Logging & Monitoring

Temperature monitoring, data logging and setting up alarm functions is now easier than ever with Loxone. Ideal for server rooms, saunas, offices or just at home.

log and monitor anything using your mobile device

Temperature Data Logging - Made Nice & Easy!

ultimate way to save energy

Temperature Monitoring for Server Rooms, Saunas, etc.

Simple temperature monitoring with the Loxone Miniserver and compatible temperature sensors.

With the Loxone Miniserver you can monitor the temperature in any room. We can also offer you the right temperature sensor for the job (for inside, outside, saunas, water...).

receive alerts on your mobile device

Alerts and Notifications by Phone Call Or Email

The Miniserver is pretty nifty when it comes to communicating! A LAN interface enables it to make calls and write emails.

Loxone allows you to be automatically notified by email or telephone call depending on temperature, time, operating mode and more.

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long term view of statistics

Reliable Long-term Data and Statistics Recording

Data can be recorded over several years thanks to the Miniserver's micro-SD car with up to 2GB disk space.

The Miniserver offers enough space to store data for several years. You can then export these data to statistics software like Excel to analyse trends.

Temperature Monitoring - How It Works

Learn how intelligent temperature monitoring with the Miniserver works...

Attach the Temperature Sensors

The Miniserver has 4 analogue inputs which you can connect 0-10V temperature sensors to. Matching, inexpensive temperature sensors can be bought from our Webshop.

Implement Notification Functions

These features are set up using our configuration software where you could, for example, set up a notification to be sent when a certain temperature is reached.

Recording Data and Statistics

Inside the Miniserver is an 2GB SD card where your data is recorded. This capacity allows it to store logged data over several years.

You can browse the statistics which are clearly set out in our configuration software, or you can export them to Excel for further analysis.

easy to read interface

Recommendations from the Webshop

temperature sensor

Loxone Temperature Sensor

For precise temperature measurement, indoors and out...

This accurate, high quality sensor also integrates seamlessly with the Loxone control system.



Loxone Miniserver

The Miniserver is the brain of our overall home automation solution, it's not just great at monitoring and storing data.

Home automation with Loxone offers so much more than just that. You can automate your lighting, heating, curtains, security system - all sorts! The versality of Loxone is just of the things that make us the perfect control system for your home...

Visit the Webshop

Visit the Webshop

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