The Loxone Standard

Affordability is at the heart of what we do here at Loxone. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a smarter home, regardless of the size of your house or budget. This is why we developed The Loxone Standard: a definitive guide to how to get the most smart house for your money!

Die Must-Haves für Ihr Smart Home!


We know that building or renovating a home can be a costly project, and with so many important decisions to make, things can get a little confusing! This is where the Loxone standard comes in!

The Loxone standard defines a minimum set of sensors and switches that we recommended are installed to create the ideal smart home environment. It strives to ensure a balance between enjoying a wide range of features and keeping costs down, meaning that you can enjoy maximum smart home for the minimum cost!

In order to benefit from the main functions of a smart home, we recommend including the following components in every room: a switch, door and window contacts, a presence sensor and a temperature sensor.

The Switch

Despite automating everything from the heating to the lighting, the humble switch remains the most popular and important device for operating your smart home. 
The five most important reasons why the switch is a Loxone standard:

Reason 1: Quick Access

Unlike your smartphone, which can sometimes seem to disappear without warning, your switch stays firmly in its place on the wall. In this instance, a simple flick of the switch is preferable to a lengthy search for your smartphone with the Loxone app.

Reason 2: Learned

The operation of a conventional switch is learned behaviour: everyone can handle it. It's much easier for grandparents and guests to switch lights on and off through one simple switch, rather than being faced with a confusing switchplate with no indication of which switch controls which light!

Reason 3: It's Child's Play

Everyone is familiar with a switch- you, your parents, even your grandparents! With a switch, operating your smart home is a cinch, even for the kids!

Reason 4: Central Functions

With a switch you can control everything centrally. For example: double-click the switch - everything is turned off in that room. Triple-click the switch- everything is switched off throughout the whole house. A click on the 'Goodnight' button and your smart home falls into a deep sleep.

Reason 5: Manual Intervention

Your Miniserver looks after many tasks for you automatically, but with a switch, you can intervene manually at any time. Feel like changing the music channel or skipping a song? One click of the switch is all that's needed.

The Door & Window Contacts

Simply integrated and attached to your door or window frame, door and window contacts are an essential part of your smart home. We strongly recommend that you install door contacts on all extnernal doors in your home, as well as any windows which are easily accessible.
The top three reasons why door & window contacts are a Loxone standard:

Reason 1: Alarm Sensors

With a contact on all windows and doors leading to the outside of your home, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that should any intruders gain entry through these doors or windows, your Miniserver will alert you immediately by calling you on your phone.

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Reason 2: Save Energy

If you have the heating on and decide the open the window, the Miniserver will respond and lower the temperature in that room, meaning that you get all the fresh air that you like without the large heating bill!

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Reason 3: Security Check

Let's say you go to bed or out to work and you're can't remember if all the doors and windows are closed. In a smart home, there's no need to rush home to check or traipse around your home checking that everything's closed. Just take a quick look at the Loxone app on your smartphone.

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The Presence Detector

Mounted on the ceiling, a presence sensor can react to the presence of people in any room of the house. The presence detector forms the basis for countless smart home functions.
The reasons why a presence detector is a Loxone standard:

Reason 1: Alarm

With a presence sensor in every room of your smart home, you can always keep an eye on your house, even when you're out. Should an intruder enter your home, the presence sensor will trigger the alarm, and you'll receive a call from the Miniserver on your phone. Better safe than sorry!

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Reason 2: Automatic Lighting

Whether it's a utility room or walk-in wardrobe, presence sensors are great for spaces where just want to walk in and back out without worrying about finding the light switch. How does it work? The presence sensor registers when you enter the room and the Miniserver responds by switching on the light. The light remains on for as long as you stay in the space, and then turns off when you leave.

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Reason 3: Time-dependent Lighting

It's the middle of the night and you get up to use the bathroom. Instead of being half-blinded by the bright bathroom light, in a smart home, the Miniserver ensures that dimmed lights provide enough illumination for you without dazzling you.

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Reason 4: Save Energy

Did you know that a light switched on and forgotten is energy sin #1? With a presence sensor, you can forgot all about this happening to you...if the presence sensor detects that no-one is using a room, the light will be turned off. No more scary electricity bills!

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Reason 5: Automatic Music

Wouldn't it be nice to walk into a room and have the Miniserver turn on your favourite music. Instead of having to constantly turn radios and speakers on and off as you walk through the house, with presence sensors, your music can follow you throughout your home. Had enough? A simple click of the switch on the wall and it's instantly turned off.

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The Temperature Sensor

With a temperature sensor in every room, the temperature of each room can be accurately recorded, monitored and adjusted. Temperature sensors are inexpensive and easily placed behind switches.
The reasons why temperature sensors are considered a Loxone standard:

Reason 1: Individual Room Control

Individual room control is one of the best ways to save money on your heating bill; you only heat the rooms that you use, when you use them, so you can enjoy a warm bathroom in the mornings, without worrying about wasting money from heating your lounge. The Miniserver even knows when it needs to heat up and how much time is needed to achieve the perfect tempature.

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Reason 2: Stay Cool

In a smart home, there are no overheated or stuffy rooms! If the specified comfort temperature is exceeded on hot summer days, the Miniserver can automatically activate your blinds to keep the sun out, or turn on the fan, so you and your home keep a cool head.

