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The Centerpiece - The Miniserver

In a Loxone Smart Home everything is brought together by the central hub, the Loxone Miniserver. Say goodbye to island solutions! With Loxone, push buttons and simple controls are integrated along with lighting, shading, HVAC, photovoltaic systems and much more to make your home Loxone Smart. 

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The Centerpiece - The Miniserver

In a Loxone Smart Home everything runs together from a central, intelligent nerve centre: the little green Loxone Miniserver.

This means that a single, simple motion detector or switch could control not just lighting, but also the alarm system, heating, music and so on. Say goodbye to isolated devices!

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The Loxone Standard For Every Room

Switches and sensors are the eyes and ears of your Loxone Smart Home. Get the most functionaility from your new home by following these simple guidelines: this is the Loxone Standard.

Der Präsenzmelder dient zur Erkennung von Präsenz und Bewegung
Der Türkontakt stellt fest ob nach außen führende Türen oder Fenster offen sind.
Als zentrales Bedienelement im Smart Home darf ein Tastatur natürlich nicht fehlen.
Der Temperaturfühler sorgt für die richtige Heizung durch Einzelraumregelung.

Top Three Uses of the Push Button

Even if your smart home is fully automated, there are still times when you need to change settings quickly and easily. The push button is the best solution to control these settings in your Smart Home.

Quick Access

Even with an automated home, you will need access to control and change settings at any time. Without needing to use your phone, the push button makes this simple and easy.
One click - Lights turn on.

Intelligent & Foolproof

Anyone can use a pushbutton with its simple control and usability. We recommend adding this option as opposed to complicated systems with limited capabilities.

One Button - Many Options

All devices centrally controlled by your push button. In a Loxone Smart Home, the push button is much more than turning on and off your lights. One-Click: Lights turn on, Double-Click: Everything in the room turns off. Triple-Click: Everything in your home turns off. A final click on the 'Goodnight' button: House goes into sleep mode.

Top Three Uses For Door or Window Contacts

Mounted or simply set in the frame, this contact gives you the status of your door or window. It is a Loxone standard to equip all entry doors and windows.

Enhanced Security

Receive an immediate alert if an intruder enters your home. Loxone enhances home security with added contacts to entry doors and windows. Emergency calls are issued to you in real time through the Miniserver.

Home Lock-Out

When you open the patio door to take a dip in your pool; a door contact informs the Miniserver that the patio door is open. The automatic blinds are disabled preventing them from closing and locking you out of your home.

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Smart Ventilation

Your Smart Home is ventilated intelligently. If the window is open your climate control will kick into frost protection mode in the Winter and overheat protection mode in the Summer. This smart function will save you money and reduce energy costs.

The Top Three Uses For Presence Detection

Add the ability to detect any person in a room for safety and comfort. When mounted on your ceiling, this device will monitor the entire area in view. Used for numerous Smart Home features, presence detection is essential in a Loxone Smart Home.

Security System

When your security system is active, you will receive instant notifications via phone or text the moment an intruder is detected. Loxone assures your Smart Home is secure at all times.

Save Energy

Reduce energy costs with presence detection. Lights and other preferred devices will turn off when not being used in each room. Added comfort and simplicity: Energy saving is a top priority of the Loxone Smart Home.

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Simplify Home Living

Complete Smart Automation: Enter the room and the lights turn on. Have your music play when you enter the bathroom to start the day. With Loxone, all options are possible without pressing a button.

Top Three Uses for Temperature Sensors

With a temperature sensor in each room, you can precisely monitor climate in your Loxone Smart Home. The small and cost effective temperature sensor can be installed anywhere. For example behind the cover plate of your light switch.

Precise Individual Room Control

Keep your bedroom cool through the day and heat your bathroom only in the mornings and evenings. Your Loxone Smart System will learn and will know how much time it takes to get to your comfort temperature setting.

Energy Efficiency

If the actual temperature is 20°C and the target temperature is 22°C, then the automatic shading will remain in active mode  to allow for passive solar heating until the target temperature is reached.

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Energy Efficiency

If the actual temperature is 62°F and the target temperature is 72°F, then the automatic shading will remain in active mode  to allow for passive solar heating until the target temperature is reached.

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Loxone not only provides you with the current temperature reading, it also stores the information and allows you access to historical values in form of a graph over several years.

The Periphery: For Every Home

With the Loxone Standard, your home will be more safe:

Der Loxone Smart Home Standard für Ihr Haus definiert die wichtigsten Komponenten für Ihr Haus
Mit einer Internetverbindung können Sie Ihr Smart Home von überall steuern und überwachen.
Ein Regensensor ermöglicht das wetterabhängige Steuern von Markisen, Fenstern oder auch der Gartenbewässerung
Ein Windsensor am Dach dient zum Warnen vor Wetteränderungen und Sturmschutz.
Ein Garagentor-Kontakt schützt vor Einbrüchen und hilft bei der Überwachung von Ihrem Zuhause

Three Reasons For Internet Connection

In order to use all your systems capabilties, it is essential that your smart home is connected to the internet. Without internet connection, remote control use for: Access, Monitoring and controlling abilities will be limited.

Remote Control and Access

Control everything in your home from anywhere. Activate the alarm, turn on the heat... with an internet connection and our free Loxone ap controlling your home remotely is simple.

Using Online Services

Stay up-to-date using the Loxone Online Services. These include Caller Service, Weather Service and Mailer Service.

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Automatic Time Setting

With internet connection, your miniserver will receive the latest updates to run faster and automatically know the correct time and date.

Top Three Reasons For Garage Door Contact

Small and easy to install, the garage door contact is a standard feature in a Loxone home. All exterior doors are equipped with sensors to allow for proper monitoring.

Safe Monitoring

If an intruder gains access to your garage you will be alerted immediately on your smart phone.

Free Reminder Function

If your garage door remains open after sunset, your Smart Home will alert you. Should the garage door be closed? Yes please!

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Stay Informed When Away

Did you close the garage door? We have the answer for you. Pull out your smart phone and start the Loxone app to see if the door is open. If the garage door is open you can close it from anywhere with your smartphone.

Top Three Reasons for a Wind Sensor

The Loxone wind sensor will monitor current wind speed and conditions. We recommend a wind sensor for homes with skylights, blinds, shutters and awnings.

Home Protection From Weather

Protect skylights, blinds, shutters and awnings from storm damage. We recommend the use of a wind sensor that can capture actual wind speed.

Weather Warnings for Storms

Improve home safety and receive a phone call if windows and doors are open when a storm approaches.

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Safety In The Yard and Garden

The Miniserver will inform you immediately when bad weather is approaching. Never worry about yard furniture or other items that could be damaged by a severe storm.

Top Three Reasons for a Rain Sensor

Installed on your roof, the rain sensor establishes, in real time, if there is any precipitation falling at your home. The rain sensor is a Loxone Standard for all homes with motorized skylights.

Automatic Closing of Sky Lights

A storm is approaching and all of your sky lights are open and you are not at home. This worst case scenario is no problem for a Loxone Smart Home. The Miniserver will close all the skylights for you.

Alarm In Case of Rain

Be alerted when it rains. The awning will automatically retract for protection and you will receive a call if you prefer. In addition, the Miniserver will remember that it rained and prevent your irrigation system from over watering your lawn.

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Smart Irrigation Control

Be water smart! Your Miniserver is always communicating with your irrigation system. Your Loxone Smart Home will not water the lawn if you have had rain. If after 2 days there has been no percipitation, the Miniserver will activate your irrigation system.