Automated Lighting Will Revolutionise Your Home!

Combining different lights to create the perfect atmosphere for a room - that's what remote control mood lighting with Loxone is all about. 

automate you lighting

An Entirely New Way of Lighting

A Different Lighting Scene For Every Mood

Switch your lights using scenes you've created just the way you like.

For example when it's time to eat... At the touch of a button your kitchen lights dim, coloured lights come on and your dining table is lit up. Perfect!

Set Up a Scene in Minutes

It couldn't be simpler: Turn the lights on/dim them/change their colour, then save the scene.

It's not just through your PC that you can set up a new lighting scene. You can also use your smartphone, or even just a switch on the wall. Just start up 'learn mode', set the lights how you want them, and save the scene with the push of a button!

Easy to Set Up and Use

easy to setup
control from any mobile device

When we considered the design and use of lighting scenes, we placed great emphasis on how easy they are to use. So lighting scenes can be not only created simply with our configuration software, you can set them up via the Loxone apps or the web interface.

You can even create new scenes by just setting them up and using a push button to 'learn' it into the system...

More About the Loxone Config

convenient and easy to control

Convenient Control

Whether you decide to use push buttons, the app or the web interface, scrolling through and selecting lighting scenes is massively convenient. Even teaching new scenes in is nice and easy!

Recommended from our Webshop...

The Loxone Miniserver acts as the light control unit and the extension help you acheive the various things you need to do. Find out more about what you'll and what it all does...

dimmer extension

Dimmer Extension

Absolutely pinpoint dimming with the Loxone Dimmer extension.

Make the most of your lighting with the Loxone Dimmer extension. Simply connect it to your Miniserver and you can dim all standard fixtures - whether they're conventional lamps, halogen or LED.



dmx extension

DMX Extension

There are so many possibilities for the digital control of your lighting.

DMX offers many lots of opportunities for the intelligent control of your lighting, especially when it comes to LED lighting with gradients and dimming and all sorts of other things.





Colour light control with the Loxone RGBW LED set.

Get the very best lighting control for your house with this starter set. Includes: A 24V dimmer, DMX RGBW and a 5m strip of RGBW LED lighting (splashproof IP65).



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