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This brand new build is a holiday home that really takes advantage of all of the functions of Home Automation to make an ideal modern getaway retreat.

Automate your home with Loxone Miniserver

About The Project

Name: Elements
Location: Rügen, Germany
Built: 2012
Size: 510ft²
Project Partner: Wittenberg Home Systems

The holiday home 'Elements', on the isle of Rügen, was built in 2012. The owner, who lives over 400 miles away, wanted to be able to keep an eye on his house and be able to control a number of functions remotely. So, naturally, he decided to go with Loxone! Since January 2013, holidaymakers have been able to book their Rügen vacations in one of the two beautiful apartments, 'Wind' & 'Water' and enjoy a break in a truly smart home.

Location: Rügen, Germany

Control Everything - That's Inside

Customized vacation house

Welcome to your holiday

When you walk through the door on the first day of your Rügen holiday, you’ll be welcomed by a specially-configured ‘Welcome’ lighting scene. So straight away, you’ll be aware that this is no ordinary temporary home - it’s as Smart as they come!

More About Lighting

The perfect TV environment

The owner has experimented with lighting and volume levels and come up with the ideal ‘TV Time’ scene. One swipe on the iPad and the lights are turned off, lamps and LED strips turned up and television switched on (at the perfect volume).

Flexible control

Controlling the ‘Elements’ cottage on Rügen is easy. You can do it either by using push buttons or with the home’s iPad, which in this case is permanently mounted to the wall (well, the owner wouldn't want anyone accidentally taking it home, would he?!). Using the iPad, guests can adjust the heating controller, dim the lights and switch between radio stations (among other things). It’s extremely important that those staying there feel entirely at ease and at home and that they can relax in their 'Smart Holiday Home'.

More about the Loxone App

Everything is under control

So the owner lives more than 300 miles away. It’s not really practical for him to pop in every couple of days to check that the place is okay. But it’s very practical for him to find out how the place is in seconds by looking at the Loxone app. Is the alarm activated? Are all the lights switched off? Are windows closed? One glance at his iPad or web browser is all it takes to find out!

More About Remote Control

Everything at a glance

Thanks to the webcam on the terrace, the stunning views are available to anyone with access to the Miniserver. Check out the weather or enjoy the view of the sea; you can check in whether from it's from the website, smartphone or on the iPad. The owner can be hundreds of miles away and still enjoy the place...

Favorite Place In The House Favorit

3,2,1 - Sauna! The Clock is Ticking

On cold windy days here on the island of Rügen, a visit to the sauna is a must. Twelve hours of sauna use are given to the guests of the apartments.  

For an extra charge, guests can turn on the sauna again and continue using it. Both the home owner and the guest are informed about the extra use and cost through email.

Control timers with Loxone Miniserver

Are the twelve hours applied to the sauna credit account, the power is turned off. For extra charges the guest can turn on the power supply again. Homeowners and managers will be informed email about the additional consumption. Additionally, the guest kilowatt hours and costs are displayed in the visualization.

Sauna sessions don't usuallly last much longer than three hours. Therefore, after three hours of being on the power automatically turns off. After the twelve hours of sauna credit is used the power completely turns off. 

Control temperature in any room

Plan your Ideal temperature

To save energy and cut down on costs Elements is only heated to a comfortable temperature when it's occupied. The heating is intelligently controlled based on the when a reservation is made through the websites reservation system. So three days before a guest arrives for the beginning of their stay the temperature raises from the reduced temperature to a more comfortable living temperature. This way the guests don't have to come into a cold home and wait for it to warm up. 

More Info

Individual Heat

The desired comfort temperature can be set room by room. This has to be set in advance by the vacation home owner. If the guest desire to adjust the temperature they can do so by using the iPad. The settings are reset automatically for the next reservation.

Naturally Heated

One of the really smart things about the 'Elements' apartments is how the heating works in them. There are fireplaces in the living rooms which retain warmth and store it in an element when they're blazing. That heat is then pumped around the house, making full use of the original energy and saving costs!

Let the music play

Everyone loves music, don't they? While guests enjoy their vacation they can relax or rock out to a plethora of different music choices with Elements multiroom audio system. A choice of 16 radio stations can be piped into two different zones and easily controlled by the wall-mounted iPad.

More About Multi-room Audio

Play any music you want

Remain updated at all times

Keep up to date

When our guests leave the house at the end of their stay, we ask taht they activate the alarm system using the iButton outside. The house can then be monitored from the moment they leave. For more security we have installed smoke detectors in the house. If for some reason the alarm is tripped the home owner will be immediately informed either by email, text, or phone call.

Activate your alarm

Alarm Bells

The security alarms can only be activated when all the windows are fully closed. This prevents the possibility of them being set off by strong winds blowing in. Motion sensors are set up in the property to detect intruders and are configured to alert the authorities. Forget to set the alarm? No problem, if the alarm is not turned on for 24 hours it activates automatically for you.

Components Used

  • 1 x Miniserver
  • 7 x Extensions
  • 2 x 1-wire Extensions
  • 2 x EnOcean Extension

Building Services

  • Webcam Mobotix T24 seperate power supply
  • Enocean window contact
  • LED strip in second floor
  • Router Fritzbox AVM Telecom IP conection
  • IP-Switch to remotely control restart of Miniserver
  • Raspberry PI as Logitech Mediaserver Squeezeplay under central Syslog Server and Trigger Loxone externally
    (Reservations portal and reset house at departure)
  • 1x Squeezebox Touch
  • 1x Squeezebox Radio
  • 3 Audio amplifer
  • 3 Analog Dimmers