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Elk Passive House

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This installation offers high level automation, taking advantage of the many possibilities available with Loxone.

Automate your home with Loxone Miniserver

About The Project

Name: ELK Bungalow
Location: 2234 Vösendorf-Süd, Austria
Size: 146m²
Built: 2012
Project Partner: ELK Fertighaus
Location: 2234 Vösendorf-Süd, Austria

The ELK Passive House in the "Blue Lagoon" in Vösendorf (near Vienna) is the first ELK house built with smart home technology, and is a great example of energy efficient building perfectly combinded with intelligent technology.

Control Everything - That's inside

Automatic Shading

With its vast swathes of glass, the ELK passive house makes use of automatic shading to keep the temperature inside just right. The blinds are fully controlled by the Loxone Miniserver according to the room temperature. When the temperature inside gets too high, the blinds come down; likewise if it's too cold, then the slats go horizontal or the blinds open fully to let in some sun to warm up the house. There's also a feature which raises the blinds fully in a storm to protect them from damage.

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Let in the Mother-in-law Function

So you're out the house and your doorbell rings... You'll be notified by the app on your phone and, using the door camera, you'll know exactly who's standing at your door (from wherever you are). You can then speak to the unexpected visitor and even open the door for them remotely - e.g. to let in your mother-in-law who's kindly brought a cake.

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Lighting the Way

The Loxone Miniserver also makes sure no one is kept in the dark. The fully automatic path lights turn on and off with to-the-minute timing - calculated by the Miniserver according to sunrise and sunset. Furthermore the self-adjusting coloured lights help create the perfect atmosphere outside.

Sun's Out: Dishwasher On

The ELK Passive House has its own photovoltaic panels. With the help of the Miniserver, the house can use the electricity they produce directly: so when there's lots of sun the dishwasher should switch on, the electric car is charged, and the hot water tank heats up.

In its true colours...

Lighting scenes in the ELK house help create just the right atmosphere in the house. The dimmable LED spots combined with the coloured LED lighting can be individually set for each scene in the kitchen, dining room and living room. The Loxone Miniserver controlled lighting gives this house even more charm.

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Protection against break-ins with door and window contacts

The windows and doors all have contact switches which are connected by cable to the Loxone Miniserver. These contacts can show, for example, if something has been left open after dark or when everyone is out. They're therefore a great guard against burglars, and can also be used to make sure that the blinds can't close on the patio windows if the door's open - so you can't get locked out your own home.

Protection against break ins with Loxone Miniserver

Optimal Use of Energy

Energy usage in the whole house is measured and recorded. This is how the ELK house is able, with the help of a Miniserver, to charge a car. At the right moment - when the sun's fully shining, the sun's energy is used to charge up the electric car.

Automatic fresh air

Fully Automatic Fresh Air!

The ventilation in the ELK Passive House is controlled centrally and fully automatically by the Loxone Miniserver. Using the iPad on the wall, the ventilation can be smoothly adjusted, making sure that the house has fresh air all day long.

Music on demand

Music Zones to satisfy all Tastes

15 speakers in 6 zones in combination with a Miniserver and the CasaTunes Multiroom Audio System enable everyone in the house to enjoy music of the highest sound quality, and more importantly, to their exact taste. For each of the 6 zones the choice of music and the volume can be set completely independently.

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Few Switches, Plenty of Screens

The ELK Passive House deliberately avoids having large switch panels. Only the most important functions such as lighting and shading are controlled with switches. The iPad and iPhone take care of all the other functions. The few switches that are used are packed with extra features such as double-click and press-and-hold functions to save on having any more switches than is absolutely necessary.

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Mount your iPad for convenient control

Components Used

  • 1x Miniserver
  • 1x Dimmer Extension
  • 1x 1-Wire Extension
  • 1x DMX Extension
  • 1x RS485 Extension
  • 5x Extension

Technology Used

  • Photovoltaic solar panels
  • Heat recovery ventilation and ground source heat pump
  • CasaTunes multiroom audio system with 6 zones
  • Over 100m of coloured LED lighting strips
  • Numerous LED ceiling spotlights

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