User Interface



Loxone Smart Home App

With our free apps you can control your Loxone Smart Home from your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android smartphone.

You can also access your Miniserver with your computer's webbrowser on, just type in its IP address.

To visualise a function block, simply active the checkbox "use in Visualisation" in its Properties window in the Loxone Config Software, as shown here.

Step 1: Loxone App Download

If you have an iOS or Android device you can download our free Apps to control your Miniserver:

  • iPhone and iPad in the AppStore for iOS
  • for Android in the Google Playstore

Step 2: Start the Loxone App


1. Open the Loxone App and press on „Add Miniserver”.


2. Select "search in Wifi".


3. All Miniservers in your network will appear. Select the Miniserver you would like to connect to.

4. Type in username and password and connect to your Miniserver.

default user: admin
default password: admin

On the favourites page you can find the most important rooms, categories and functions.


In the categorie-view you can find all your selected categories.

3. Remote access

Remote access will allow you to access your Miniserver from outside your home network. 

First you need to setup port forwarding inside your routers webinterface. Port forwarding is the process of telling your router to route external traffic on an external port to an internal port.

As you Internet provider may changes your external IP address periodically, you also need a DNS service. You can use the Loxone Cloud DNS, which is free of charge. With the Loxone Cloud DNS your Miniserver will be reachable by a static url.

Need more Info - see our full documentation