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Reason 3: Energy Efficiency

Consider the following: it's 5 degrees outside and the sun is shining. The temperature in the living room is 21 degrees, but the setpoint temperature is 22 degrees. To save energy, your smart home resorts to using solar energy to heat the house. 

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Reason 4: Low Temperature Warning

When you open the window for a little fresh air, it's easy enough to forget to close it. When the temperature drops, for example, by 0.3°C an hour, your smart home alerts you to close the windows. No more wasted heat energy.

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Reason 5: Statistics

With temperature sensors, the Miniserver knows and controls the current temperature in each and every room. But it's not just the current temperature. The Miniserver can record the temperature curve for you, for as many years as you like!

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The Loxone Standard for every home

To ensure your smart home is as 'safe as houses', we recommend the implementation of the following:

  • Wind Sensors to warn of approaching bad weather
  • Rain sensors- alongside motorised roof windows to keep your home dry
  • Door contacts for the garage, for security and access control
  • Internet Connection- together with Cloud services to keep you updated when you're away from home

The Internet

Connection to the Internet is vital for any smart home.
The five most important reasons why an internet connection is a Loxone standard:

Reason 1: Remote Control

Control everything from a distance! With an internet connection and the Loxone app, remotely controlling your smart home is easier than ever.

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Reason 2: Remote Access

Imagine this: You're away on holiday, maybe soaking up the sun on the beach, and you receive a call to say someone's at your door. Via the Loxone app, you can open the door for neighbours to drop off your mail, feed the cat, or open the garage to let the delivery driver drop off your parcel.

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Reason 3: Stay Informed

With the Loxone Caller Service, you can rest assured that the Miniserver is keeping an eye on things at home, even when you're not. Receive instant calls or texts when a window is left open or the burglar alarm is triggered. Please note: you'll need an internet connection to use the caller service.

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Reason 4: Weather Service

With the Loxone Weather Service, you will get accurate weather information and save yourself from buying an expensive weather station! Your smart home can use the weather data to adjust your heating automatically.

Reason 5: Spring Forward, Fall Back

With an internet connection, your Miniserver will automatically adjust when the clocks change. No more fiddling about with the boiler controls to adjust the heating- just sit back and relax whilst the Miniserver takes care of everything for you.

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The Contact for your garage door

Contacts are small and easy to assemble. As with all external doors, we believe that door contacts are vital for your garage.

The three main reasons for this:

Reason 1: Safety & Security

A contact for your garage door is standard when it comes to home security. Should an intruder gain access through your garage, you will be immediately alerted on your smartphone.

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Reason 2: Free Memory Function

One of many advantages of a contact on the garage door: you've left it open and it's starting to get dark, so your smart home sends you a reminder and asks you if you'd like to close the garage door...yes please!

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Reason 3: Check on the go

"Honey, did you remember to close the garage door?" We have the answer: whip out your smartpone and check the Loxone app! Forgotten again? No problem, with a motorized garage door, your can close it on the go!

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The Rain Sensor

Placed on the roof, a rain sensor can detect precipitation and relay the information to the Miniserver in real time. Essential for all home owners with roof windows.

The main reasons why a rain sensor is a Loxone standard:

Reason 1: Automatic Window Closure

You're out at work and have the windows open. Luckily, your rain sensor detects a storm brewing and the Miniserver responds by closing all the windows, resulting in a nice dry home and less stress for you!

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Reason 2: Early Warning

With a rain sensor on the roof of your home, you can be sure that you're the first to know when it starts to rain. If you have a pull-out awning over your patio, you'll receive a call to your smartphone advisng you to close it before it is damaged.

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Reason 3: Automatic Rain Protection

Inacessible windows such as those above the stairs are tricky to reach to close when it starts raining. With a rain sensor, you can leave this worry behind and they can be opened and closed automatically.

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Reason 4: Deactivate the sprinklers

For all gardeners: The Miniserver communicates with your lawn sprinklers, so that when it rains, the sprinklers take a break. When it starts to dry up, the sprinklers spring back into action.

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Reason 5: Other Applications

An example for those lucky enough to enjoy their own pools: the Miniserver also communicates with your pool control, so if it begins to rain, the pool cover can be closed automatically, keeping leaves and unwanted unwanted debris out of the pool.

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The Wind Sensor

With a wind sensor on the roof of your smart home, you can receie information about the current wind speed in real itme. We recommend installing a wind sensor on any home with automatic shutters, external blinds or automatic canvas awnings.

The three main reasons to consider a wind sensor:

Reason 1: Storm Protection

Whether venetian blinds, shutters or canvas awning- if you have them, protect them against storm damage. Got a prize winning bonsai tree or just a temperamental washing line in your garden? A wind sensor can automatically retract your blinds and awning and send you a warning to get the washing in before your socks end up in the neighbour's garden...again.

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Reason 2: Weather Warning

It's not just the outside of your home that can be affected by a storm. A wind sensor can pick up on approaching gales and can stop your curtains being blown out of the windows by the wind and knocking over everything in their path.

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Reason 3: Safety in the Garden

Whether it's garden furniture, children's toys or plants, a wind sensor can communicate with the Miniserver to give you an early warning to bring things into the house which might be damaged or spoiled by heavy rain and high winds.

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