Central Functions At Your Fingertips

One press is all it takes! With Loxone, it's easy to set up practical and useful central functions in your home. Carry on reading to find out just what Loxone can do for you.

access to the central functions

Just Some of the Highlights

Here are a few of our favourite things you can do with central functions...

Put your home to sleep

Hibernate! Put Your House to Sleep

Just press a button on the way out to put your home in hibernation until your return.

Tapping a button by the front door turns all the lights off, cuts the power to all those power guzzling devices on standby, and closes all your blinds and curtains. And best of all? You can set up functions like this in just a couple of minutes!

control energy use in your home

Switch off the Energy Hogs!

Those power-guzzlers we mentioned? Kill them with just one press...

TVs, DVD/Blu-Ray players, HiFi systems, PCs... they all need power even when they're on standby. Set up a simple central function to cut their power and you'll really start to save money and even help the environment in the process.

keep your kids safe

Make Your Kids' Rooms Safer

Turn off any unused sockets in your lounge or kid's room to make your home safer for children.

Sockets in young children's rooms often go unused for months. Why not cut their power for safety, and only turn them on when you need them again? Safety first, safety second!

Watching a film? - Kick Back and Enjoy!

Create the perfect home cinema with Loxone

Stop fiddling around with three different remote controls and just press one button - the TV, DVD/Blu-Ray player and sound system all turn on, the TV and sound system change to the right channel, the volume is set just how you like it, the curtains close and the lights dim to just the right level. Just sit back and enjoy the film. Who needs the cinema?!

watch a movie in style

These are just a few examples of the central functions you could set up. But there are really no limits to what you can do with a Miniserver. Tailor everything to your exact needs.  Go on - use your imagination to create your perfect home...

Finally, a Simple Solution for Central Functions

The Miniserver is the heart of Loxone's home automation solution.

Home automation with Loxone will revolutionise your home. You can automate your lighting, heating, curtains, security system - all sorts! The versality of Loxone is just of the things that make us the perfect control system for your home.

Loxone Miniserver


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Intrigued by the idea of total control with just one button push? Learn more about the central functions and get all the info you need.

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