please contact our support team.