Known Issues Version 5.1

Here you can find the known errors that affect this archived software version.

Known issues

Loxone Config 5.1

  • 0005361: Miniserver as an EIB gateway. Problems with the ETS programming can occur if line amplifiers are used.
  • 0005984: Mailing statistics is not possible with a Loxone Cloud Mailer. This feature is under development and will soon be available as a Beta version.
  • 0006491: Statistics of digital inputs are not shown correctly in the user interface. Due to the limitation of one value recorded per minute with statistics on digital inputs the data of short pulses occuring more frequently than once per minute is not displayed. The behaviour will be changed in our Betas so that short pulses show in the statistics.
  • 0006695: Incorrect dimming of red when using several DMX actuators on a DMX Extension. When multiple DMX actuators are used (RGB or RGBW actuators only) the fading of red does not work properly. Temporary solution until a Beta fix: Use a channel spacing of 10 between the actuators, e.g. RGBW Dimmer 1: Channel 1, RGBW Dimmer 2: Channel 11. 
  • 0006716: Remanence on the Sequencer block does not work. The Sequencer block will always have the default value (D parameter) on reboot of the Miniserver.
  • 0006720: Assigned room or category icons will be lost if the icon is deleted. This is only relevant if you use custom room or category icons.
  • 0006730: Remanence on the Lighting controller does not work in rare cases. Very occasionally the last state before a reboot is not saved and the Lighting controller will load a previously saved state.
  • 0006636/6829: Loss of statistics when the month changes. This error only occurs when you have more than 959 files in the statistics folder on the SD card. You can use a FTP client to back up the statistics on your computer.
  • 0006860: No picture from the Door Intercom in the web interface when using Internet Explorer. This only affects customers who use Internet Explorer 6 or higher with the web interface. The error is caused by the behavior of Internet Explorer and can not be solved by us. Solution: Use a different browser, such as Chrome or Firefox. Link to error description by Microsoft: ? scid = kb; [LN]; 834489
  • 0007012: Simultaneous use of Caller Services and Loxone Cloud Mailer. This only applies if you are sending an email with the Loxone Cloud Mailer and making a call at the same time from your Miniserver. The email can sometimes not be sent and sometimes the call will not go through. Solution: Add a delayed pulse so that the email will be sent later.
  • 0007266: Caller callback function problems in conjunction with the Loxone Cloud DNS. This applies only to customers with a subscription to the Caller Service and who use the Loxone Cloud DNS.
  • Through an amendment introduced in June by Microsoft the digital signature on our configuration software is no longer uniquely identified. This means there can be problems with connecting to the Miniserver because of mini anti-virus software that is installed by Microsoft. If you are effected by this problem please install this certificate to fix the error: