Miniserver setup

The following guide will take you through the setup of your Miniserver demonstrating many tips and tricks


  • Mount Miniserver on DIN rail
  • Connect 24V DC power supply, but do not switch on until the whole installation is complete
  • Connect Miniserver to LAN
  • Connect Miniserver to extensions via Loxone Link*
  • Terminate the Loxone Link at the last extension with 120Ω resistor*
  • Check that a micro-SD card is inserted
  • Switch on power supply
  • Check that left LED starts to flash green after a few seconds

* Optional steps depending on configuration and requirements

First time start-up of your Loxone Miniserver

This video shows you how to quickly and easily setup the Loxone Miniserver and an Extension. We take you through the whole wiring process from boxed to powered up!

Connect to the Miniserver: Router

When connecting for the first time, connect the network adaptor to the network then connect the power supply. The Miniserver will then boot from the inserted MicroSD card which stores all the firmware and user data. The Miniserver will now get an IP address automatically from the router (DHCP server). It is important that your Miniserver is connected to the same network as your computer so you can use the Miniserver Search in Loxone Config.

Miniserver Search in Loxone Config

Open Loxone Config and in the tab Miniserver you can find the Search button. Click on this and the whole network is searched to find the Miniserver.

The Miniserver will be listed in the Search results window with the name, IP address, serial number and firmware version.

Highlight the Miniserver in the Search results and enter the username and password (the default is 'admin' for both). Finally click on Connect.

If you run your Miniserver the first time you can also do the Initial Setup. There you can set major setting just like Network Config and project address.

Afterwards you can see in the status bar that you are connected.

Connecting not possible?

Network connections are often blocked by firewalls or anti-virus programs. If you have connection problems check that Loxone Config has been allowed through the firewall and the anti-virus program. If you are still have difficulties try disabling the anti-virus program completely. 

Change default password

For security reasons, we recommend to create a personal password. Highlight your username (e.g. admin) in the peripheral window and change the password in the Properties.

register your Miniserver

Register your Miniserver and you will not miss any Update. Furthermore you can use the Loxone Cloud DNS and the Loxone Cloud Mailer. These two services are free of charge.

Go to and enter your Miniserver's serial number to register.