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Villa Azure

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This project offers Smart Home Automation at quite an advanced level. Lots of Smart Home options are explored here.

About the Project

NAME: Villa Azure
WHERE: Ibiza, Spain
BUILT: 2012
SIZE: 200m²
PARTNER: Eurotec Ibiza

The Villa Azure is the first Loxone-controlled property on the Balearic island of Ibiza. The owner was mostly very keen on having automation so that he could monitor and control his holiday villa remotely as he doesn't live locally. So if any problems or issues come up he can take care of them from a distance. It's basically holiday home management that he was looking for. He also wanted to check up on energy and utilities usage to ultimately reduce costs. Now he can do all of that and more!

Controlling Everything

¡Hola! Welcome to your holiday

A warm welcome to your holiday home - who doesn't want that after a tiring journey, eh? But with flights running 24/7, can we expect to be greeted around the clock? Wll, yes we can actually. This 'state-of-the-smart' holiday home in Ibiza has a fantastically welcoming lighting scene set up for new visitors. Once you pass through the gated entrance, the safety lighting is switched on and colored LED lights envelope the entire plot in cool, moody colors. The house is lit up, displaying it gloriously, and the alarm deactivated. There are even speakers set up to warmly welcome you in with Spanish sounds to add to the welcoming light scene. Welcome to Ibiza (and Home Automation)!

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High temperatures and high humidity is, of course, very typical of the Ibizan climate. To prevent mould growth in the Villa Azure, both temperature and humidity are monitored around the clock and kept in check with intelligent air conditioning. Even when it's not being rented out.

Date-Determined Temperatures

There's always a constant comfortable temperature throughout the house. That's because the temperature control is Smart (of course!). It's sync'd up with Google Calendar, so that the owners and guests can enter Villa Azure and be met by a perfect indoor climate tied in with the date. After all, you don't need the same level of heating and air conditioning in the height of summer that you do in winter. Smart, Smart, Smart...

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Trust is Good...

... control is better. At any time, anywhere in the world, the owner can be fully aware of what's going on in the house. Everything can be monitored over the network or the Internet: lighting scenes, intelligent appliances, the alarm system, video surveillance, lighting, the lot. It can all be controlled and regulated. Settings can be controlled anywhere and at any time too. And all from the owner's smartphone, PC or tablet. It's total holiday home management without the need to physically be there.

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The Evergreen Garden - Olé!

Water can sometimes be a scarce commodity in Ibiza, especially in tourist areas. Hence economical use of it can be quite important. That's not to say that the gardens at the Villa Azure should be anything less than beautifully green and lush at all times. The water consumption is monitored and used intelligently, ensuring that water's never wasted.

Owner's Favourite Favorit

Relax with your favourite sounds

Just because you're away from home that doesn't mean you have to miss out on all your favorute music. It doesn't matter how you listen to your tunes, be it via internet radio, mp3 player, Spotify, whatever - with intelligent Multiroom Audio, you can kick back to it at the Villa Azure. Whether you're at the pool, the terrace, bathroom, children's rooms, lounge, anyway - you listen in individual 'zones'.

So relaxed in the sun that you can't bare to get up and change tracks or volume? Do it from your tablet or smartphone!

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No power? No Problem!

Thunderstorms, network congestion or damage caused by construction work... The result: power failure. Not so rare in Ibiza, unfortunately. And when your property's unoccupied, it really can be a worst case scenario. In a normal holiday home, a power failure going unnoticed can have massive consequences.

In the event of a power outage at this smart holiday home, the Uninterruptable Power Supply kicks in and the Miniserver alerts the owner (by phone, SMS or email) that this is the case so he can take action if needed!

Just sit back

The Villa Azure is controlled simply by an iPad3, which is mounted on the wall, and by an iPad Mini which can be taken anywhere thoughout the grounds. Guests can use the their mobile phones to do things like dim the lights, turn on the TV or play their favorite songs. With the simple operation of their temporary home, guests can feel completely and utterly at home.

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Bad Weather?

Rainy days are rare in Ibiza in the summer. But on those rare days, guests don't panic, they just get swiping on the iPad and line up a movie. There's a special scene set up for kicking back in front of the huge plasma TV - the lighting is perfectly dimmed and the TV and DVD player turns on. And chances are - by the time they've finished their popcorn, the sun will have its hat back on!

No Expensive Security

The days of having to hire expensive security guards and dogs to watch over Villa Azure are over. A modern alarm system with Loxone allows the owner to check the security status, check who's at the door, who has been in and out and at what time...

And of course, it can all be checked remotely!

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For the Techies

Components Used

  • 1x Miniserver
  • 1x Extension
  • 1x RS485 Extension
  • 1x DMX Extension
  • 1x 1-Wire Extension
  • 1x EnOcean Extension
  • 1x IR Extension
  • 1x Relay Extension
  • 15x PWM Dimmer

Other Items:

  • Alarm Listener
  • Door and window contacts
  • Motion Sensor
  • 40 RGB LED spotlights
  • 4 x Mobotix cameras
  • Mobotix T24 inlet video