Smart Home Cost Comparison

Love the idea of automation, but been put off by the costs? Why not explore the options and levels for automating your smart home with Loxone, you may well be surprised by just how affordable it can be!

Cost efficient

Comparing the Costs

The costs given below are intended as a guide only, they will vary depending on the exact installation and your specifications. They don't include labour costs, or additional components such as motorised blinds. To see exactly which automation components you're getting for your money, check out our automation projection for a "typical" three bedroom UK home on the Smart Home UK page, to see how you can automate the basics on a budget.

Level 1



From £1080

Level 2



From £1870

Level 3



From £2305


We think a smart home should be affordable and accessible. Glossy photos of automated homes with infinity pools and triple garages are very impressive, but they're just not the reality for most UK renters and homeowners. With this in mind, we've created a series of 'packages', designed to give you an idea of the level of automation you can achieve in a typical three bedroom home. 

Smart Home Floorplan


That's OK! You don't need to have mapped out your exact specifications, this page is designed to give you an idea of what you could have. Every smart home is unique, and the great thing about Loxone is that you can start with the basics, and build upon it as and when you like.

Flexible Automation

Whether you opt to automate just your lighting and heating, or you're keen on whole house automation, a Miniserver based smart home can be tailored to your needs. With a Loxone smart home, you're in control since you decide which aspects of a smart home would suit you, rather like 'pick n mix'. You start with a Miniserver, and add extensions as and when you need them.

Want to control your home using your Apple and Android devices, such as your smartphone or tablet? It's easy with Loxone. Just download our free app and start enjoying remote control of your home. Make changes easily, or set up central functions such as 'Good night', Holiday, Alarm, 'Hibernate' and Energy Saving mode. 

Do you ever worry if you've left a window open or a door unlocked when you leave for work? A smart home means peace of mind, and no more U-turns:

Automatic alert via telephone or email if a door or window is left open at night in winter or if you go on holiday, or if humidity goes above a certain level.

Love movie nights?

Multimedia can be fully integrated - e.g. a home cinema button which turns on all the devices you need, dims the lights and starts the film. You could even start your popcorn maker, with a little help from the Smart Socket Air.

Want more ideas? Check out our real life smart home projects here


Save money and stop wasting energy. Smart heating? It means right place, right time- heating the rooms or areas of your home to just the right temperature at the right time. 

[SMART] Individual room control - intelligent control of heating circuits. Temperature sensors in each room. Precision temperature control with intelligent heating times.

[GENIUS] Integrated underfloor heating- never step onto a cold bathroom floor again. Feeling too warm? The Miniserver is alerted as soon as you open the window and lowers the temperature of the room accordingly.

[EINSTEIN] Control of the heating's flow temperature - dependent on the weather forecast. Each room a has self-learning controller which takes sunlight and shade into account.


[SMART] All the lighting scenes you want. 'Room off' and 'house off' functions.

[GENIUS] Indirect lighting with coloured LEDs. Coloured fading, dimming etc. controlled with lighting scenes.

[EINSTEIN] Combine your lighting with a home cinema system, change colour scenes within your pool...your imagination is the limit!

Switches & Sensors

In order to get the most smart home for your money, it makes sense to consider switches and sensors. As part of the Loxone Standard, we recommend including the following components in every room: a switch, a presence detector, a temperature sensor and door and window contacts. 

[SMART] Adhering to the Loxone Standard, a standard switch in each room, acommpanied by a presence sensor mounted on the cieling, a temperature sensor, and contacts on all external doors.

[GENIUS] Consider mounting your iPad on the wall to act as a user interface for monitoring and controlling your house.  Every window, door and gate could be monitored with contact switches to give you greater visibility over what's going on at home, even when you're not there. 

[EINSTEIN] To increase the functionality of your smart home, you could consider integrating wind and rain sensors with motorised windows, to ensure that your home stays nice and dry when there's a downpour or a storm approaching. A brightness sensor can communicate with the Miniserver to close blinds and curtains when it's dark and automatically illuminate your pathway to the front door. Worried about burst pipes and water damage? A water sensor can alert you immediately in the event of a leak.

In our webshop, you'll find sensors to monitor energy and water consumption, CO2 levels, humidity levels and more.


Access & Security

[SMART] Door & window contacts on all external doors and easily accessible windows. You can check if you've left a door or window open with a quick swipe of the Loxone app.

[GENIUS] Access with electronic keys, or iButtons. Control who has access to your home, and at what times. Don't want the kids raiding the snack cupboard before supper or accessing the TV room before they've done their homework? Control their access via iButton. Set up an electronic key reader in the hallway (electronic key fobs will mean no more lost car keys), and integrate with linked functions such as the hall light coming on along with your favourite music as soon as you arrive home.

[EINSTEIN] Fully integrated intercom with camera. Answer the door even when you're not at home, accept deliveries from Amazon and more. Fully integrated alarm system using motion sensors and door contact switches as detectors. Receive a call if the alarm is triggered, lights flash, blinds open.

Audio & Multimedia

Multi Room Audio is a very popular choice, and is easy to integrate with your Loxone system.

The options for multimedia range can suit a variety of needs and budgets:

Power to the music system can be automatically cut at night. The system can be integrated with the TV for the "Multimedia" scene.

Music in each room can be provided by a multiroom audio system, courtesy of the Loxone Music ServerMusic can be controlled by normal switches on the wall (on/off, play/pause, change radio station) as well as through the app.

Your favourite music or radio station can be triggered by presence detectors - for example, in the morning the news is turned on in the bathroom when you walk in for your shower. Heading to the kitchen to make a cup of tea? As you enter the kitchen, you can either continue listening to the news or set your favourite music to come the same time as the kettle starts boiling. Who says you're not a 'morning person'...?!

Shading & Privacy

[SMART] Motorised blinds and curtains, controlled from the comfort of your sofa or bed via switch or app. 

[GENIUS] Intelligent shading with however many groups you like, controlled depending on the temperature and sun. Additional features include: Automatic privacy setting in the evening, a 'Good Morning' function to open all the blinds and a night insulation function which closes all blinds at night in winter.

[EINSTEIN] Going away on holiday? Worried about being burgled? The Miniserver can mimic your habits from the previous week, ensuring that lights are switched on and off and blinds are opened and closed at the same time as normal, giving the impression that someone's home. Integration with your access system means that you can let in the neighbour to feed the cat or water the plants, and keep an eye on things from afar.