Temperature and Humidity Sensor Air Setup

How to setup your Temperature and Humidity Sensor Air

Loxone Musterkoffer

Techncal Data

  • Power supply: 3V using 2 x AAA battery
  • Measures temperature and humidity
  • Loxone Air network
  • Frequency:   868MHz (SRD band Europe), 915 MHz (ISM band region 2)
  • Temperature measuring range:   -20 ... + 70 ° C
  • Temperature tolerance: +/- 0.3 ° C  
  • Humidity measurement range: 0 - 100%
  • Humidity tolerance: +/- 2% RH
  • Ambient temperature:   -20 ... + 70 ° C
  • Dimensions: 21 x 21 x 27mm
  • Protection: IP20



Range optimization and mesh functionality will be available with the next update. (Currently, the Temperature and Humidity Sensor Air is only able to connect directly to an Air Base or Miniserver Go)


In order for the Temperature and Humidity Sensor Air to be learned by the Miniserver, it must first be set to learning mode.

First Time:

When the battery is inserted for the first time, the device immediately goes into Learning mode for 10 minutes.  The Learning mode ends when:

  • the Temperature and Humidity Sensor Air has been successfully connected to the Miniserver
  • 10 minutes have expired


To Relearn:

Press the Learn button while the battery is inserted for at least 5 seconds, the sensor is now in Leaning mode.  

The Learn button is located inside the device next to one of the batteries, so the outer cover must be removed to access.

Once the unit is in Learn mode, the status LEDs will flash alternating between red-green-yellow.
Now we need to turn on the Air monitor. Click on the Air Base Extension and then select the checkbox "Air Monitor".
Next, press the "Start Search" button in the Air monitor. All Air devices that are in Learn mode will be displayed.

Now select the device, enter a description and press the "Create Device" button.


The Device will be located in the Periphery tree.

The following objects are available:

  • Online status of the sensor
  • 1 Analog input: Battery power as a percentage from 0% - 100%
  • Low battery alarm: If the battery charge level falls below 15%, this input will turn on
  • 2 digital inputs (Caution: source is 3V)
  • 1 analog input humidity
  • 1 analog input temperature

In the transmission properties, the transmission cycle can be set, it is set to 30 minutes by default.  Note that that more frequent updates are sent the higher the device's power consumption and lower the battery life.

replace device

If a device has been replaced, you need to update the serial number. You can easily do that in the Air Monitor in Loxone Config.

  • mount the new device and activate the power supply or insert the battery
  • search for air devices in learn-mode (as shown in the "getting started" section)
  • highlight the new device and choose the device you would like to replace in the drop-down menu

Finally press "Replace Device" and save your program in the Miniserver. The device has now been replaced.


Air devices will automatically update in the background and do not affect the functionality of the device. If the update is interrupted, it will automatically restart.

The update may take up to an hour.

The version of the devices can be checked on the Device status. If the field showing the firmware level of the device is highlighted in green, the device is using the current firmware.