Pool Controller

Loxone Musterkoffer

Basic Functions

The pool control program block can be used to drive the AquaStar Air 6 -way valve, It is possible to programme the aquastar air valve without the device present.

Instructions on how to learn in the aquastar air can be found here.

Operating modes:

All modes except "out of order" can be activated via the input AQm.
"Out of Order" is active as long as a continuous signal (signal [ gt ] 500 ms) on the reset input is applied.
  • Automatic (Standard Operation)

    • Uses the set timer cycles
    • If a manual cycle ( inputs Vfi - VDR) is started, it takes precedence. Upon completion of the manual cycle, the automatic mode will return
    • Allows automatic temperature control
    • Manualy changes the valve position SMVP - SMIP pump and drain valve SMIdv are ignored
  • Service Modes (For maintainence)

    • Allows manual control of the valve via the inputs SMVP , SMIP and SMIdv
    • Start of manual cycles
    • Timer will be ignored
    • Active until manually changed back to automatic
    • Temperature control is ignored
  • Out of Service

    • All inputs (also commands from the app), and timer are ignored
    • Valve position is set to 'Relieve'
    • At the end of this mode, a reset is triggered (falling edge at the reset input)

Time switch for automatic operation:

  • No default value, the valve remains in the last position
  • Predictable cycles ( always with pump ) :
    • Filter
    • Backwash + rinse
    • circulating
  • Duration for filtering and circulation can be set freely. Time of Backwash cycle is for security fix (is determined by the parameters).
  • When a cycle has been started from the temperature control, the planned cycle has still priority

Temperature Control

  • Ensures that the target temperature for the day is achieved.
  • Controls the outputs 'Heating' or 'Cooling release'.
  • Economy mode of temperature control during automatic mode possible.
  • In automatic mode, the heating or cooling release shall be granted only if the valve has a release is granted - [GT], the filter pump must be running.
  • In manual mode, this safety is ignored.
  • If heating or cooling requirement exists and no cycle is active, the cycle is started Zirkulier.
Full automatic mode will be decided at midnight, whether heated or to be cooled. The user can, however, override this decision.

Possible modes:

  • Fully automatic operation (heating or the cooling setpoint control; Eco is considered)
  • Automatic heating (heating with setpoint control; Eco is considered)
  • Automatic cooling (cooling with setpoint control; Eco is considered)
  • Manual heating (heating switched on permanently)
  • Manual cooling ( cooling switched on permanently)


  • Filter:

    • Filter pump
    • Drain valve closed
    • After a set time delay is complete
    • Heating realease valve
  • Backwash

    • Expiration : Backwash - [ GT ] ride on rinsing - [ GT ] rinse - [ GT ] ride on filters
    • Filter pump (not during the position change)
    • Open drain valve
  • Circulating

    • Filter pump
    • Drain valve closed
    • After a set time delay is complete
    • Heat release form the valve
  • Draining

    • Filter pump
    • Open drain valve
Except for the backwash cycle, the valve remains in the same position after each cycle, in order to prevent unnecessary loss of water by the rotation of the valve.

Basic Programming

In order to use the block completely, it must be coupled in the settings with the Aqua Star Air.
In the properties menu for the pool control block the physical aquastar air can be assigned to the program block.
The labeling of the 2 analogue inputs can be used for visualisation in the app.
Double-click on the block you move to switch the pool control. Here you can specify the times required for various cycles. These times can be adjusted using the visualization.
The programming may vary and is dependent on whether you have installed, for example, a cover, level measurement, counter-current, or more specific sensors.
In this example, we have shown a swimming pool with level measurement, pool cover and heating.

Inputs, Outputs and Parameters


Am Operating mode 1 = Automatic, 2 = Service
ATc Temperature Control Mode
0 = Off
1 = Fully automatic (heating or cooling using the set point. Economy taken into account)
2 = Automatic heating using set point
3 = Automatic cooling using set point
4 = Manual heating - heating permanently on 
5 = Manual cooling - cooling permanently on
Eco Economy Economy mode of the temperature control during automatic mode
T Analogue input Providing the desired target temperature
AI Analogue input Providing the actual water temperature
WI Analogue input Value for pool level
Cp Analogue Input Position of pool cover. 0.0 = open - 1.0 = closed
Sm Jets Input is digital or analogue depending on the connection on output AQsm
AI1 Freely namable analogue input  
AI2 Freely namable analogue input  
R Reset

Reset block, All outputs set to initial state.
- Operation mode - automatic
- Temperature control - fully automatic
- Jets off e.g. 0
- Active cycle will be stopped
- Valve moved to filtration position
- Pump: off
- Drain valve: closed

Dis Disable Disables all inputs (child lock).


Dv Delay Duration Delay duration of the valve in seconds


Qh Heating Output Output for heating demand
Qc Cooling Output Output for cooling demand
AQm Mode status

Current operating mode:

0 = Not in use
1 = Automatic
2 = Service
AQtc Current temperature control mode

Current temperature control mode:

0 = Aus
1 = Fully automatic heating or cooling using the set point (economy taken into account)
2 = Automatic heating using set point (economy taken into account)
3 = Automatic cooling using set point (economy taken into account)
4 = Manual heating (heating permanently on)
5 = Manual cooling (cooling is permanently on)
Qcta Start cycle by temperature control The current cycle was started due to the temperature control
AQt Current target temperature Analogue output providing value of current target temperature
AQwl Current water temperature Analogue output providing value of current water temperature
Qco Open pool Cover Digital output to open pool cover. Is on as long as button is pressed in the user interface
Qcc Close pool cover Digital output to close pool cover. Is on as long as button is pressed in the user interface
AQsm Jets output Is analogue or digital depending on connection