Loxone Config Basics

First steps with the Configuration Software.

Use inputs and outputs

All devices are listed with all inputs and outputs in the peripheral window.

They can be drawn from the peripheral tree on the programming page by drag and drop.


You can program your desired function with function blocks. In general, you insert inputs, outputs and function blocks to your program page and connect them by drawing lines (function block diagram).

To add a function block to your page, just press the „F5“ key on your keaboard. Afterwards the search window will appear, where all function blocks are listed. 

Alternatively, you can look up a fuction block in the section „Program“, where all function blocks are sorted by their categories.


Below, you can find a programming example, how to program a switched socket. For this usage we used the function block "Push-button".

A pulse on Input I1 (connected to Tr) will switch on Output Q1 (connected to Q). The next pulse on Input I1 will switch the Output Q1 off.

As next step, highlight the function block and change the name of the block in its settings in the Properties window. Furthermore, select a room and a categorie and define where this function block will be listed in the Userinterface or App.


Finally, save  your program into your the Miniserver. Connect to your Miniserver and click on the button "Save in Miniserver".  

More information of a function block

To get more information to a function block, easily click on the "i"-symbol on the upper right of every function block. There you will find a short description of the block. For further information click on the "Online-Info" Link and you will be forarded to the online documentation.

see our full documentation