Motion Sensor Tree

Instructions for commisioning the motion sensor tree
Loxone Musterkoffer

Technical Data

    • Power supply: 24V DC
    • Power consumption: 115mW ~
    • Protection: IP20
    • Motion sensor
    • Brightness Sensor (0.045 to 188,000 lux)
    • Immediate transmission of brightness value with a change of at least 5%. Brightness value sent every 15 mins if change of +/- 2Lux
    • A status LED (two colors)
    • Detection range: 360 °
    • Viewing angle: 110 °
    • Coverage: 8m at an installation height of 3 m
    • Operating temperature: 0 ... 55 ° C
    • Cable diameter 0.25-0.8 mm²
    • Stripped cable length: 5mm


To commision the motion sensor tree, connect the power supply (Orange / White terminal) and the Tree Bus (green / white terminal) of the motion sensor tree.
The Led on the motion sensor will now flash orange. If the LED does not flash orange ensure the wiring is correct.
To learn the motion senor in to the miniserver first click on the Tree extension in the periphary then click "tree device search".


In the search window, all connected tree devices are listed.

Now select the device, enter a description and press the "Create Device" button.
The device will now be listed in the periphary tree.
The following objects are available for programming:
  • Analog input light sensor: current brightness in lux
  • Digital input presence sensor: Input is active when presence is detected
Further inputs can be activated in the properties of the device for diagnostics. 
The sensitivity can be adjusted in the properties of the device. 
If brightness changes abpruptly (eg by turning on the light) by more than 5%, the value is updated immediately otherwise the brightness value is sent cyclically every 15 minutes.

Replace Device

Replacing a device is easy via the Tree search window.
  • Install the new device and connect power
  • Select the device in the Tree search window then click on the drop-down menu to find the device you wish to replace.
  • Finally select “replace device” button and the new device will be added in its place.
Be sure to save in the miniserver to commit these changes.