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Hotel Calma Blanca

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The hotel automation seen here has been specially designed to improve the comfort of the hotel's customers and still be constantly controllable by the owners.


About the Project

NAME: Hotel Calma Blanca
LOCATION: Cadaqués, Spain
BUILT: 2013
SIZE: 550m²
PARTNER: Domotica Control

Situated in the pretty seaside town of Cadaqués, this fully automated hotel just opened its doors to the public. It's a rather luxurious 4-star effort with seven top-spec rooms, all decorated with individual Mediterranean themes. A Miniserver has been installed to control the common areas and there are also seven other Miniservers - one in each room - controlling access, climate, lighting and window screens (for shading). 

Total control

Access Control

To gain access to both the hotel rooms and the common areas, guests and staff use iButtons. Each room has an electronic key reader inside and out and access levels and privileges are dependent on what's been programmed in. For instance, housekeeping staff only have very limited access so desired lighting scenes and things cannot be accidentally altered.

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A Unique Detail

Hotel 'keys' are personalised; each room has a different starfish or seashell. Guests receive an electronic key that is perfectly suited to the aesthetics of the hotel and is a nice little touch that they really seem to appreciate.

Intelligent Climate Control

Each room is controlled entirely separately, with control given to guests. To cut costs for the hotel's owners, when the rooms are not occupied the air conditioning switches off, conserving energy (and money).

More on Heating & Climate Control

More on Heating & Climate Control

Controlling the Spa

On the ground floor of the hotel you'll find the spa area. This area is split into two - one area houses the jacuzzi, steam room and sauna, where you can control the humidity and temperature. The customer's iButton will only allow them into this space if they've booked the service in advance.

The other space is the gym area where carbon dioxide levels are monitored. If levels reach too high - and the room becomes stuffy and generally unpleasant - an alert is triggered and a member of staff can take action by opening windows. 


One of the main things the owners of the hotel wanted from their automation was to be able to control everything from one place, making control really easy. The web interface on the PC and display on the app allows users to alter everything from one simple control.

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Owner's Favourite 

"My mobile as the remote!"

My phone is my remote control, I have everything in my hand and can relax knowing that everything is working properly and my guests are comfortable and the rooms are in good order. I also like being able to change a setting remotely if something should go amiss. It's a brilliant feature.

Hotel Owner

Lighting Control

In such an upscale hotel, lighting can be key in creating the right atmosphere, ensuring comfort, relaxation and warmth. The Miniserver can control every aspect of the hotel's lighting: bedrooms, bathrooms, dining area, you name it.

The outdoor area is also important, with Loxone controlling lighting scenes in the garden, by the pool, on the terrace... Great lighting ensures a welcoming and relaxing environment at all times, making the hotel the ideal environment for guests in need of rest and relaxation.

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Intruder Alarm

When the hotel is unoccupied (public holidays, etc.), security is one of the most important considerations for the owners. Security cameras can be viewed directly from the app or web interface and in the event that the motion sensors detect an intruder, the owners automatically receive a call so they can act on it quickly.

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Controlar las escenas desde el sofá

Presence Simulation

If the hotel closes for a few days, the owners don't want to raise suspicions that it's empty and advertise to potential thieves, so they've decided to implement a 'presence simulation' function. It records all movements made in lighting and blinds for 7 days and, once the owners are away and this feature is enabled, these movements are played out, giving the appearance that the hotel is occupied and as such, no easy target for would-be burglars.

Central Functions - 'All Off!'

Each room is equipped with an 'all off' central functions button which is triggered by removing the iButton. So when a guest is off out they've grab their iButton key and automatically turn off all lights, close all windows and turn off any electrical appliances. Guaranteed security and energy efficiency.

More Info

More Central Functions

The 'all off' feature isn't the only central function, there's lot of things you can do with central functions. One press security set-ups, for instance. One click of a button and you've set your burglar alarm and shut all windows.

You can also set up special scenes for things, say for instance - watching a movie. Again, one press and you're away. Dimmed lights, curtains shut, TV/DVD on and popcorn machine warming up. Perfect!

Audio System

The hotel has music systems in all rooms and most common areas. The music control integrates with lighting and is entirely customisable, so the ideal environment can be created for any situation.

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Control del aire mediante estadísticas



For the Techies

Components Used:

  • 8 Miniservers
  • 8 1-Wire Extensiones
  • 16 iButton Readers
  • 10 1-Wire Temperature Sensors
  • 1 Extension
  • 1 Dimmer Extension
  • 1 CO2 Sensor
  • 1 Humidity Sensor

Technology Used

  • Implementation of sending notices by email
  • Controlling of music
  • Sensors based on KNX
  • Regulation of low-power LEDs
  • iButton access control, with different rights for each user (client, housekeeping, maintenance...)
  • Loxone ambient sensors for controlling temperature, humidity and CO2.