Loxone Config 5

Try the next generation of Loxone Config today. With version 5, you can expect a whole host of new features and improvements. Download your free version now!

The Highlights

Some of the main highlights and improvements of this new version include (a full list of changes and new features and a changelog can be found on the Beta Channel): 

Support for Loxone Air

We released our wireless range Loxone Air in early 2014. It's perfect for retrofitters who can now totally control their house wirelessly with Loxone Air. Config 5 fully supports all Air products, making wireless control almost effortless!

Support for ModBus

With v.5 the Miniserver can communicate with Modbus devices such as electricity/power meters and transmitters.

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New Function Block: Media Client

The new Media client function block is perfect for use with our Music Server, making integrating multiroom audio in the Smart Home easier than ever before.


New Function Block: Media Controller

The Media Controller allows you to control all sorts of multimedia devices using your Miniserver. The user interface is a neat little visual 'remote control' too.

New Function Block: Fronius

The new Fronius function block facilitates the communication of data from a Fronius inverter using the Ethernet interface.


New Function Block: Central

Central functions can be easily set up with this new function object, allowing you to be able to group functions of other blocks, such as the lighting and blind controllers

New Function Block: App

This handly little block is used for switching between the Loxone App and all sorts of other apps on your device. It can not only open apps but also playlists, songs or saved maps.

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New Function Block: Moving Average

Simply average analogue values over time with this block (such as temperature)! 

New Feature: Device Status

The all-new Device Status feature allows for display of the current status of Miniserver, any connected extensions and devices specific to those extensions.

New: Cloud DNS

Our new Cloud Services DNS service gives you the opportunity to access your system remotely from anywhere in the world with a nice - easy to remember - URL.

New: Cloud Mailer

Have your Miniserver automatically send you emails - after whatever triggers you decide - nice and easily with this new feature.

Up to 60% better performance from your Miniserver

Depending on the system you're using, using the Loxone Config 5 can help you get an improved performance of anywhere up to 60% from your Miniserver. Pretty impressive, we think you'll agree!

New Templates

From AV receivers to Modbus energy meters, RS485s/RS232s to virtual outputs like amplifiers and projectors, we've added lots of new templates...