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The Pad

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Parts of the electrical installation in these premises are automated with Loxone.

Home automation with the Loxone Miniserver

About The Project

Name: The Pad
Location: Rohrbach, Austria
Built: 2011
Size: 68m²
Location: Rohrbach, Austria

The property developers had this flat conventionally wired when it was built, with no provision for automation or smart control. When the first tenants moved into the property in December 2011 they were impressed with modern style and the latest passive house technology, but not with the lack of smart automation. After a little research they decided to upgrade it with Loxone!

Control Everything - That's Inside

Zoned Heating Control

We both work during the day - so being able to control the heating in individual rooms is a huge advantage! We've got full control over the heating. During the week, the large open plan kitchen / living room is heated only in the evening. The bathroom - mornings and evenings, and the bedroom stays cool throughout the day.

More About Heating

More About Climate

Music at the Touch of a Button

In the morning, a quick flick of a switch turns on the radio in the bathroom. A single press tunes it into my girlfriend's favourite station (OE3), and a double press goes to my one (FM3). First come first serve!

More About Multiroom Audio

DIY Wardrobe Lighting

Getting lights for our monstrous two meter wardrobe would have cost us €220. Too much for a simple cupboard light. So we politely turned down the quote, and just did it ourselves with Loxone. A magnetic contact switch on the door detects when the wardrobe opens, and the white LED strips come on!


Owner's Favorite 

'Hair Straighteners off' Guarantee!

"When I leave the apartment, I'm often not sure if I've definitely unplugged my hair straighteners. If we're already in the car, that means turning around and going back to check. Now we can turn off the bathroom socket whenever we want - and from wherever we are; so we know - the hair straighteners are definitely off!"

Doris R.

When going to sleep turn everything off

Everything off Function

The press of a button turns off all electronic devices which don't need to be on at night, stopping our TV, PC and Sonos system from being electricity guzzlers. It also shuts down our NAS System with a network command. Him: So we can save electricity at the flick of a switch. Her: So we can sleep in a radiation-free bedroom.

More About Central Functions

Control from Everywhere

We're both often out and about. It's therefore really useful for us to be able to connect to our house with an iPhone or web browser. Whether it's just to check the temperature, or to check if all the windows are closed when it starts to rain. To do this, we've simply put wireless contact switches in the windows, instead of tediously having to hide cables throughout the apartment.

More About Loxone Apps

control your scenes with a switch

Sofa Button - Lighting Scenes

We've mounted a wireless switch just next to the couch - that's how we get just the right atmosphere. A simple flick of the switch simply turns on the light by the sofa. Double pressing goes to TV mode - which turns on the floor lamp, turns on the socket for the TV, and turns the TV on with a network command.

Fresh Air using Statistics

In the bedroom we've installed a carbon dioxide sensor. The carbon dioxide concentration is displayed for information. We've noticed that the oxygen levels in our room quickly fall when we sleep, so we always run the central HRV (heat recovery ventilation) system one level higher during the night.

Fresh air statistics

Components Used

The Miniserver is mounted in the consumer unit, whilst the two Extensions are in the study due to lack of space.

  • 1 Miniserver
  • 1 Extension
  • 1 DMX Extension
  • 1 EnOcean Extension

Technology Used

  • Conventional wiring by the developer
  • 0-10V valve actuators on radiators
  • Loxone room temperature sensors
  • Sonos multiroom audio system (controlled via LAN)
  • Synology NAS with music collection for Sonos System
  • EnOcean switches and relays for lighting
  • LED strip lights for the wardrobe