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Configuration software (02.2011)

  • Visualization - WebSocket client
  • Visualization - ability to display status of outputs
  • New Object - Heating curve for external temperature dependence
  • New Object - Room controller for single room control with analog and digital control valves
  • New Object - Heating mixer to control one-way and three-way mixers mixers (control of flow temperature)
  • New Object - Sauna controller
  • New Object - Light control with 12 light circuits and scenes, including a learning function
  • New Object - RGB light scene (color light scenes)
  • New Object - Scene (for simple light scenes)
  • WebSocket (status updates in real-time visualization)
  • Improvements in communication with KNX systems
  • New peripheral - Loxone Dimmer
  • Support for Logitech Squeezebox
  • Extension of the clock in analog mode
  • Improved error description when formatting SD cards
  • Fixed a bug when creating logs
  • Resolved compatibility issues with Windows XP
  • Usability improvements
  • New language - Russian (not yet complete)
  • Extension and corrections to Help
  • English translation of Help
  • Czech translation of Help
  • And many more improvements to the stability