Change Your Password

How to change the user password from within the Loxone Smart Home App

Interface options

Follow the steps in these screenshots to change the user password via the Loxone Smart Home App.

If you have been prompted to change your password from the default login credentials, you will need to be connected locally to the same network that your Miniserver is on.

Step 1

Open the Loxone Smart Home App and select the 'Menu' icon.

Step 2

Select 'Settings'.

Step 3

Scroll down towards the bottom of the Settings menu and select the user.

Step 4

Select 'Change Password'.

Step 5

Enter the current password (this may be the default password if it has not already been changed).
Then enter and re-enter the new desired password.
(Note: Please create a strong alphanumeric password that uses upper and lowercase letters and punctuation. Avoid using passwords like 12345 or your date of birth.)

Step 6

Select 'Change Password' to save these changes.