Smart Pool Control

Easily control and monitor your pool. Loxone offers a variety of options including: custom pool lighting, filter schedule, pool cover control, water temperature adjustments, pool refill management and more!

your perfect sauna at the perfect time

Unlimited Pool Possibilities with Loxone

out of the cold and into the sauna

Set Your Lighting Scene!

Customize your lighting scene to your specific needs. Whether a relaxing night, for additional lighting, or a pool party!

Complete Control from ANY location: At home OR remotely!  

Present ANY color vareity for your specific scene!

FULL RGBW LED Lighting capability

Pool Cover Automation

Loxone's gives you complete control of your pool cover! Another core element of the complete smart pool.

Receive message when cover is opened/closed.

Secure/monitor any activity from unauthorized access (child control)

Automate cover to open,close from changes in: Temperature/Weather/Time

Loxone Caller Service

Full Filter Control

Add full customization for your pool filter! Enhance the efficiency and lower energy costs for running your pool! 

Monitor/control: Water Temperature, Water Pressure

•Balance to correct PH Level, Manage Pool Sanitation System

Monitor/correct water levels (Determine Activity in Pool) and much more! 

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To control your pool remotely, there are extensive safety regulations in place that you need to be aware of. Please refer to current laws and regulations.

The Miniserver - Complete Control of Your Pool

The Miniserver is the heart of our home automation solution.

Home automation with Loxone offers so much more than just sauna control. You can also control your lighting, climate, alarm system and so much more, making Loxone the perfect control system for your home.

Loxone Miniserver


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