Find out about how to setup your Miniserver to send you emails.

Loxone Musterkoffer


The Miniserver can send all sorts of information in emails. You use Loxone Config to setup the mailers, either using our Loxone Cloud Mailer with our mail server, or you can define your own mail server using the Mailer. 

You can send values from your configuration in emails and define text in the emails. The subject of the email can also be set. 

For the Miniserver to send emails it must be connected to the Internet and the DNS servers have to have been defined correctly. For more information on this see our documentation on the admin interface.

Loxone Cloud Mailer

The Loxone Cloud Mailer is a free service that we offer so you can really easily send emails to your accounts with the Miniserver. To add the Loxone Cloud Mailer in click on Messages in the Periphery Tree window and then select the Loxone Cloud Mailer from the blue ribbon.

Once you have added your Loxone Cloud Mailer to the page (drag and drop from the Periphery Tree) you will see another two fields in the properties called 'Message when ON/analogue changes' and 'Message when OFF'. Here you can define the email that is sent. 

In the properties of the Loxone Cloud Mailer you need to put your email in the recepient address and define a subject for the email. 

If you tick the box 'Use for system messages' you will get an email with any system errors from the Miniserver such as SD card errors, LAN errors or Link errors.

Mailer - Loxone


Alternatively you can define a custom mail server to send your email from.

First add a mailer into the Periphery, click on the Periphery tab and under the 'Messages' drop down list you will find the mailer.

Now in the properties you can enter the messages which the mailer sends out and define the SMTP server which is the outgoing mail server for the sender's address.

Setup mailer settings
Setup mailer settings
SMTP user User name of the sender address
SMTP password Password of the sender address
Return address Return address
Recipient's address Recipient's address

For the Mailer to work, it is essential that a DNS server has been entered. In a dynamic network, this will normally happen automatically.

If necessary, you can manually assign the DNS server using the Admin Interface.

Error Mailer

By activiating the checkbox "use for error messages," the specified email address will be notified any time an error occurs with a function block or the Miniserver itself.

Example cases:

  • If an error output of a function block is active
  • If an error output of an Analog Input is active
  • If the Miniserver restarts
  • If there are more than 100 Bus errors
  • If a SD Card Read or Write error occurs
  • If an extension or accessory device is offline
  • If the SD Card utilization exceeds 80%


Messages will be sent by the Error Mailer every 6 hours until the error is corrected.