Known Issues Version 6.0

Here you can find the known errors that affect this archived software version.

Known issues

Loxone Config 6.0

Important: Update of version 4.2 and lower

Due to a size limitation in these versions, an update from 4.2 to 6.0 is only possible by first upgrading to version 5.1 or 5.0.

Known issues fixed in version

Lighting controller function of DisM and Mv: When DisM is active and the MT parameter = 0, a falling edge on Mv would turn off the lighting controller outputs regardless of whether a scene was selected or the scene was triggered by a motion sensor.

Known issues still in version

  • Intelligent room controller behavior in active service mode (input As): If the service mode 1 is activated, the heating and cooling outputs can be active if the actual temperature AI deviates from the set temperature (T or by schedule).
  • Miniserver freezes during the boot process: In very rare cases the Miniserver doesn not start and both LEDs go orange. Solution until fixed: Format the SD card. 
  • Custom outputs on the user interface: Outputs don't display custom text or symbols on the user interface. 
  • Door controller: If multiple door controller function blocks are used one UDP command from the Loxone Intercom will switch all the block outputs. 
  • Loxone Config crashes: In some cases crashes can occur if pages are copied multiple times, and virtual inputs/outputs are deleted.
  • Adding memory flags from periphery: The program will always jump to the place where the memory flag is created. Solution until fixed: Create the memory flag where you wish to have the input reference, then move the memory flag.
  • Lighting controller Dis input: If Dis is active it stops Mv working (this should be DisM function).
  • Search function with all versions of apps: Doesn't reliably find all the Miniservers on the network. The connection works if you enter the IP address manually. Solution until fixed: Restart the app to find the Miniserver.
  • Error "Passwords not identical" if no password entered: If a single user has no password defined this error will popup. The fix is to make sure that all users have a password entered even a "dummy" password.
  • UDP ports close after a "Save to Miniserver": This error occurs if virtual UDP outputs exist on ports that do not have a virtual UDP input, and this is saved in the Miniserver. After a reboot all UDP ports function again. This bug also affects Gateway and Client communication.