Loxone Smart Home App Changelog

Here you will find all the release notes for the new Loxone Smart Home App!


Minimum requirements

iPhone/iPad running iOS 9 or later, and Android devices running 4.4 (KitKat) or later. (Devices running earlier versions are compatible with Loxone Classic.) The Miniserver must be on version at least. You can find this on the downloads page.


The Loxone Smart Home app is in addition to the existing Loxone Classic apps available in the AppStore and will be separately installed on your device. Both apps can be used independently of each other to connect to your Miniserver.

Changelog for Loxone Smart Home App 7.0.4 (2016-10-04)

- Fixes issue with room controller notifications



Changelog for Loxone Smart Home App 7.0.3 (2016-09-27)

- Intercom: 110907358: An alert message will be shown if an Intercom is using default credentials
- Added better issue analysing feature for connection problems
- Visu General: Time-difference-warning will only be shown to admins who can then change the time-settings.
- AudioZone: 106249023: Equalizer now uses the right step width (0.2 is minimum)


Changelog for Loxone Smart Home App 7.0.2 (2016-09-05)

- Security: "insecure password" warning is now always visible.
- Security: 108283160: admin password is required to activate expert mode.
- iOS 10 compatibility fixes:
- Layout fixes for Daytimer, PoolControl, Intercom and Music Server Zone
- Keyboard: Fixed bug where the keyboard appeared over and over again
- SlideOver: The app will correctly resize itself when running in landscape SlideOver mode
- Intercom: The app won't crash when establishing an audio connection
- Android: Scrolling on WeatherScreen works again
- Android: Added missing Splashscreen


Changelog for Loxone Smart Home App 7.0.1 (2016-08-19)

Fixed minor issues


Changelog for Loxone Smart Home App 7.0 (2016-07-16)



- Expertmode (only available for Admin User Miniserver must be on version 8.0. at least)
- Autopilot Generator (only available for Admin User Miniserver must be on version 8.0. at least)
- Admin users can change passwords from other users
- permission for password change per user
- Car Charger: The intelligent mode won't be displayed if no input is connected to AIl in the config
- Menu: Restructured
- Menu: WeatherService now only shows up, if you subscribed to one.
- PoolControl: We now display tell the user when there is an error
- RoomMode: The StatusBar wont show up if navigating back to the RoomMode from the WeatherScreen
- Room Mode: 72920040: Close room/block selector on hardware navigate back keys
- Automatic Jalousie: We now show the slats position, when the jalousie is fully close.
- Automatic Jalousie integrated: retry button and help for slats adjustment
- AudioZone: Restart loading after Background is supported now.
- AudioZone: 10 Band Equalizer Support (requires Music Server Firmware 2016.05.31+)
-AudioZone: Full visu support for multiple music servers on one Miniserver.
-AudioZone: 91947923: Optimized communication. Direct communication only established when needed, heavily reduced communication effort.
- NFC/QR: passwords can be stored on NFC tag or on QR Code
- Notifications: 99778466: In-App and Push Notifications has seperate settings now

