Known Issues Version 5

Here you can find the known errors that affect this archived software version.

Known issues

Loxone Config 5

  • Electricity meter: Setting an offset can lead to statistics display problems (scaling) in the user interface.
  • Statistics with missing values ​​in rare cases can cause display problems (scaling) in the user interface.
  • Sauna controller: The water input does not switch off the evaporator.
  • 0003865: Miniserver as an EIB gateway: Not all components can be programmed.
  • 0005361: Miniserver as an EIB gateway: Problems with the ETS programming can occur if line amplifiers are used.
  • Safari browser: It is not possible to enter a username or password in the webinterface.
  • 0005984: Mailing statistics is not possible with a Loxone Cloud Mailer.
  • 0006281: Category and room can be set to "Do not use" after an update on the Intelligent room controller, Timer/Scheduler and memory flags.
  • 0006286: Access controller - After an update user group assignments can partially disappear.
  • 0006277: The threshold switch has different funtionality to previous versions.
  • 0005702: Remenance can only be activated with a constant of value 1 or by negating the parameter. Using a constant that the value is "On" does not work.
  • 0006295: The default value with Push-button (double) +/- does not work.
  • 0006386: Negation of a switch-on and -off delay does not work. Using a NOT block is the temporary workaround.
  • 0006363 & 0006243: The countdown timer of the Intelligent room controller is not displayed correctly in the webinterface.
  • 0006401: Using the button in the user interface for the Dimmer and EIB Dimmer will only choose 100% and not other previously set values like physical switches will when connected to the input.
  • 0006438: The Dis input on the sauna controller and sauna controller with evaporator has no function.
  • 0006450: EIB dimmer increment is always 1 even if more than that is set in the user interface.
  • 0006484: Changing modes on the sauna with evaporator does not work properly.
  • 0006502: The Burglar alarm block will only send text when entered in the "Message when OFF" field in the Logging/Mail/Call/Tracking section of the properties.
  • 0006491: Statistics of the analog input (used as digital) is not shown correctly in the user interface.
  • 0006548: EIB sensors lose correction values ​​after update.
  • 0006588: Choosing between "Heating only" or "Cooling only" in the Intelligent room controller properties has no effect on the user interface.
  • 0005985: System messages mailer only sends an email every hour.
  • 0006270: Miniserver does not accept an IP address assigned by DHCP.