RGBW 24V Dimmer DMX Setup

Instructions to help you get your RGBW 24V Dimmer DMX installed and configured.

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The RGBW Dimmer DMX is a direct replacement for the PWM Dimmer. It is designed to be placed in the central location with all the other Loxone equipment as the dimmer is designed to fit on DIN rails. This dimmer has 4 channels so RGBW LED tape can now be easily dimmed. This page will show you how to wire up the dimmer and also how to add it in to Loxone Config.

Technical Data

  • Power requirements: 24VDC
  • Rating per channel: 50W (equivalent to 2.1A)
  • Outputs can be bridged
  • Power consumption: < 150mW
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 55°C
  • Max. cable length from dimmer to LED strip: 30m

LED States

The Status LEDs flash orange at first. After the Dimmer has been learnt the LEDs blink green to confirm this was successful and then both the LEDs are off permanently.


The diagram below shows how you wire up the RGBW Dimmer DMX. It is the same DMX bus topology as with the PWM Dimmers, but now the dimmers are all in the same location as the DMX Extension so you don't have to run the DMX bus round the whole installation.

You can of course have multiple locations for the RGBW Dimmer DMX's, the maximum length of the bus is 500m. The maximum distance from the dimmer and the tape is 30m. 

Setup in Loxone Config

Once you have wired up the RGBW Dimmer's to the DMX Extension then you can now set them up in Loxone Config so you can control your LED strips from the app or webinterface. Follow these steps to find out how:

Step 1: DMX Search

Now all your dimmers are connected you can search for them using the DMX Extension. Click on the DMX Extension in the periphery tree and then in the Context menu in the top bar click on DMX Extension Search.

Step 2: Add the RGBW Dimmer

You will see all the RGBW Dimmer's listed in the DMX search window now. To add one to the program click on the respective dimmer, enter a name, select the type and then click Create device.

The type can either be DMX RGBW actuator (for controlling RGBW LED strip) or DMX 4 actuators (you can control 4 outputs separately for example 4 single colour white strips).

Step 3: Save in Miniserver

Now save the program in the Miniserver and you will see when you do the DMX Extension search again that the channel has now been learnt in.

Step 4: Use the outputs

The dimmer is now listed in the periphery tree window so you can drag and drop the outputs into pages to use in your program.