Loxone for Educational Institutions

With Loxone you can give school, college and university students a powerful and captivating tool to learn about intelligent control in practice.

Our Offer for Educational Institutions

Get started for free: Download & you're ready to go!

You can download Loxone Config (our configuration software) and our apps, for free on our website. The Config contains a fully functional simulation mode so you can test out and experiment with your configuration without the need for any hardware.

Example files and training videos freely available online
With Loxone you can get all the information you need online: we've got example configurations, videos and much more available, totally free, online. Your students can make use of this when they're learning to use Loxone.
Our sample files and training materials>>

Support directly from the manufacturer
Our technical support team are there to help you with any questions that arise about our software or products. They are also available to help plan any lesson using Loxone. 

A fascinating solution to teach

The Miniserver is a powerful tool which fascinates both students and teachers alike. It's a great way of getting people excited about learning.

Our system allows easy entry into the world of smart homes - it's a simple way to control lighting, heating, alarm systems, access, home cinemas, curtains & blinds and more...

You don't need to commit to buy our products for your courses, either. We're happy to give you 60 days' use for free. Then if you want to purchase it (which you no doubt will!) you can minus 45% of the list price.

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Our Offer for Kitting Out Labs & Classrooms

We love it when people decide to kit out classroom and labs with Loxone! If you set up 5 or more seats in a lab or classroom, then you can take advantage of:

Exciting hardware at a discounted price

Get immersed in the world of Home Automation via the Miniserver and find out how to take control of everything in a modern home.

Test our Loxone Demo Case for 60 days to review Loxone and how it all works. After this fee-free evaluation period you can keep the Demo Case with a healthy 45% discount off the list price.

When you equip your lab for five workstations or more and where formal education is offered, we provide - under certain conditions - Loxone equipment at a whopping 90% discount from our list price and even offer a free training session for your instructors.

Free training from our top trainers

All educators who teach Loxone are required to undergo training themselves from one or more of our expert Home Automation experts.

You and your team will get three days of training from our top trainers for free, so that you are perfectly prepared to pass the knowledge on.

If you can't guarantee at least five students, don't worry - we offer a massive 45% discount from the normal dedicated training price.

Personal Support

To answer any questions you may have concerning the implementation of the programme or any technical queries, a personal contact from Loxone will be provided for you. Your contact will be on hand to pitch in and help you out whenever you need it. 


  • We'll provide you with free promotional material (Pocket Guides, stickers, pens, pads, roll-up banners, etc.), so long as you're committed to making these materials visible in your classroom.

  • We can provide all teachers and students with our special Loxone-branded polo shirts.

  • We'll feature your school, including contact data, on our website with a blog about you.

  • The blog post will be promoted on our social media channels to thousands of fans/followers.

  • You'll be listed as a 'certified educational institution' on our website.


Our offer is fully applicable to all educational institutions that meet the following requirements:

The educational institution has to have a formal education and course program and be clearly recognisable as such. Training is the focus of the company/organization and our program must be officially in the curriculum.

All items supplied by us are guaranteed for at least 3 years but must be exclusively used for educational purposes only.

The above conditions for hardware and training are only valid for the provision of at least 5 laboratory/classroom workstations and may be granted by our employees only after a thorough examination and approval. With the provision of less than 5 laboratory work stations, we will sell you our products at a 45% discount.

A permanent Loxone Rollup Banner must be on display in the educational institution.
Inclusion of a link to Loxone on the school webpage
Institution makes viewing of lab space available upon request  to other educational institutions
Provide for free advertisements in the student newspaper and/or provide for Loxone job ads on the school bulletin board

You can only consider yourself approved when such an announcement has been made from Loxone itself. This approval will be based on you meeting these conditions herein.

(Please note: This scheme is not available for electricians/partners that provide internal training courses for their own staff/employees)

Loxone Certificated Education Centre

Berufsschule Linz 5

An Example...

In the vocational college 'Link Elektro Technik in Austria, there's a 10-place Loxone course offering an introduction to selling, configuting and using our Home Automation system. Students learn how to use our Miniserver, products, apps and free configuration software and really gear up for a career in the exciting world of Smart Homes!

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