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The 'Pienorama' Showroom

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This installation offers high level automation, taking advantage of the many possibilities available with Loxone.

Automate your showroom with Loxone Miniserver

About This Project

Name: The 'Pienorama' Showroom
Location: Sarleinsbach, Austria
Built: 2012
Size: 300m²
Location: Sarleinsbach, Austria

Pienorama is the showroom of Pieno in Sarleinsbach, manufacturers of premium front doors. The right lighting to show off the superior design and quality of their doors was an essential requirement. Loxone plays a key part in achieving it and the Miniserver is the perfect fit.

Control Everything That's Inside

The "WOW" Factor

Our goal is to stage our products perfectly - to give them the "wow" factor with potential customers. We can control our presentation of them with an iPhone.

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A Typical Presentation

Welcome Lighting

As soon as a potential customer enters, the welcome lighting is activated. At the touch of a button on the iPhone, the corridor to the showroom is lit up, and all other lights go down.

The "WOW" Factor

After the short talk, we press a button which lights up the whole showroom - this produces a real "wow" factor for everyone there.


Let the Show Begin

When we get inside the showroom, we activate the next scene with the iPhone which lights up the bar. Time for a quick drink and talk to get their curiosity going.


Showing the Products in their Best Light

When we're showing people round, each product can be controlled individually via iPhone and lit up. This is how we show off each product in its best light.


Fire Alarm Alert over Mobile Phone

In the showroom we have smoke detectors which are monitored using Loxone. If the alarm is triggered, then we're immediately informed by mobile. The automatic call we receive even lets us know in which area the alarm was set off. We're therefore able to react quickly when it matters.


Alarms alert your phone

The Star Attraction

The C.L.O.U lounge seat is one of the showroom's highlights. This piece of furniture, with its electric chests and moveable armrests is a bit of a jaw-dropper.

The best bit: In each lounge seat there's a Miniserver which controls the electric chests and armrests. You can control it with either a switch next to the lounge seat, or with a smartphone.

Owner's Favorite

The Right Colour to Create the Perfect Mood

In order to give the showroom just the right atmosphere we need just the right lighting. That's where over 100 metres of coloured LED strips comes into play! In total we've got 6 different areas in the showroom, which can each be controlled with an iPhone using predefined scenes. Practical point: To set a new scene for an area you don't need to fiddle around with the configuration. All the scenes and colours can be really easily set with an iPhone or the web browser.

More About Lighting

Presentations at the flip of a switch

Presentations at a Flip of a Switch

In the middle of the showroom we've got a hidden screen which we use for presentations with a projector. When we need it for a presentation, we just flick a switch which brings it down from the ceiling and turns on the projector.

Ventilate your showroom

Ventilate Air to the Showroom

The showroom is situated in a cellar. The right ventilation is therefore essential, as we can have between 5 and 25 guests in the room for a presentation.

The ventilation adjusts itself continuously, and can be controlled by iPhone, web browser or switch. Depending on the number of people (including smokers) in the room, the ventilation system will adjust to keep the air fresh.

Control your temperature

Climate that Meets your Needs

The cellar is cool, and therefore needs a lot of heating. The Miniserver takes the temperature readings from the different zones and looks after the heating for the whole showroom.

Practical point: For last minute appointments the "Quick Heat" mode gets the showroom up to temperature as fast as possible.

Going Door to Door with Scenes

The premium doors are all kitted out with electronic openers, fingerprint systems and LED lighting. When we're giving a presentation, we go door to door, showing each door in turn by activating it with the Miniserver.

If there are no visitors in the showroom, then we can turn off all the doors and lighting with a single switch.

iPhone Instead of Switches

In the showroom we've got over a dozen different lighting scenes and modes which we use during presentations. The iPhone is thus the perfect control device, as we can carry it around with us for presentations. It also means we can avoid having gigantic (and ugly) panels of switches on the walls.


More about Loxone Apps

Loxone Components

  • 1x Miniserver
  • 2x Extension
  • 1x DMX Extension
  • 14x Loxone PWM Dimmer
  • 100m RGB LED Strips

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