Loxone Smart Home App Changelog

Here you will find all the release notes for the new Loxone Smart Home App!


Minimum requirements

iPhone/iPad running iOS 9 or later, and Android devices running 4.4 (KitKat) or later. (Devices running earlier versions are compatible with Loxone Classic.) The Miniserver must be on version at least. You can find this on the downloads page.


The Loxone Smart Home app is in addition to the existing Loxone Classic apps available in the AppStore and will be separately installed on your device. Both apps can be used independently of each other to connect to your Miniserver.

Changelog for Loxone Smart Home App 7.1.3 (2016-11-15)


- QR/NFC: 116802019: fixed command encoding for remote requests with CloudDNS

Changelog for Loxone Smart Home App 7.1.2 (2016-11-15)


- News: 120251165: News will update correctly now
- NFC: 120889788: Native NFC commands are working again
- General: 120697838, 120442617: Symbols and Statistics will be downloaded on Android 4.4.2 to 5.1 again

Changelog for Loxone Smart Home App 7.1 (2016-11-08)


- EnergyMonitor: 105258592: Energy flow now also visualizes batteries.
- EnergyMonitor: 106424558: supporting more statistic outputs
- EnergyMonitor: 116169905: Navigating to the corresponding statistics when tapping on a node.
- AudioZone: 112431536: When selecting an item from a list, the remaining list will be played.
- AudioZone: 112629831: allow browsing the library while it's being scanned. Will reload the library after scanning ended.
- Notifications: 98350434: Notifications must be "marked as read" now, so you don't loose any notification by mistake
- Notifications: 100041176: Android Push Notification will be grouped by Miniserver in the Notification Center
- Notifications: 105410832: In-App Notifications will be removed if no longer relevant or if they got read on some device
- PushNotifications: 109837983, 75931604: Registering can be canceled (eg. if Miniserver has no internet)
- PushNotifications 98796205: support for Android Fire Devices added!
- AlarmClock: 74822656: We now display the exact date of the next alarm if the alarm is at least 6 days in the future
- NFC: 106425189: commands from NFC Tags will be sent native in the background without the need of opening the whole App
- LightController: 108445686: Supports "+" and "-" buttons in the cell to change the active scene
- UrlStart: 110699980: security enhanced, user will be asked if he really wants to execute this command
- Security: 110350596, 110350563: Android/iOS native HTTP commands (used for QuickActions,NFC,URL-Start,..) using encryption now
- Connection: 110350649 remote connection is now (partially) encrypted
- Visu General: 109462389: Password-Strength is visualized while changing it.
- Accessibility: 77066242: iOS supports different font sizes, depending on the system preferences


- General: 119112681: fixed iOS Keyboard bug (could happen after InputPopup)
- General: 119102800: Input Fields now correctly validates values again (decimal, step, min, max)
- 117971069: General: fixed connection if secured details can't be loaded or were invalid
- General: 97715926: scrolling bug fixed with modal views
- General: 116011726: Opening Links on Android devices works again.
- General: 115457647: fixed crash with sort-by-rating
- General: 105446408: The serial number change popup won't pop up infinitely often when changing the serial number of the Miniserver
- Daytimer: 117528391: TimeLine shows entries on a celebration day again.
- Daytimer: 117546995: Daytimer entries can be created via long-press again (only Android was affected).
- Daytimer: 116802237: Expanding the "start"-cell will trigger a scroll that ensures the "end"-cell is visible. Important for SD devices.
- Daytimer: 99774101: Reduced offset between timeline & buttons below it.
- Daytimer: Entries are still editable after a warning was shown (e.g. start > end).
- AudioZone: 116588950: Music Server search now allows for additional characters to be used (?!-&'. and others)
- AudioZone: 118441018: Lists are now reloaded after the connection was re-established.
- AudioZone: 117080396: Fixed encoding issue when saving spotify search results as favorites/zone-favorites
- AudioZone: 117098556: Don't show the results of a previous search after changing the search tag or keyword
- AudioZone: "Play Now" in search results works as expected now. Did only play the first item before.
- AudioZone: 80651462: assigning zone favorites directly from the search results
- ExpertMode: 111315221: fixed line breaks in descriptions
- ExpertMode: 118411013: is now working on Firefox again
- ExpertMode: fixed rare crashes when making changes via ExpertMode
- ExpertMode: 116558923: fixed reloading on FavScreen after a change (could lead to not be able to send secured/unsecured commands)
- ExpertMode: 115752019: fixed crash after removing a control from visu
- Intercom: 103469880: We now display a popup if the intercom requires a password, but no password is set
- Intercom: Now all cells do have a ripple
- Intercom: The SIP state cell is not scrollable anymore
- Fixed Intercom Audio/ Video authentication
- Notifications: 118620524: fixed read-count if notification will be tapped (eg. smoke alarm, alarm, ..)
- Notifications: 115937531: fixed crash with multiple notification handlers
- Notifications: 65065722: Notification Sounds use now the correct volume setting from native platform
- Autopilot: 112828660: Email entered as recipient is verified using a regex.
- Autopilot: 111402136: Popup informs that actions for controls with visu-password are not supported.
- AutoPilot: 117075461: Enabled using ":" in autopilot names again.
- Webinterface: 115109367: Fixed white screen when initially loaded Webinterface in SD mode and then switched to HD mode
- Webinterface: 110485130: It now is possible to login when private mode is enabled
- Statistics: 116168458: using left/right buttons jumps to next data point (was animated)
- Statistic: 117545349: "No Data" fixed
- 117531287: RoomMode: RoomMode alarmView will refresh after an alert alertView was shown
- QRCode: 118402373: fixed export to photo library (iOS only)
- Energy Monitor: 118051017: Production Only statistic buttons work as expected again.
- iPad SlideOver: 118059275: Fixed SlideOver layout in portrait mode
- 117931018: QRCode: fixed export on Safari
- Sauna: 117081741: Using Fahrenheit is supported while manually adopting a saunas temperature.
- Pool: 99774887: Added offline error screen
- SIP: 117080377: Fixed one way audio issue with some SIP connections due to default port change
- NFC: 116801912: fixed Background Activity freeze (for commands)
- SIP: 107508638: changed default outgoing SIP port from 5060 to 5062 (For for Gigaset Tablet)
- 116557111: fixed loading news on some older devices (CSP issue)
- AlarmClock: 116150045: Improved handling of invalid input.
- iPad Slideover: 116172792: Using SD UI in SlideOver again
- WeatherAdWidget: 115753265: WeatherAdWidget is translated now
- Connection: 115929884: fixed retries after a password change
- Connection: 109904102: CloudDNS warning won't be shown inappropriate
- Android: App boot screen size issue fixed.
- Layout: 114813758: fixed iOS Accessibility (bigger font) layout issues
- Favorites: 103878999: adjusted the message if manual favorites are activated, but no one are selected
- UserManagement: 113960688: fixed too much escaping from Miniserver