Configure your CasaTunes Music Server to allow control from the Miniserver

Configure and set up easily with Loxone Config

Setup of a CasaTunes Music Server

You can remotely run CasaSetup on any computer that is connected to the LAN. For Windows the addresses to enter into your browser are:

For a Mac the addresses are:

To directly connect to CasaSetup from the Music System itself the address is:

General Information

If you log on to the actual Loxone Music Server using a screen and keyboard the username is "Loxone" (no password) and the computer name is "MusicServer". We recommend that these are not changed, as home networks are usually protected by the router and the Music Server is not a big security risk. Nevertheless, should a new username be used the following points should be noted:

  • If you change the username or password the computer may reboot specifying the new login information is required.
  • If the user name for logging on to the server is changed, this must be taken into account in the path statement. For example, the user name of "userold" changed to "usernew", so the directory C:\Users\userold\Music\CasaTunes must be changed to C:\Users\usernew\Music\CasaTunes.

Wiring Information

  • Cable cross-section between a speakerand the music server: up to 20m should be 1.5 mm², from 20 to 50m should be 2.5mm². If the cable length is more than 50m, the cross-section rule must be adapted accordingly. You can use any standard speaker wire.
  • Speaker installation boxes for cast concrete ceilings should have a volume of 7-10l as well as suitable options for mounting the speaker. We are looking to provide installation boxes that suit our speakers via our webshop soon.

Third party control

Once in CasaSetup you need to change the Third party Control settings to allow the Miniserver to control the Music Server.

Tick the box next to 'Enable third party control of CasaTunes' under the Settings. Then in Control Type select 'Enable third party control using TCP/IP (telnet) communication'.

The TCP/IP port should remain as 23.

CasaTunes Setup Options: Zones

In CasaSetup you can rename all of your rooms as well as setup room groups so that for example the kitchen and living room could be set up as an 'Evening entertainment' group and the volume can be set for that room group and you can play a source to that room group.

You can also have Airplay "zones" which mean you can play music through a Macbook computer. 

CasaTunes Setup Options: Music Serves

Loxone Music Servers can store music locally or play from Internet music services. Adding music locally can either be done using the disc drive on the server, or you can use CasaTunes Sync to put music from iTunes on to the server. CasaTunes Sync for Mac allows you to either sync the whole library or certain playlists. When CasaTunes Sync asks for details enter the IP of the server. 
Username: casauser 
Password: Leave blank

In CasaSetup you can provide the login details for various music services such as Spotify and Grooveshark. 
Remember to save any changes made before exiting CasaSetup.

Using CasaTunes in Loxone Config

On Virtual I/O under the Context tab you will be able to select the CasaTunes virtual output connector from predefined devices in the drop down list and use it to configure your personal multi room music experience.

Ensure that you have entered the IP address of your Loxone Music Server in the properties of the virtual output connector.

Setup a Playlist in CasaTunes

Since the name of the playlist is saved in the CasaTunes control command, there are a few things to watch out for when setting up playlists for your multi room music system with Casatunes:

First, save the playlist using the Casatunes Webinterface, this can be accessed by the same links as for CasaSetup but replacing with CasaTunes in the link instead, for example on a Windows computer:


!PLAYMUSIC,ZON1,NAM"Playlist1"\r\x04 will play the playlist Playlist1 immediately in Zone 1
!PLAYMUSIC,ZON1,NAM"Playlist1",ADD\r\x04 will add the playlist Playlist1 to the queue of Zone 1

Adjust the command depending on which zone of your multi room music system you want the playlist to be played in. For example, to play the playlist Jazz in Zone 4 the command would be:


These commands are entered as additional virtual commands to the CasaTunes virtual output connector:

Setup Radio Station in CasaTunes

In order to be able to use the Miniserver to choose a radio station, you must first save the radio station as a playlist using the CasaTunes web interface:


!PLAYMUSIC,ZON1,NAM"Radio FM4"\r\x04 will play the radio station saved as playlist Radio FM4 immdediately
!PLAYMUSIC,ZON1,NAM"Radio FM4",ADD\r\x04 will add the radio station saved as playlist Radio FM4 to the queue.

Adjust the command depending on which zone of your multi room music system in which you want the playlist to be played. For example to play the radio station OE3 in zone 2 the command would be:


These commands are entered as additional virtual commands to the CasaTunes virtual output connector.

Music Server Wiring Diagram

CasaTunes Wiring Diagram