- Notifications: 99782389: Added Poolcontroller Notification settings



- AppGeneral: 98793498: Fixed issue with not detecting battery state correctly. This lead to not showing EcoMode
- AppGeneral: 98563753: iOS SlideOver now correctly resizes the App
- AppGeneral: 98561034: Welcome screen wont show up after the user update
- AppGeneral: 101149143: Added automatic localstorage cleaning if the local storage is full
- AppGeneral: 99654217: fixed header for Controls without room/cat
- AppGeneral: 99803698: switching between internal/external network fixed
- AppGeneral: 99628326: notification placeholder was invisible and prevented touch input on the bottom of the screen
- AppGeneral: 99392904: fixed height of titlebar when editing home screen
- AppGeneral: 98489806: Ad works again on iOS Android app is showing welcome screen and not a white screen on initial launch
- Autopilot: 96954715: added alarm clock
- Autopilot: 97732048: loading of autopilots improved
- Autopilot: caching problems fixed
- Autopilot: event selection for InfoOnlyAnalog fixed
- Autopilot: 98007087: minor UI adoptions
- Autopilot: 98008042,98008042 minor usability fixes
- ExpertMode: Statistic changes will be displayed correctly now
- ExpertMode: UI will be updated properly after changes were made
- Intelligent Room Control: Service Mode can now be changed directly after activating it.
- Intelligent Room Control: Temperature Mode List is also closed after picking a mode (to match pool 87342617).
- Intelligent Room Control: 90943601: We now display the current period in the operating mode dropdown
- Intelligent Room Control: 90957602: Changed text and icon when no period is active
- Intelligent Room Control: Improved alignment of IRC tileLine userInfo template
- Daytimer: 82250328: Statistic uses proper format to visualize a duration (did show am/pm)
- Daytimer: Changing between dayview and calendar view on HD works now (state of calendar wasn't updated)
- Daytimer: 94617349: Deleting entries on sd in list mode properly updates when changing between op modes. 
- Daytimer: 101075675: fixed height of calender view
- Daytimer: 99447647: Tick-Mark properly shown on SD devices when deleting entries in the list-view.
- Daytimer: 99447923: CalendarView properly navigates to current day on HD (header & body)
- Daytimer: 99775793: On HD-Devices not all modes could be scrolled to in the calendar view.
- Daytimer: 101392403: indicator updated correctly 
- LightController: 101000249: You now can long click on the gear button and the edit view will open
- LightControl: 97838157: Fixes issue when putting a lightcontrol with 1 switch output on the favorite tab.
- Pool: 94922658: Waterlevel is only shown if a sensor is attached.
- Pool: 87342617: Cycle-Mode screen is automatically closed after a mode was picked.
- Pool: 87453209: Cycle cell in settings will update if the user cancels the cycle
- Pool: 99774301: State of cover cell updates when switching from setting screen to control content again
- Pool: 99773988: Closing and opening animations of coverCell and cover are now synchronous
- Connection: 96688404, 91947923, 75972755: detect and respond to connection changes correctly
- Connection: 98522678: CloudDNS on iOS works again
- AudioZone: Fixed UI positioning issues in search screen
- AudioZone: Room Mode no longer activates while working in audio zone search screen.
- AudioZone: Room Mode shows currently active favorite (if there is one)
- AudioZone: Room Mode no longer activates while working in audio zone search screen.
- AudioZone: Room Mode shows currently active favorite (if there is one)
- AudioZone: 100225136: UPNP Zones can't be grouped anymore.
- AudioZone: 95313583 Fixed issue with audioZone not starting again after being in background (apps only)
- AudioZone: fixed volume sliders for grouped zones (may have been wrong when using Multi-MusicServer)
- AudioZone: 100225136: Zone Grouping screen shows states of zones properly (is music playing or not)
- AudioZone: 100391329: Corrected alignment of icons in detail view of audiozone.
- AudioZone: 99043015: No longer shows a "more"-Button in media lists when the only option in the more-screen is 'Cancel'
- AudioZone: 95479338: Reloads media lists after the connection was dropped (e.g. when the app was sent to background).
- AlarmControl: 98379819: Switch won't be tinted orange when activating the alarm 
- AlarmControl: 100571889: Armed states now update correctly
- AlarmClockControl: 99637780: We now show more then just 2 alarm entries without the need to scroll
- PushNotifications: 98563584: Our push sound is back
- Notifications: 100984306: fixed enabling/disabling of notification settings
- RoomMode: 98562077: Removed white square from AudioZone miniplayer in Roommode
- Room Mode: 98136287: Screen Saver is properly dismissed when opening a block or the room list.
- RoomMode: 97300589: The EcoMode now will show up after open up a function selector and another room
- RoomMode: 99778909: AlarmControlShield now is green as soon as one AlarmControl is armed
- EcoMode: Will again be activated after the set timeout
- Intercom: 98615552: Issue with Trendnet-Cameras on Android fixed.
- Intercom: 85792386: Support for INSTAR-Cameras on Android. Workaround for user agent filter introduced.
- Intercom: 96720752: 96720752: SIP: Fixed issue with already used local ports
- Intercom: 93750701: Don't answer an intercom that is not ringing.
- Intercom: 100606390: We only establish a SIP connection if the user authenticated correctly via the visualisation password if set
- Intercom: 99669661: Added About Intercom screen, showing all infos of an intercom.
- Intercom: 95000910: Popup wasn't shown as active if no video was configured.
- Intercom: 71579977: Room Mode won't open as long as either a video or a voice-call are active.
- Intercom: 99680473: Audio-Error Messages will not pop up without trying to make a call when reentering an Intercom screen.
- Statistic: 50131886, 79787989: display first value/timestamp properly when opening statistics
- Statistic: 83557434, 60372727: (every change and digital only): load data of previous months automatically if the       current month has no data
- Statistic: 50131886, 79787989: display first value/timestamp properly when opening statistics 
- Statistic: 99007505: fixed disappearing of chart when Modal View opens 
- Statistic: 99291035: fixed axis values when min and max is close together
- RemoteControl: 91311854: New UI. The user now can directly reset the RemoteControl from within the Control itself 
- RemoteControl: 101022308: Expert mode button now is visible on SD DPad/Numpad view too
- RemoteControl: 99586758: Fixed issue with wrong resizing on iPhone 5s
- RemoteControl: 99649348: If switching from mode "All off" on one device to another mode you will directly be navigated to the DPad/Numpad on the other device
- Webinterface: 96248457: Fixed error with vendor.js when connecting to a Miniserver
- Webinterface: Firefox: IRC: 101200106: Fixed growing IRC cell
- Webinterface: Firefox: General: 101071117: Fixed wrong positioned sliders
- Webinterface: Edge: 99898234: User now can create and delete Autopilots on MS Edge. This also allows you to login after changing your password on MS Edge
- Webinterface: MS Edge: 100606681: Replaced 3 dot loading indicator with the round loading indicator
- Weather: improved weather screen loading
- Weather: 92940761: Entries won't be selected when scrolling the weather entries
- QR Code: 99772300: Share on Android improved
- Menu: 100604812: Matched miniserver info text
- Automatikjalousie: 99784638: The driving moving direction is now better visible
- Automatikjalousie: 99776116: Fixed coloring issues in darkmode
- Control-Tab: 100169755: Room/Category selection (in top bar) updates properly
- Control-Tab: 99392621: Changing sort by favorites now updates the sidebar on SD devices too.
- Webpage/App: 99695719: Proper error message if either app isn't installed or a opening a link was blocked.
- Webpage/App: 99695719: Opening HD links is supported again.
- Radiobutton: 99781604: selected outputs that are not visualized are now shown as "-" in the cell.
- RGB-Scene: 99777263: iOS no longer shows a caret when saving a scene. (it cannot be renamed anyway)



Light Controller with only one Actor was not shown at favorit Tab.