Partner Program

As a Loxone Partner you are the core of our company. With our Partner Program we want to offer you the best support to enable you to get started with Loxone straight away and tap into new business opportunities. 

The New Loxone Partner Program - as of 1 September 2016

Three good reasons to join Loxone

We're looking for Partners who love home automation as much as we do. As a Loxone Partner you not only get to enjoy using the best home automation system on the market but also have access to the numerous benefits available in our Partner Program:

Get all the information you need

Transparent and fair for everyone

We talk straight! Transparency and fairness is important to us. Our Partner Program is the same for all partners, without exception.

Great service and support

Total support for your projects

Want to get going with Loxone? We'll provide you with a personal point of contact to support you with planning and carrying out your projects!

Inform your customers

Better information for end customers

The Partner Program makes it easier for end customers to find the best partner with the necessary know-how in their area.

Requirements & benefits to you

With us, you know where you stand. Here you'll find the prerequisites and conditions for joining our partner program, together with the benefits you can enjoy as a Loxone partner.

Example: From registration to Platinum Partnership

Registered Partner

In January 2014 you buy a Loxone Welcome Package at the discounted price, and are subsequently classified as a registered partner. You then can get 10% discount on all Loxone products.

Silver Partner

In February 2014 you take part in the Expert Training Course (including part 1 & 2 and the Project Days). Once you have completed the training course you will be classified as aSilver Partner and listed on the Loxone website. You now also get 17% discount on all Loxone products and full support from a dedicated Partner Consultant. Between April and October for example, you work with your Partner Consultant on designing one of your special projects and several customer projects. The total cost comes to € 43,200 (excl. VAT) with your 17% discount.

Gold Partner

By October, you reach an annual purchase volume of € 43,200 (excl. VAT) worth of Loxone equipment. You'll be contacted by Loxone as a potential Gold Partner. If you then provide us with details of your two customers, we'll go through a customer satisfaction survey with them and, if both are positive, then you'll get the go-ahead to become a Gold Partner. You'll then get a preferential listing on our website and receive a discount of 21%. Your Gold status is then valid for a year from the date it is awarded.

Platinum Partner

In autumn, you start working with your Partner Consultant on your public showroom, which will feature Loxone products in action. You will get a 50% discount on the Loxone products purchase for this project. Loxone visits the showroom and checks it meets all the criteria, if it does then it will be listed on the Loxone website. Throughout the rest of the year, your showroom generates more business for you and you purchase more Loxone products for several other projects, reaching an annual purchase volume of € 102,400 (excl VAT). You'll now be identified as a potential Platinum Partner and contacted by Loxone. After the successful completion of two customer satisfaction surveys and verification by Loxone, you'll be awarded Platinum Partner status which is valid for a year from the date it is awarded. The projects submitted for the customer satisfaction surveys must be different to the ones used for attaining Gold Partner status. You will be listed as a Platinum Partner you'll be listed first on our website when a customer searches for a Partner. You'll also get a discount of 25%. After 1 year, you would need to meet the requalification criteria to retain your Platinum Partner status.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a certified Loxone Partner?

You become a certified Loxone Partner by completing the Loxone Expert Training. Please note that only training provided by Loxone will result in Partner certification. Courses and training from other educational institutions or third parties can not be accepted.

Where can I check my current Partner status?

You can view your current Partner status in the 'My Account' section of the Loxone website once you have logged in.

How long do I keep my Partner status

Once you have been awarded your Partner status, it will be valid for 12 months after which you will need to meet certain requalification criteria to retain your Partner status. The requalification criteria includes a certain annual spend threshold and a customer satisfaction survey.

If you meet the requalification criteria, you will automatically retain your Partner status. If you have not met the criteria to retain your status, your status will change to that of which you do meet the criteria. If you have not reached an annual spend volume of € 4.000 (excl VAT), your Partner status will automatically be revoked and you will not have access to any Partner benefits or discounts. You can then regain Partner status and the corresponding benefits and discounts, by achieving the required annual purchase volume. With a spend of € 10.000 for example, you would gain Silver Partner status provided you have already completed the full Expert Training Course.

What are the criteria used in the customer project survey?

The customer project survey checks that the project fulfills the minimum criteria for a Loxone Smart Home. To carry out the survey, the partner will provide us with the details of customers whom a member of our sales team will contact via telephone to carry out the satisfaction survey.:

For the assessment, points will be awarded in the customer project survey. The results will be sent to you and, if necessary, you can discuss then with your personal point of contact at Loxone to identify areas for improvement.

A positive customer project survey result is valid for 12 months. To keep your Partner status, you will have to identify new customers to be surveyed in the same way before the end of the 12 months.

Click here to get more information on the customer project survey >

What do I have in the form of text, images and video from Loxone?

We want to provide the best support possible, this includes giving you access to material that you can use on your website, in print, or even on your vehicle. Please ensure you adhere to the Partner Guidelines section when using any content owned by Loxone.

What is the Loxone Config check?

With our free Loxone Config check, we offer you the opportunity to discuss the programming of your projects together with your personal project consultant. Send us your Loxone config file and take advantage of:

  • Free tips about the programming of smart home features.
  • Potential improvements are identified for faster programming to save you time in future.
  • Personal feedback to help you provide your customers with complete satisfaction.
  • Our support for more sophisticated programming, if you need it.
  • Advice for thorough planning of your smart home projects with regards to programming.

Wie hoch ist mein Kreditlimit bei Bestellungen?

Bitte beachten Sie je nach Ihrem Partnerstatus folgende Kreditlimits (letzte Änderung 2.12.2014):

  • Registered Partner € 5.000
  • Silver Partner € 7.500
  • Gold Partner € 15.000
  • Platinum Partner € 30.000

Wie hoch ist mein Kreditlimit bei Bestellungen?

Bitte beachten Sie je nach Ihrem Partnerstatus folgende Kreditlimits (letzte Änderung 08.06.2015):

  • Registered Partner CHF 9.000
  • Silver Partner CHF 12.000
  • Gold Partner CHF 25.000
  • Platinum Partner CHF 50.000

Further questions? Get in touch!

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