Remote Lighting Control and More!

Want to be able to control your heating, alarm and lighting remotely? With Loxone this is a cinch; read all about the possibilities and advantages of Loxone's remote home control...

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So Many Options for Controlling Remotely

Control from anywhere in the world with an iPod®/iPhone®/iPad® or Android® with our app or by using a PC through the web interface.

No matter where you are, you'll always have your home under control... You can adjust the heating, alarm, blinds, and so much more.

More About the Loxone App

Notifications by e-mail or telephone

Loxone's remote home control sends you automatic notifications after certain events.

Your device can automatically notify you if, for example, your alarm is set off, or if the temperature goes above a certain level.

Loxone Caller Service

Monitor & Control Different Functions

Having remote home control and access via your iPhone, iPad, Android & PC creates all sorts of possibilities for you. For example you could monitor:

  • The water supply (water level, pumps, etc.)
  • A fish pond or aquarium (oxygen supply, water level, water quality, feeding machine)
  • A pool (water quality, temperature)
  • Holiday homes (heating, water supply, smoke detectors)

Statistics & Data Storage

With Loxone you can record and analyse statistics whenever and wherever you want.

You can get statistics about temperature trends, information from motion detectors, weather data, and much, much more. Your Loxone controller has ample storage for all the data, and it's possible to export it to Excel too for analysis.

Finally, a Simple Solution for Remote Home Control

The Miniserver is the heart of Loxone's home automation solution.

Home automation with Loxone will revolutionise your home. You can automate your lighting, heating, curtains, security system - all sorts! The versality of Loxone is just of the things that make us the perfect control system for your home.

Loxone Miniserver


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Intrigued by the idea of controlling your home remotely? Learn more about the remote control of your smart home via an iPhone, iPad, Android or PC and get all the info you need.

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