Online Services

Our Online Services allow you to integrate your Miniserver seamlessly into the online world so you can always know what's going on at home, even when you can't be there.

Cloud Services


Caller Service

Weather Service

With the Caller Service you can have your smart home contact you... How? Well, as the name suggests - by telephone! You can receive alerts and warnings automatically about whatever you deem important just when you need them.

Alarm Function

If there's an emergency or break-in at home, you'll be the first to know. A call on your mobile will inform you as soon as something's not right.

Notification Feature

You can set up personalised alerts for your home. So if your basement is prone to flooding, you can receive instant notification at the first sign of water, for example.

Handy Reminders

Important tasks in and around the house will not be forgotten. For example, if the garage door is left open after dusk, you'll receive a notification to remind you.

With the Loxone Weather Service, you can receive precise weather data, including forecast data for your home. You can then set up your home to respond accordingly - for example, if you have Velux windows and the forecast is rain, your home will close them automatically for you.

Smart Blind Control

When the mercury rises, the Weather Service will keep your home cool by closing the blinds to keep out the sun.

Garden Irrigation

Wave goodbye to a brown lawn. If there's a hot, dry spell on the horizon, your watering system will kick into action to keep your garden green.

Storm Protection

Stormy skies ahead? Your home's already on it, moving your shutters and awnings into the safety position to prevent damage from high winds.

Enjoy A Free Trial For 30 Days

Try out our online services for 30 days free and enjoy the benefits of instant notificaations. Head over to, enter the code/s below and take advtange of our online services at zero cost!

Weather Service: W00LOXONE

Caller Service: C00LOXONE

P.S: The trial period expires automatically after 30 days!

Loxone Cloud Services

Free Services

DNS Service

We offer our very own DNS service, which allows you to log into your Smart Home setup quickly and easily from anywhere.

Mailer Service

With the Mailer service, your Loxone Miniserver can even send you emails. The mailer can be set up in just a few easy steps and be ready to notify you of anything you tell it to! 

Push Notifications

Set up a range of push notifications for your iPhone, iPad or Android device. For example: Notification in case of alarm (burglary, fire, burst water pipe,...), notification when someone rings the doorbell, safety alerts when doors and windows are left open, and much more.

DNS Service and Mailer Service are both free to use! Click on the Partner to find out more!

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