Get the Most Out of your Curtains

Control your curtains without having to keep getting up and opening and closing them manually.

Automated Electric Curtain Control

Total Curtain Control

based on your needs

Adapted to Your Needs

Your automated curtains can do exactly what you want them to. Quickly and easily!

Let your imagination take over. How about setting an 'afternoon nap button' which would close your bedroom curtains for 30 minutes as you enjoy a nice nap, then open them again to wake you up gently? Or you could set them up to open and close automatically to make it look like someone's at home when you're on holiday... The only limit is your imagination!

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control several curtains at once

Central Functions

Set up global function in minutes, with just a few clicks of your mouse!

Do you want several curtains to open together (e.g. all the downstairs curtains together at 7:30am)? No problem! Just set up a 'central function'. This is a great advantage of our electric curtain control - you can easily change your setup at a later date, without having to touch a single cable...

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control with any mobile device

Control However Suits You

Electric curtain control via your smartphone or by a switch on the wall (the 'old fashioned way!').

Of course, you can control your curtains with a simple wall switch with Loxone. Or you can use an iPhone, Android phone, tablet or web browser - whether you're sitting on the couch or in an entirely different country!

Loxone Apps

The Miniserver - In Control of your Curtains

The Miniserver is the centrepiece of our home automation solution.

Home automation with Loxone offers so much more than just control for automatic curtains, though. You can also control your lighting, heating, alarm and so much more, making Loxone the perfect control system for your home.

Loxone Miniserver


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Interested? Find out more about controlling blinds and all sorts of other things that Home Automation can do...

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