Intelligent Shading Control with Loxone

Do you want intelligent and central control of your electric shades? Explore the possibilites for control of electric shades with Loxone. Read what Loxone can do for you...

Control your blinds with ease
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Smart Shading - Automated Window Shades Control

Activate the automatic mode for optimized shade control - it could not be simpler! Depending on the position of the sun and how bright it is, the slats on the shades will adjust themselves to the optimal position, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Pretty smart, eh?!

ingenious auto mode control on your phone

Explore the Possibilities

Discover just what you can acheive with intelligent and automated shades in your home.


Added Security

Intelligent shading control can provide additional protection in your home.

Set your shades to automatically close at night, at a certain time or darkness and ensure added protection against burglary.

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Adapted to your Needs

Your electric shades will do exactly what you want them to.

Let your imagination take over. You could set up your shades to change at certain times, or even depending on the daylight or weather. Get your electric shades exactly the way you want them!

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Central Functions

Set up central functions in mere minutes!

Do you want several shades to open together? No problem - set up a central function. The advantage being that you can easily change them at a later date, without having to move a single cable.

Central Functions

Varied Control

Easily control your shades via buttons on the wall or by your smartphone.

Of course, you can control your electric shutters with a wall-mounted button or switch. Or you can choose to open and close your shades with the Loxone app (iPhone, Android, Tablet or web browser). 

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A Simple Solution for Shading Control

The Miniserver is the centerpiece of our home automation solution.

Home automation with Loxone offers so much more than just control for electric shades, though. You can also control your lighting, heating, alarm and so much more, making Loxone the perfect control system for your home.

Loxone Miniserver

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