The Zero Energy House

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This is installion was built to demonstrate year round energy efficiency without the need for heating and cooling systems. 

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The Retro Fit

About the project

Name: Zero Energy House
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Built: 2012
Size: 2152.8 sqft (200m²)
Project Cost $2304 (3000 NZD)
Project Site Zero Energy House Project
Project Partner Evident Connect


Smart home Map of Auckland, New Zealand

The Zero Energy House is a 3 bedroom family home built to demonstrate how a home can be comfortable year round at a low operating cost and without heating and cooling systems. The house is a 2 story, timber clad home, located in an inner Auckland suburb surrounded by 1940s bungalows.

Features of the Smart Home

Extensive Monitoring

Automated climate control reduces heating and cooling use when rooms are not being used.

Humidity levels are managed to provide comfortable conditions in each room of the house.

Energy use of home appliances are monitored and managed effectively to save money and provide comfort.

Green energy is gathered, stored and used to reduce energy costs.

Lighting, heating and cooling, garage control and more can be scheduled manually by the home owner or by sunrise & sunset.

Smart Home Lighting

Lighting in the Zero Energy House is automated for each room to simplify use for the home owner and reduce energy costs in the smart home.  The outdoor lights sync with home security to provide additional protection.

Home Security

The Security system in the Zero Energy Home includes video surveillance, home access and alarm system to provide maximum protection for the family and home.  Indoor and outdoor lighting communicate with door contacts and presence detectors instantly using the Loxone Miniserver. 


Smart Garage Control

Garage door opening and closing is fully controlled using the Loxone App or through automation. A notification will be sent to the home owner if the door is left open after a certain time (such as 8pm). The Garage also integrates with Home Security, Outdoor Lighting and energy usage providing full comfort and security.

Loxone Products Used



Loxone Miniserver

  • The heart and brain of the Loxone Smart Home

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  • Expand your system with additional inputs & outputs

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1-Wire Extension

  • Ideal for installations with many sensors such as presence detection

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RS-485 Extension

  • Control multiple devices such as Heating, Cooling & Ventilation.

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Air Base Extension

  • Connect Smart devices using Loxone wireless technology

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MODBUS Extension

  • Allows for reading & collection of various meters such as electric, gas

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Presence Detector

  • Detect any person within a 360° detection up to 26ft away 

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1-Wire Temperature Sensor

  • Capture precise temperatures instantly in your home or business.

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1-Wire Sealed Temp. Sensor 

  • Ideal for exact measurements of outdoor or liquid temperatures.

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Temp & Humidity Sensor 

  • Instant, precise indoor humidity and temperature measurement

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Ultrasonic Sensor

  • Measure distances and levels in tanks, silos, pools, etc.

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Owner's Favorite Favorit

The System Core: The Loxone Miniserver

The Miniserver monitors the total load of the home, and the PV generation. In order to maximise the amount of energy generated from the PV that is used in the home, the Loxone system controls the demand of the hot water heating to use any excess energy generated.

The Miniserver constantly streams live performance information for energy and temperatures to the internet.  Here, it is displayed on the project website so people can see how the building is performing in real-time.

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