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Configuration software (09.2010)

  • Feature: language selection in the configuration software (preview)
  • Feature: new, improved setup (multilingual)
  • Feature: improved user interface
  • Feature: support for Sonos® and CasaTunes®
  • Feature: EIB objects extended
  • Feature: KNX® NET/IP NAT support
  • Feature: symbol management for room and category
  • Feature: mulitple allocation of room and category when marking several inputs and outputs
  • Feature: automatic allocation of room and category for one side's inputs can be set
  • Feature: light scene support (preview)
  • Feature: analogue multiple click
  • Feature: EIB button/switch
  • Feature: mulitple click extended by an analogue output
  • Feature: caller service for making calls via Miniserver (preview)
  • Feature: multiple assignments for inputs are now accepted, the latest change on the input will be taken on at the output
  • Feature: graphic status display of analogue inputs and outputs in simulation and LiveView
  • Feature: click duration adjustable in multiple click

  • Bugfix: update of properties window when changing document
  • Bugfix: connections get lost when copying programme parts from one side to another
  • Bugfix: validating virtual slider
  • Bugfix: correction of several minor bugs
  • Other: localisation in English
  • Other: localisation in Czech
  • Other: localisation in Dutch
  • Other: new style: Windows 7