Here is a checklist that you can use if experiencing problems with any of your extensions.

Loxone Programmbausteine

Wiring troubleshooting

Whenever work is done on the cabling of the Miniserver of any extensions please ensure that power to the installation is removed. Damaged components can occur if this is not observed.

Before rebooting the extensions you should double check that all the connectors are plugged back in correctly and only then should you power up.

The blue Loxone Link connectors are especially sensitive to being plugged and unplugged if there is power to the devices. When working with the equipment please do not work on it powered up!

Online troubleshooting

If you have an extension with a status LED flashing orange and that won't show up in the search in Loxone Config or is showing as offline look at the following table for tips on how to solve the problem:

Reason Solution

The Miniserver does not see the extension connected because it has not been added to the program.

Connect to your Miniserver and load the file from the Miniserver. Look in the periphery tree for the extension and check that the serial number is correct. If there is still a problem go to step 2. 

Adding the extension to the program did not solve the problem or is not showing up in the search so cannot add. 

1. Reboot the Miniserver and extensions (by turning the power supply off for about 10 seconds until rebooting). The green connector power plug should NOT be removed if the power supply is on.

2. Switch off the power supply and check that the Loxone Link blue connector is plugged in correctly. Check that the last extension in the Link is terminated with the 120 Ohm resistor. Check the quality of the wiring and the connections, if there is a loose connection or break in the wire of the Loxone Link this would cause this problem.
If multiple power supplies are present, make sure that the grounds of all power supplies are connected. If this is not done damage can be done to the Loxone Link due to potential differences.

If the wiring has been checked and the reboot didn't work check the resistance of the Link connectors with no power to the device.

Take a multimeter and measure the resistance between the two terminals of the blue connector. You can see expected resistances below. If the measured value is a lot different from these and you have checked the wiring and resistor please contact our support.       

If no errors were found in the resistance between the terminals of the blue connector continue to measure resistance.

1. Take a multimeter and measure the resistance between each of the two terminals and ground. Depending on the total number of extensions the resistance will vary, see the table below on expected resistances.

2. If this minimum resistance is far from being met then connect the multimeter to ground and each terminal of each extension in turn. If the resistance greatly increases at a certain point then you will have identified the extension causing the problem. Once you have done this please contact our support.

Expected resistances

  Miniserver only Extension only Complete installation
Link to Link 120 - 140 Ohm > 20 kOhm 60 - 65 Ohm
Link to GND > 20 kOhm > 20 kOhm > 2 kOhm