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Loxone Config Autumn '12 Version 4.0

  • New: Function block for converting decimal to binary
  • New: Webpage function block has been added to allow you to display other webpages in a window inside the apps
  • New: reworked and multi lingual help files and tool tips
  • New: Presence simulation
  • New: Communication interface to Fidelio (hotel room booking software)
  • Improvement: Dedicated user interface elements for the intelligent room controller
  • Improvement: Sending EIB messages in a cyclic manner
  • Improvement: Added option automatic acknowledge replies to serial protocols
  • Improvement: Added extra control inputs to the intelligent room controller to allow the integration of PIRs to keep a room heated for longer and also a single input to switch to the economy temperature.
  • Improvement: Added extra outputs on the energy counter function block to provide averages and cumulative readings
  • Fix: Removed possibility of inaccurate slat positioning on blinds during shading
  • Fix: Erroneous command recognition on the when learning in IR commands
  • Fix: Added periodic synchronisation with real-time-clock to prevent clock drift on installations without internet access
  • Fix: Removed incorrect messages in web interface when a communication error occurs
  • Several other minor improvements and bug fixes